What a Lion Can Teach Us…

If you’ve never viewed the short video, “Christian The Lion” well, you truly are missing out…and if you have, watch it again. It’s amazing!

What a Lion Can Teach UsThis video is one of my all time favorites and most likely will be one of yours.

I came across this one again looking for an inspirational piece to blog about. Oh…the tears are flowing big time!

This video captures the true essence of how we as humans, have the amazing ability to touch someone or in this case, something… that even an animal will never forget.

Christian the Lion was rescued by two men at an early age who took very good care of him but had to be released into the wild naturally because of his size.

Wait till you see what happens a year later…

This reminded me how just speaking a word of encouragement or a simple hug can actually make someone’s day and even changed them without you ever realizing it.

There have been moments throughout my life where I needed a touch – a hug – a smile or a word to let me know everything is okay…and I remember those times and the people who took the time out to notice.

I might not know their names because some of the people were strangers to me but I’ll never forget their faces and how that little gift of compassion changed me.

So if you see someone on the street – a family member – a friend or co-worker who needs a little of something, why not take the time to stop and give it to them.

This is one of those wonderful blessings God gave us to pass on…

Even animals remember when a person shows compassion as you’ll see with Christian the Lion…

Warning…this is so very emotional. I guess for me because it shows how exceptional humans can be. The tenderness and gratefulness portrayed here by both parties is really overwhelming, genuine and innocent.

Watch Christian The Lion Video Now

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    • Chitraparna says

      Yes….similar to the Elsa the lioness story…Born Free is one of my favourite movies of all time…:) 🙂

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