Trials and Tribulations – Coping With Life Challenges

So now what?

You know, coping with life challenges can affect you in different ways…either by being a victim to them- becoming bitter and angry or, coping in a positive way-becoming more determined, self reliant and ultimately happy.

Honestly, I had to dig in, pull my boot straps up and start all over . . . and that’s what I did. I chose to cope once again in a positive way.

After quitting my job as a Kidney Dialysis tech, I landed a job in a completely different field…(I don’t know how that always happened!) This time it was in wood working, but working partially in the office and sometimes out in the shop. After 2 years, we moved the facility to a different town and continued on.

This job was good for me physically because I could sit and stand both, not situated just sitting or standing for any amount of time.

Things were going well! I wasn’t as passionate about it but hey, I was finally working – feeling okay and paying the bills.

2 more years in that location – the Boss got a divorce – flipped out pretty much and…lost it all. So the business went bankrupt.

You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

I felt totally spent but kept going…

Trials and Tribulations – Coping With Life ChallengesI wanted to stay in the medical field because it was so rewarding for me.

So I applied at a Home Health Care facility and waited but I never received a call.

About a month or two later, the same ad was in my local newspaper again. So I re-applied – was called for an interview and was hired on the spot.

My position was a scheduler for home health aids, nurses and staffing health care facilities.

Phone calls are 99% of your job – corresponding with both clients and their families, plus all the employees.

This occupation can be very negative and heart wrenching at times.
It requires multitasking, intense focus and concentration, and the ability to reflect a smile in your voice at all times.

Needless to say, I started losing my ability to focus and concentrate,
and the negativity that surrounded me was adding to my symptoms.

Every day was a little worse than the day before. The soreness and brain fog were creeping in fast. Working like this, I still continued to give 100% for 4 years until my body shut down and I was on a short medical leave for two weeks.

My Doctor told me the stress was adding to my illness and that I’d better watch that it didn’t kill me.

I knew at that time I really had to rethink my life and make a major decision.

I just couldn’t figure out why all this was happening. Why am I still here if nothing seems to work out? It sure as hell wasn’t from my lack of attitude – determination or willingness to start over…

Do I stay or should I go?

This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I loved my co-workers, the nurses and the client’s families. . .

I cried and my co-workers cried right along side of me.

I was tired, depressed and simply just done with it all.

I finally realized this would be my last, the last job working in a corporate setting . . .

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