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Associated Content is a free information resource website, which presently associates itself with Yahoo! for the development and publishing of Internet resource content.

Writing for Associated ContentThe things advertised online for people who are looking to make money writing for Associated Content are simple. One just has to have an Internet connection and a PayPal account. However, in case you do not have an account at PayPal, it is easy to sign up for free and you could also link it with your bank account.

The second step involves signing up for Associated Content. The process is quite easy and streamlined. You could be done in ten minutes or so once you fill out your personal information and PayPal information. You could start writing articles for associated content that do not have a time bound appeal.

Articles would be appreciated for a long time and by a wide spectrum of people. These articles are very good for payments up front since they capture the reader’s attention and can be updated on a regular basis.

Some examples of such articles could be articles that are related to sports or current affairs. One could also write for associated content about sports predictions that can garner interest just before the start of a major tournament.

One could also search the Associated Content website for topics that are aligned to your interests but do not have much written on or about them. That could be a good starting point. Such articles stand a better chance for being paid upfront.

Looking for topics that people search for the most can also be a good way to earn better revenues from Associated Content. These articles do not just have an upfront value when they are freshly out of the writer’s mind, but they also have a better chance of earning the writer passive income even months after it has been published.

The best way to earn money for any writer is to keep challenging oneself and search for topics and subjects that can pump you up to write about.

Example: Something that has grabbed the national interest on television could be a good topic to write a review or even an article or news item on.

This could guarantee more and more views by people since there are some types of news and some people too who have the ability to capture the wider public imagination for a longer time than many others.

Another way to get money flowing into your bank account is building up a huge collection of articles that get a massive amount of traffic.

Since article views can get the author the income, one can build passive incomes for a long time to come, provided the topic and the article itself is something that has the ability to be engraved in the public’s mind for a long time.

It always helps to be persistent. In fact, persistence combined with a constant level of quality will always have more people telling even more people to follow a certain article… and that is a guarantee to earn income for the author for a long time to come.

Also, if you have a collection of articles, the copyrights to which you hold and that you are sure you will never use or sell to anyone else, this can also be posted in the quest to earn money from Associated Content

After you sign up, please take the next step and write. It has been observed that people just sign up and disappear. This disappearing act will not help you to make money from associated content that is designed to help the writer in you to earn money.

And the best part is that the authors don’t even have to do the hard legwork of getting manuscripts ready for presenting to a publishing house… maybe even rejected or worse, not even looked at for years to come.

AssociatedContent.com has the technology and the know how to get this desired result by any writer. And that is not just eyeballs viewing his/her article, but also translating into cash for the writer/author.

There are a few precautions that will keep you, the author in good standings:

First, you should make sure that you have read and proofread your article again.The reason is that most of the people who will read it will not just go for the idea or the message behind the article, but they will also see that the articles are well written with minimal to no typos or grammatical errors.

One important thing to do, or rather not to do is never sell your exclusive copyrighted material. The reason is that you could reuse your own article again after a lapse of some years to get hold of passive income.

It could help if one can learn to use Associated Content in conjunction with other web sites such as eHow and Constant Content.

This could probably lead to Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) which is often the given advice to any new entrepreneur by most books written on this subject – to help nurture a wannabe entrepreneur.

PS: Associated Content doesn’t offer non-US residents the opportunity to earn a passive income. It’s their policy.

However, don’t get discouraged. If you are a non-US citizen, you can still sign up with Associated Content and build up a large bank of meaningful and useful articles because it will serve you for two purposes:

One, you can use the articles as samples for prospective clients, especially when you are in the writing industry for the long haul;

Two, one never knows when AssociatedContent might change their policy in the near future, allowing non-US residents to earn passive income, and at that time if you have a good collection of articles, you can easily earn your desired passive income.

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