What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an online application resource to perform various tasks, as will be discussed below.  The computer allows users to retrieve as well as store data and information.

A user can store family snaps, favorite songs or can store a variety of exciting games on the computer. Drawing from the same approach, the Internet provides the same facility of storing and accessing data on web via Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud ComputingOn the web, Photobucket is the best example to define cloud computing services. This website shares snaps and images to numerous users. Also, the website allows storing images on the computer. Photobucket allows global sharing of photos between users.

Besides sharing and downloading facilities, cloud computing can also be used to update web information. For example, a user can use CPU (processor) time for a web database instead of using local database for his business.

Architecture of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an emerging technology. It is a low-cost computing power resource for small as well as big businesses. Cloud computing is a computing environment where the corporate people outsource their computing needs like application software sharing, database maintenance, email accessing and others via the Internet.

A cloud computing architecture helps such people in sharing and storing those applications and database which are not stored on their computer.

Cloud computing architecture is a framework to access these applications and database between users via the Internet.  Gmail and Yahoo, both use cloud computing to be accessed globally.

Cost of operating a cloud computing environment is a little cheaper than owning a personal IT infrastructure.

However, security is the vital aspect which needs to be considered in such a global accessing environment where all the important files, data and information are accessed by millions of users across the world and are hosted on a third party server.

Types of cloud computing

According to the network infrastructure, cloud environment is categorized in three parts- public, private and hybrid cloud.

  • Public cloud is considered as the mainstream of the cloud system. In this cloud system, the third party server provides disk space as well as computing power to all application software. Google apps are the worldwide famous public cloud system service provider.
  • Private cloud computing provides better security as compared to the public cloud system but is more expensive.
  • Hybrid cloud combines all local applications with the public cloud. It is an enforcement augmented private cloud computing service.
  • Hybrid cloud system allows user to maintain and control his important applications when the cloud leverages the system. Rackspace cloud model is the best example to describe hybrid cloud. It allows storing JavaScript, images and others on its server, but it stores important data and information on a private server.

Benefits of cloud computing

Using the cloud computing system, users don’t need to pay extra money for infrastructure installation and its maintenance. Users only have to pay charges according to their usage of cloud computing power and accessing network resources.

Beside this, cloud computing provides automatic software updates, email servers, anti-virus installation, data backup and logical as well as physical database security aspects.  Cloud system helps any type of business to focus on its core business competency.

Cloud computing is an emerging technology as compared to other computing services. It provides reliable and the most cost-effective computing solutions to businesses.

But due to the outsourcing of private databases, there can be certain trustworthy concerns with cloud computing providers because any kind of security violation can be fatal for businesses.

Because of this, most businesses are concerned with security and privacy issues before hiring cloud computing services.  Apart from such security issues, cloud computing is the most lucrative process to enhance productivity in IT business environment.


In order to encourage security in cloud computing services, users as well as service providers should co-operate with each other. This will help in generating some global accepted rules to acquire safe cloud computing services.

Cloud computing is a revolutionary concept which brings users to Internet universality, where huge space and bandwidth are shared across the world. Just as the operating systems were subverted by the advent of web-based applications, separate cloud platforms will subvert with the need of cloud compatibility.

Cloud computing has some major influences on application development and hosting. Various websites are offering cloud computing tools to future cloud compatibility.

After this brief introduction on cloud computing, we will follow up with how can small business entrepreneurs use cloud computing?

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