We Got Screwed Sale!

Hey Income Insiders readers…you probably find that headline to be a little bit curious, right? Well stay with me here because I’m going to explain where I used that very same headline offline…for our garage sale!

We Got Screwed SaleHere’s the scoop:

My husband and I own a property rental. We had a great couple living there for almost 3 years. Didn’t have any problems for the first two, but we started noticing they were getting behind on their rent – wouldn’t answer our phone calls and we even drove by a few times and no one ever seemed to be home. It was really out of character for these guys…hmm.

Anyway, after trying to get in touch with them for almost a month, we decided to go over and go in.

Well, you’ve probably guessed it…they were gone…and in a hurry.

You should of seen the mess they left! We took out 3 truckloads of just pure junk, costing us around 300 bucks just for that. We also found broken TV’s, computer monitors and modems, just a disgusting waste of money.

We had also put down brand new carpet in the dining room and living room…which they ripped up and left pieces everywhere. I actually could go on and on about the mess, but let’s just say this…it was a complete nightmare to say the least.

There were tons of some actually good stuff we could sell to recoup some of our money. But with the winter months right around the corner, we had to fix and clean it up entirely to get someone else in there before the snow started to fly. What a job…

It took us 2 months (working on it everyday) to get it ready.

I was pissed…

We brought all the good stuff over to our house to sell in a garage sale…like we had time for that or even the room for it all.

I was getting even more pissed…

So I decided to use a marketing/writing tactic that I had learned about giving your potential buyers a “REASON WHY;” Why was I having this sale? A great “reason why” always increases response, and that’s what I needed to get rid of all this crap.

That’s when I came up with the idea of something different… a big sign in the front yard not saying “Garage Sale Today,” but “We Got Screwed Sale!” I was so mad that’s all I could say!

Talk about a response! I had people that came up JUST to find out what happen, in turn bought something even for a quarter.

I learned a bunch. I had other landlords telling me their nightmarish stories and also renters with theirs. Actually there were a few stories that were so terrible that I gave stuff away because I felt so bad for them…

I learned more tips and tricks that weekend about owning rentals than ever.

So the take away’s from this story are these when writing copy:

– Create a “reason why” you’re selling your product or service, online or offline. Make it curious, provocative and interesting. This is another way that justifies the purchase in your potential client’s mind.

– Tap into your potential prospects beliefs, attitudes and principles. In this example, no one really ever wants someone to get screwed for no apparent reason. This also builds resonance.

– Pleasure or Pain. People are instantly drawn to such things. Pain more than pleasure is a very motivating factor.

– Resonating points. It didn’t matter who stopped at the sale…I was resonating with many of them. They could understand what I had been through – whether they had personally dealt with it or knew someone who had been through it. They could relate.

Always keep these points in mind when writing any kind of copy. It will make all the difference.

Just to get your mind working a little, here are a couple of examples for you to use for a “Reason Why,” but it has to be the truth and believable:

Lost My Job! – My Husband/Wife Is Divorcing Me! – My House Was Foreclosed!

And by the way if you’re wondering how I did at the sale?…I sold nearly everything!

Any comments? You know what to do below…

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