Will Google Plus Negatively Impact SEO?

After the launch of Google Plus, SEO experts across the world started predicting the future of SEO with Google Plus.

Google Plus SEOMost of the experts have come to believe that Google Plus will definitely enhance the SEO market with its various functionalities and user friendly features, while some believe that Google Plus, especially the Google Plus button will slow down the SEO market due to its slow processing.

SEO experts believe that Google Plus improves web promotion activities. Websites and blogs are optimized in a variety of patterns to promote businesses online in a more comfortable manner.

This is just because Google provides the biggest search engine to help visitors in finding informative blogs and articles. Also, it enhances traffic on business websites.

In this competitive world, social networking websites are the major source of online business promotion. After the terrific outcome of business promotions via Facebook, Google has launched its separate social networking platform via Google Plus.

However, it has long been an estimate that the social networking platform via Google will boost online marketing trends, but Google Plus, due to its huge search engine platform, negatively effected its search engine optimization for big websites.

How did this happen?

Google announced that the “plus one” button will enhance websites’ rankings. Consequently, people started using plus one button to collect traffic to their business page, but due to its slow processing speed, it negatively affected their website ranking.

Google plus one button slowed down various website elements and therefore, website pages are taking too much time in loading. This creates a negative impression in the mind of the users and next time, the user may as well avoid revisiting that site, which technically translates to a lower website ranking.

Another negative impact of the plus one button is on the website layout. It’s a very difficult task to fit the plus one button on the website tool bar as it disturbs the alignment of other buttons. As an experiment, SEO experts have tried to load a handful of pages from a chosen website on separate browsers simultaneously.

Consequently, all the chosen website pages, excluding the page having Google Plus button, loaded properly in an estimated time, while the pages with +1 button took a lot of time to load. In such cases, webpages get frozen until it completes its loading.

Michael Bulter in his article JavaScript Hover Effects to Speed up Page Load Time has provided an alternative to boost up Plus One button speed on websites.

In this article, he said that the users don’t need to load buttons until they move the cursor on the button and before this action, Plus One button is simply an image on the website until the user marks his cursor on the button. This consideration can enhance website loading speed.

Moreover, sometimes the Plus One button becomes inactive automatically. When you want to click on it, it shows an exclamation “!” mark. If this happens repeatedly on a websites, users are bound to feel irritated and stop visiting that site.

These are some major issues with Google Plus which can negatively impact website rankings. Considering all such negative aspects, if a user tries to acquire some great advantages of Google Plus on SEO, the user can surely achieve a good ranking on his website.

Let’s observe certain positive aspects of Google Plus for SEO

Before Google Plus, Google tried to grab the social networking market via Orkut and Google Wave, but they were unable to hold user’s loyalty for long, as Facebook continues to do. After certain brainstorming sessions, Google planned to make its search engine its strength and introduced a combined platform for social networking and search engine via Google Plus. This emerged as the next SEO trend in an effective manner.

This new tool has improved the quality of Google’s search engine results as it support genuine database and genuine websites to promote business globally.

This is the greatest achievement of Google’s search algorithm from the last decade because in the past, Google search engine was badly affected by a lot of spam sites and duplicate content.  

Google Plus helps in dealing with such issues and provides improved SEO techniques for effective business promotion online.

Following are some features of Google Plus, which are beneficial for the SEO market:

Sparks – It is basically a type of web feed which creates a combined sharing platform for similar or related blogs and websites.

This helps the user to find accurate information according to his needs. Sparks gives a new perspective to SEO… It supports group sharing between friends.

Those blogs which are preferred by your friends can be seen on your profile page. This helps you in enlarging your social presence. Also, it helps you in finding required blogs and content quickly.

Circles – Google Plus provides the facility of making group of friends via Circles. This helps SEO to promote business within a group of people related to business products and services.

For example, people belonging to a physical fitness group can promote their business in the fitness Circle. This proves to be the quickest online promotion strategy. Also, it helps in providing good traffic to associated websites and thus, increases its ranking.

Google +1 button – Despite its negative repercussion, it is also considered as the perfect source of effective SEO results.

If a user’s friend recommends a webpage or promotional blog via +1 button, it shows in Google search results when the user searches with a similar keyword. This is the shortest way to get a good search engine ranking for your website without paying huge money to SEO firms.

Gmail contacts – Google provides a facility to personalize your Gmail contacts and use them on Google Plus to promote your webpage.

People find it effective because they don’t have to spend much time in attaching their Gmail contacts with Google Plus.  If a user selects those contacts from the Gmail account, it will help the user to make a Circle on Google Plus in lesser time. With meaningful promotions, this will help the user to get good search engine rankings on Google Plus.

All these features of Google Plus are the ultimate sources to get quick and effective SEO results. The only issue, which the website owner should keep in mind, is the minimal use of +1 button on the website, as it can take much time to load any website page.

Nevertheless, expert optimizers are estimating that Google Plus will be the most effective medium to enhance website rankings in the next few years.

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    This would definitely seem that traditional backlink building would not gain as much benefit as previous for sites, but I always imagine purchasing words with AdWords will take priority for Google customers and trump G+ shares. Still Google could suffer major backlash if they prioritize or only use their own social shares to benefit rankings while diminishing Twitter/Facebook shares. They have to balance optimal for users with self interest and it’s a fine line.

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