Trials and Tribulations – Moving Forward

Hey guys, Joni here continuing on with what seems to be somewhat a bummer of a story, but I assure you it starts picking up…

Moving ForwardAfter I made the decision to quit working in the outside world, I indulged myself in some much needed rest and soul searching. What now? How can I still be productive without panning off the government? I knew I could file for disability due to my brain aneurysm but didn’t want to go there. Call it being stubborn or not considering myself to be disabled – I didn’t want to go that route as many told me I should. I’m desperately searching for why I’m still here and what my purpose is.

I really dug deep trying to find the answers to all of my questions…

I started researching the Internet on work-at-home jobs; everything from data entry – how to blog – surveys, etc. I bought in to a few inexpensive programs but nothing I’d found tripped my trigger. Most were scams…actually, all the one’s I purchased were scams.

I guess I was looking for something I could sink my teeth into, but had yet to find.

While searching I came across a compelling story of a woman who lost her job, got divorced and had 3 kids that needed to be fed and sheltered. She nearly lost everything…This story touched my heart. She ultimately landed the job as a V.P. of an online business coaching program.

I signed up then and there…

It was difficult. I was bombarded with emails – bonuses and binders stuffed full of information on how to place media. Being technically challenged, it took a lot of hard work and tears to get through all of it.

Somewhere along the way, I was introduced to a top notch Internet marketer – Dan Kuschell who also had a detailed mentoring program.

The program consisted of more manuals but more important, group calls, webinars and one-on-one’s with Dan himself.

The program had a great interactive forum where you felt comfortable asking questions that otherwise you thought were dumb and all the other students gave feedback, words of encouragement and honestly, felt the same way I did. It was an intensive program consisting of every aspect of starting a home based business.

Digesting bits of information at a time and having personal coaching calls really made the difference for me. It was hands on.

And to be totally honest, Dan didn’t pull any punches. He didn’t just tell me some gabbly-gook, no way, he made me work, and work hard. This is what a genuine mentor should do…

All the things that I needed to do completely took me out of my comfort zone. I’d make excuses why I couldn’t do something which he would not allow me to do.

If I told him I didn’t know how to do something or I didn’t have the resources, he’d just say…if you really want to be successful, you’ll find a way. And, he would always end giving me action steps and suggestions to help find a way.

But…at this point, I was working my tail off but I wasn’t making any money…which was the most frustrating part.

I wasn’t getting too much support from my husband, family or friends which left me feeling alone, exhausted and unsure if this is what I was suppose to be doing.

Somehow I knew and felt it WAS what I was suppose to be doing and he was the mentor who would get me there.

Once I made the decision to commit, my circumstances started to change…

I highly recommend anyone to check Dan out. I know he’s started a very inexpensive – basic program teaching online marketing. I paid a couple of thousand to be taught by him and his trainings are worth every penny. Truly, he over delivers on everything…and that’s a fact. And I know…(more on that later)

If it wasn’t for Dan Kuschell, I would not be where I am today. He’s amazing…

And Joni’s saga continues…

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    “Joni Up Close” is a GREAT idea Joni! I love it and I love finally getting to find out how you evolved to where you are. I’m looking forward to the next instalment, hoping to learn what happened to prompt you to shift from “Joni’s Jobber Joint” to this new venture “Income Insiders”.

    Share it all please! LOL!


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