Top Reasons Why YOU Are Not Making Money Online…

For some people, money is the only vitamin that keeps them healthy.

For others, it is something like a horizon or a mirage. They keep running after it but never reach it.

And yet for others, it is an evil that is to be abhorred, reviled and detested.

Making Money OnlineHowever, for the ones who would like to undertake the journey rather than sit on the rocks and either imagine or curse, the following article and the reasons why they are not making money, could be a step in the right direction.

Nobody is perfect

People who live under the impression that ‘I know everything’ are the very people who are the first to fall. The question here is not of being confident.

However, a person who always turns a deaf ear to expert advice or the one who is sitting on the sidelines criticizing are perfect examples of people who are not prepared to listen.

We are not saying you should grab onto all the advice given and act upon it, but yet, you ARE trying to take in the information and only this way can you bring about change…

Did you do your research properly?

Have you done your homework properly?

As suggested to all, do your homework properly. Did you try to find out who are your target audience is, what are their preferences and is your product meeting their expectations?

Many questions like this can answer the question, “Why are you not making money online?”

Sometimes we fail to find out the root of the problem and shut our eyes and focus on things which actually don’t matter.

So, research about these small but important aspects and then go forward. Step back, take a break and relax. Start from scratch and find out where you missed your step. It will surely help.

Whiners are never winners!

This rings true in every race; when you keep looking at other people and either fantasizing or criticizing one or the other, you fail to realize that though we know the pros and cons of the others’ strategy, we are still at the harbor and the others have reached blue waters.

You lack focus doing this and end up earning nothing. Therefore, if you want to make money online or offline, take the steps that may lead you either to richness in wealth or in experience that you could use later down the road.

Stop whining immediately and start focusing on what you have to do to make you a money spinner.

It takes hard work…period.

Buying every single product is a sure way to the wealth of confusion

With every passing day, you may see a new product but with the same effect and the same result, and just to ‘try it out,’ you buy them all whenever they appear.

In effect, you are losing money and gaining nothing, not to speak of gaining any knowledge.

Again, don’t lose focus. Buy products which are useful; don’t go blindly purchasing those products just because they are popular or tempting. So, don’t confuse yourself; get yourself clear about what it is you want to learn and apply and get going.

Don’t become deceitful to become rich

Being deceitful is a battle between the wrong and the right. Or one could say that lying should have made me richer.

However, the lies that are being discussed here are not the lies successful people spin. The lie that one may tell to people to cover his inefficiencies may lead to him not getting any good advice through the successful people who have walked that path before.

Readers are not dumb; they will find out what is the truth and then you will be nowhere. Lying will never lead you to riches. It will actually become a huge stumbling block in your way to becoming rich.

Avoid misconceptions

With the passage of time and when you have realized that there were some things that didn’t work in your favor, the best thing to do is to change course by a few degrees and not take the ship back to the docks/harbor.

In a similar way, if you were duped by a company or if your first stock didn’t make money, you may take a backseat for a while, study the market and then re-enter.

However, if you are too fixed on the thought that ‘It is too tough’ then it will really become tough. Have you heard of the saying, ‘if you think you can, you can?’

Don’t cling to a misconception which can become a stumbling block in your way to triumph. Stop being pessimistic and instead, drive your energy towards making money online.

Wasting knowledge

You have a great resource…the Internet. You might have a mentor helping you along the way. They let you in on fresh ideas and newer ideas to solve problems.

They send the idea across and keep hoping that their idea is the one that will break the shackles.

But after years of suggestion, they may realize that you are simply not implementing what is necessary. That is a big impediment to making it big in the land of Oz.

Scattering energies doesn’t produce ultimate success

Focus is what makes the sun’s rays burn a hole in a paper whereas the rest of the sunlight just keeps us warm.

If you keep indulging yourself into a new thing everyday, you will end up having maybe a number of websites which don’t even pay a dime. Concentrate on one thing and it will surely give you good results.

Get equipped with right tools

Of course we are talking about marketing tools online. Whether it is PAY PER CLICK campaigns or different SEO techniques, you need to know which is most beneficial for you.

Even when we talk about marketing through social networking sites, you need to find and evaluate which are of actual use to you. It can be a little tedious job to do, but if you are equipped with all the required tools, making money online will be much easier.

The underlying truth is the same in every situation. To reach your destiny, you have to start the journey…and to make money, you have to make the decision to take that great leap of faith that may or may not lead you to the treasures you have been dreaming of.

Be aware of illegal techniques in order to become rich quickly. One cannot become a millionaire in a night’s time.

Consistency and persistency only can lead you to success. Don’t give up in between just because it is taking time and not delivering the desired results as per your expectations.

Everything takes time and with determination, becoming rich will not only be a dream…it will turn to reality.

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    There is an overload of useless information in the IM space, people should just realize theres no magic bullet get rich quick scheme to make money on the internet. If you work hard at it and dont try to game the system you will make money and build a sustainable business.

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