Using the Traffic Exchange Method to Make Money Online

Getting traffic is a sore spot for Internet marketers. After all, what all can marketers do to gain traffic? Most importantly, how to sustain that traffic to create repeat business?

make money with traffic exchangesOver the years, Internet marketing competition has tripled…all of us are looking for easy and affordable ways to get traffic. We all know about paid traffic, but let’s tell you about another way to get traffic online you may not know too much about – Traffic Exchanges.

In the Traffic Exchange method, you sign up with websites that facilitates exchange of traffic. You are asked to visit other websites and in return, the facilitating website gives you credits. When you have earned substantial credits, the facilitating website will send YOU traffic equal to the credits earned. In short…

YOU visit websites

YOU earn credits

YOU get traffic

Again, as a traffic exchange user:

  • You do not buy anything
  • You have less attention span
  • You are interested in traffic only
  • You get to earn money


Internet marketers who are just starting out with their blog or website can use the traffic exchange method to get initial traffic flow or traction.


The process is time consuming.

How To Make Money with Traffic Exchanges?

Quite simply, you can earn money from the traffic exchange method by selling the accumulated credits.

It is not mandatory to use your credits to get traffic. Almost all traffic exchange facilitators allow you to SELL those credits to other marketers who are searching for ways to get traffic.

Should you sell all the credits you have earned? Definitely, NO!

Suppose you have 10,000 credits. You can use 5,000 credits to get traffic to your own website or blog, and you can sell off the rest.

The credit buyers are usually those people who do not have much time to visit other websites and earn traffic.

You won’t become a millionaire earning money from traffic credit sales but you can easily earn a few hundred dollars to fund your other Internet marketing components.

Other ways to make money with traffic exchanges:

  • Cash for Surfing Websites
  • Cash for Referrals
  • Referral Contests
  • Surfing Contests for Cash
  • Paid to Click Ads
  • Commission for Referral Purchase

Out of these, a marketer can focus on creating a downline (referrals) and earn money for referring them to join and commission whenever the downline makes a purchase.

Traffic Exchanges are not specific…

Another problem with traffic exchanges are that they’re not targeted towards any particular market. What we mean is that if you are promoting your “beauty” website, it is not possible to browse other “beauty-related” websites on traffic exchanges.

The traffic exchange websites are free to join and all kinds of websites are registered here. The administration or rather the software does not identify the websites in specific categories. You get to visit all and you earn credits.

Not All Websites have Value…

If you are a shrewd business person, you will use this to your advantage. When you browse other websites on traffic exchange links, you will not only come across possible competitive websites (if any) but you get to promote your business fiercely when you see that the pages you are being sent have no or very little value.

As long as a majority of people are promoting the wrong page and in the wrong way, use it to further your benefit.

What to Promote?

Even if the traffic exchange method is a good way to earn money, you don’t want to waste the opportunity by promoting the wrong products or pages.

It is NOT a good idea to directly promote a page that is trying to sell something to the surfer. A surfer does not have any intention to purchase at that time but only interested to earn credits.

Since the traffic exchanges are controlled by a time limit, a marketer can, let’s say, offer a freebie, some tips or ‘how to’ information, or ask the surfer to leave their email info. The time a marketer gets to impress the surfer is a maximum of 30 seconds or sometimes less.

How many hours per day to surf?

Some people surf 5 hours a day, some 1 hour per day and yet others surf when they feel like it. As a new online marketer, you can surf an hour daily to get some traffic to the site.

The BIGGEST Advantage of the Traffic Exchange Method…

You can use the traffic exchange method to build email lists and generate leads. In the long run, you can use the traffic exchange method to promote your own Internet marketing product rather than just an affiliate product.

The email list created through this method will go a long way. Create a goal of sending out 100 emails within a span of 3 months. With this list in hand, the marketer can promote his/her products.

Traffic Exchange Etiquette

Don’t be under the wrong impression that you can open multiple website pages, view them randomly and close the tabs. One could adapt this method 8-9 years back but not any more.

The traffic exchange facilitators have made their system cheat-proof, which means one has to remain on the web page for 30 seconds for the credit to show in the account. And, if you swap tabs, the timer will pause and only resume when you return to the webpage. This is the standard operational criteria adopted these days.

Since the same procedure works the other way round, make sure that your splash page is interesting and useful for the surfers to leave their email info.

With traffic exchanges, you get to earn money and receive website visitors to your online promotional activities at the same time.

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