Trials and Tribulations – Life Is Full of Challenges

I left off in my last post about the heavy equipment I ran which beat the hell out of me physically, so again, I had to look elsewhere…

Life is full of challenges…too many sometimes…anyways,

I finally got an opportunity to broker raw plastic materials. What? The only thing I knew about plastic was cups, silverware and Tupperware!

Trials and Tribulations - Life Is Full of ChallengesMy boss was a one lady outfit, but God Bless her, she taught me everything from the ground up. I did extremely well for about 2 years. The sweet deal was is this was her own company, so when she was to retire, I’d be paying her commission and the company would be mine.

What a dream come true I thought. But, not so fast…again, health reasons got in my way to success…

At the young age of 35, I was struck very suddenly with a double brain aneurysm that hit the physical side of my brain. I’d been sick most of my life, but this was major. But you know what?

I was so determined to wake up from that surgery because for 1 I wasn’t ready to go yet and 2, we just lost my oldest brother 2 years earlier, dying unexpectedly. I didn’t want to leave my family like that.

Ya know, prayer really is a powerful thing. My parents started a prayer chain within our church and well, thankfully I’m still here. What an experience…one I don’t ever want to go through ever again.

But I was so determined…

I decided to return to work after just 3 months which my support group, friends and family didn’t think was such a good idea. Well I did. I was more than ready.

It took about a year to get back to where I thought I was pretty much myself, however, I still battle with different things that surviving an aneurysm can only do to a person, but I know how to hide most of it.

So my story continues as the broker…I was paid on commission. The market started to decline as so did my sales. I ended up paying money back to my boss since I had taken a draw on my account for a few months because of my aneurysm. It was time to go. So much for taking over the business.

This was really starting to get to me. Why was I still around if every job I had kept falling apart?

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired plus, just learning all these different occupations was hard in itself.

Now, I was more determined than ever. I had a house to pay for – medical bills and utilities that all needed paid.

I decided to give the medical field a whirl, placing myself into the occupation of kidney dialysis as a technician helping sick people every day.

What an experience; The way those people coped with that illness gave me the inspiration I needed. I loved those patients. For the most part they were all up-beat and positive in spite of what they were going through. Finally, I found my purpose!

Yea, right.

Once again my body gave out. I was working 12 hour shifts, and couldn’t go anymore. My body wouldn’t let me. So after a lot of tests and blood work-ups, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia.

The management worked with me for as long as they could, but I finally had to quit. I was devastated. I just couldn’t figure out what the hell I was suppose to be doing.

I had so many questions – my faith was starting to fade – and my happy -go-lucky self was about non-existent.

Yea, life is full of challenges…too many sometimes. Anyways, now what?

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