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How To Write For Us and Publish Guest Posts on IncomeInsiders

Well hello to all of you Income Insider’s writers!

How would you like to be a guest blogger for one of the most rapidly growing blogging platforms online today?

Well get ready because here’s your chance…

Casper and I have decided to open the door and let you, our loyal Income Insiders reader in on submitting a guest post and contributing your expertise for the online world to read.

Okay, listen up…

Something I highly recommend you do before submitting your guest post is to do your research…take a long look around Income Insiders and get the feel of what Casper and I are teaching here and how we display our info.

While we definitely are open to your own personal, unique style, you need to keep your guest post intact with how Income Insider’s posts read; Conversational – real and honest.

If you think you can write a guest post about a different topic we have yet to cover, we’d love for you to fill that space, by bringing your talent and skill set to our readers.

Please mind your manners. I know that when I write a post I’m totally passionate about, it takes on a “dicey” attitude…which is okay for you to do like wise, but try and keep it clean when doing so.

Make sure you add your bio/author of info and one backlink to your site.

What guest post topics can you write about?

  • Check out all the categories we include –>
  • How to make money online
  • Hang-ups that most beginners have when first starting out and a unique solution
  • Inspiration
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Resources
  • How To’s or guides
  • Reviews on products and services (keep it fair)
  • Lists
  • Info, info, info…

Be creative with this…this is all about you and your writing ability!

As a guest blogger, the content must be original and not posted anywhere else. We only want guest posts that add extreme value to our subscribers.

What we don’t want in your guest post:

  • No affiliate links.
  • No vulgar opinions
  • No posts longer than around 2500 words

What’s in it for you, our guest blogger?

After we review and accept your awesome guest post, Income Insiders will tweet it and your post will be added to our Income Insiders Facebook fan page. Also, we have a few awesome strategies to get from 200-500 FB likes to your guest post as you can see on The Sound of Success: Inspiration to Help You Stick With It guest post. Casper’s tricks are out of this world!

If we think it’s great, we will post it as a “Featured Post” or even add a new category for it if warranted.

So, are YOU ready to be noticed?

Fill out the info below – attach your guest post – add a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

With a lot of submissions coming in, we’d really appreciate your patience.

One final note: Your guest post may be edited before publishing…

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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