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Week #17 – Vic Hutchinson’s 2012 – Millionaires Classroom

This weeks product of the week is by far THE BEST Internet marketing training I’ve come across in an awfully long time.

Let me tell you quickly who this guy Vic is;

– A United States marine who’s been in 3 wars
– A no-nonsense, no bullshit Internet marketer
– Retired before he turned 40 years old…rich
– A devoted family man
– Can’t stand wannabe Internet marketers who aren’t serious enough to invest in themselves with REAL training
– Somewhat of a redneck who has an awesome sense of humor
– Loves the Lord as much as his family

Now here’s what Vic says…

“The difference in me is I don’t do this for the money anymore. I did very well a few years back and now, I really don’t put up with get rich quick junkies anymore. They drove me crazy in 2010. I deleted 5,000 of them and started over in 2011 with my 2011 Millionaire class and decided to put mindset in my training now. That was the only thing missing from the average get rich quick person… mindset.

“Most believe we live in a LOGICAL world… It’s all Spiritual. You align yourself with that fact and you won’t have to worry about success any longer. ” Vic

So if you truly want to know the ropes in creating a successful life for you and your family, you’d better jump on this.

His training room is filled with videos on everything imaginable, even giving you free killer software that he’s created just so you can feel what making your first sale online feels like….SWEET!

Here’s some of what ‘s in his millionaire classroom;

  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • WP Blogs/Auto Blogs
  • 90 Day Challenge
  • Forum Finder
  • Facebook
  • Auto scripts….you name it, it’s in there.

Below are a few testimonials…there are way too many to post:

Hey Vic,

I just wanted to say thanks for all you do. I’m just getting back
on my feet. Bro, 20 years of the military, 11 years of them in combat
arms has taken it’s tole on my body. Just now recovering from my
THIRD back surgery but feeling Great now.

I know you are very busy, but I just wanted to say that the 90 day
challenge with the Tube Extractor is Amazing.

Be looking out for my name, I know I can knock this out the Ball Park.

Thanks for all you do.


I just had to drop you a quick email after listening to your motivational email today.
You are not only an genius internet marketer,and software creator (Thanks so much for all of
your awesome software), but you are a genius motivator. I just know there is nothing
that is going to stop me now, Vic… and the sales Gods smiled on me again today .

God led me to become a teacher to help people the first half of my life, and He led me to
you to teach me how to continue to help people in the second half of my life on earth.
Helping people is my “niche” and you have made that clear to me. This is getting very
exciting, and I LOVE your humor, too.

God bless you, Vic, for sharing your gift of giving and love that God gave you!

Hey Vic,

I just joined your 2011 class, holy hell..
you are someone who I have been looking
for so long as a mentor. I am 21 and live in
New Zealand, and for the past 1 and a half
years have been teaching myself and listening
to mlm guru’s like jonathan b. and daegan s. how
to build a business online, attraction marketing,
sales funnels, prosepecting all of that!.
I found you by accident but I am so glad I did.


Hey Vic! My Name’s Sean E.
I am captivated by your work.
It is the only real way to get ahead of
the competition out there. I’ve just graduated
from the uk with a BA (Hons) in Creative Arts.
I can’t stand programming. So I love people like you!

Mate guess what…..YUP another sale……….Yahooooooooooooooooo

mate that’s two in 2 days.

Vic you’re a life saver and a LEGEND.

You are blessed and now you’ve blessed me, thank you Lord for leading
me to this great young man.

Bless you man Bless you, this is the first time I’ve succeeded on the net
and it’s all thanks to you.

You don’t know what this means to me.

Bless You

Len ( Australia )

Note: I will point out that Vic doesn’t mess around with those who won’t take action.
His class goes week by week. If you opt out, he doesn’t want you back. Period.

Do yourself a huge favor and follow the link to check this amazing training out. I promise…you won’t be sorry.

C-ya in the training room!

Week #16 – JV Invite Advantage

Apply These “Hush Hush” Tactics Too Compel Marketing Gurus To Joint Venture With You!’

A “Tell All” “Show All” Tested And Proven Approach…

If you’ve ever wondered how the “Gurus” of Internet marketing get to become millionaires, what I’m about to expose is one of their most dangerously guarded secret methods that explodes their businesses AND bank accounts.

Now, you’ve all heard the extensive chatter on the subject of Joint Ventures, one of the most powerful tools for being successful online and offline that you can utilize in today’s competitive marketing world, right?

And that Joint Ventures can expand your business exponentially to create one hell of a powerful presence, correct?

So what do you think they all do?

If you guessed Joint Ventures, you’re absolutely right on.

Although, that ISN’T their dangerously guarded secret . . .

The “Masters” Know How to Write a JV Letter, What to Write IN a JV Letter, And How Simply Massaging The Prospect Is THE Most Important Part. . .(And I don’t mean that literally!)

Listen Guys. I honestly believe the best and only way you’ll take serious action is to have something to model to look at to be able to printout and study from to form your own ideas.

JV Invite Advantage hands you the exact steps AND the “original” powerful items I used to create my JV Business Proposal Package.


What is a JV Proposal Package?

A JV Proposal Package is a series of items, specifically targeted to a potential partner that will STOP him/her dead in their tracks. They will open read and respond to it . . . because you are targeting them specifically and personally.

Who Can Apply This JV Proposal Package?

  • Online: Internet Marketers including newbies intermediates vets product owners…
  • Offline: Business owners brokers job seekers whoever has the creativity to take this package model it and come up with a twist . . . that means you and everyone else…


What’s Included in This Powerful JV Business Proposal Package?

1) Discover the reasons why you need to consider doing Joint ventures; many, many, many

2) Learn why NOT to be just an affiliate

3) Tap into why the “Masters” WILL joint venture with you if done correctly

4) Learn from a beginner who has been there . . . Joni’s very personal JV Challenge, the full untold story

5) Soak up a “full blown step by step 30 Page Instruction Book” . . . and when I say 30 pages I don’t mean “Blank” pages that you see filling out so many other books . . . it’s 30 meaty pages. (Including screen shots)

6) Master the original JV Business Proposal broken down piece by piece, item by item, revealing the components used and why

7) Take in the exact letters, (yea, not just one) and printout study get ideas from to create your own unique winning JV invites

8 ) With each item, a list of the strategies used and what they mean

9) Apply these critical elements or you’re dead in the water

10) Why using video can drive the point home…my personal video included

11) Learn why your JV Proposals can be rejected

12) How to locate interested JV prospects

13) Examples of who I contacted and from where

14) The follow up . . . the how, why and what

15) Revealed; the 11 steps you need to make sure are included in every JV proposal

There is nothing like this . . .

You may think this exceptional “tell all – show all” product is cheap…it’s not. It’s called VALUE from someone who knows what that means.

Go on, check out this “must-have” killer JV proposal package right now…You won’t be sorry.

For the price of a cup of cappuccino and a copy of the New York Times, you can have this in your hands…today.

Of course it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee… Period.

Week #15 – Untapped Sales Reserve Exposed

‘A Ground Breaking Community Exploding With Internet Marketing Buyers’

Untapped Sales Reserve ExposedNote: Just to let our Income Insiders readers know, this product was created by Casper and I last month with really great reviews. Enjoy!

Okay. Let me ask you 2 questions…

1) How would you like to take products you’ve already created and place them in front of millions of “fresh” viewers?

2) How would you like to have your offer rotated in ads that appear at the top as well as in between different posts for more exposure translating into more views and sales?

Well, that’s what I thought . . .and it only costs a buck…


So what is “Untapped Sales Reserve Exposed?”

This is a priceless report on a “totally untapped, go to destination” for Internet marketers with buyers standing by simply waiting to view your special offers and . . .

  • is rapidly growing on a daily basis
  • it has generated 7 Million page views from more than 600,000 unique visitors this year
  • it has a solid presence in the search engines . . .

You’ll have access to an exclusive 7 page report giving you the ins and outs of this destination, what was uncovered through research (very unusual) and what happened within 24 hours of posting my first offer!

In addition, the rules and regs, why this place is booming and how you can get started instantly for free or choose the upgraded version. (Very, very affordable)

Either way, you cannot go wrong. The profits are there for the taking.

You’ve already got the goods right? Time to blast them in front of a highly targeted Internet business crowd, searching for excellent special offers.

This will be the alternative place to go for all Internet marketers
in 2012. Mark my words. . .

Check out the video and offer here

Week #14 – WP Affiliate Ultimate

Did you know that there are two types of “Affiliate Marketers?” Those who have the necessary tools, and those who don’t.

Did you know that up to 95% of the bloggers out there do not have the inner circle of tools and make $0 online, while a select few make thousands online?

WP Affiliate UltimateAffiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and you’ve most likely have heard this many times before. But what if I could tell you that your WordPress blog will generate affiliate sales on auto pilot by converting your top keywords and phrases into affiliate links automatically?

Well, that is exactly what our product of the week, “WP Affiliate Ultimate” can do for you.

The “WP Affiliate Ultimate ” is a powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to Track, Cloak, No Follow & Convert Any Keyword in your WordPress Blog into Affiliate Links AUTOMATICALLY…

How does WP Affiliate Ultimate work?

There are four simple steps that you must take to turn your blogs into automated money making printing machines.

Step 1
Submit your main keywords or phrases into the fields that the plugin provides.

Step 2
Submit your affiliate links or links to internal pages of your blog.

Step 3
Set the number of links you would like to show on each blog post.

Step 4
Select if you would like the plugin to convert only exact matching keywords. EX: if your keyword is “Money” you can then tell the plugin to convert only keywords that match exactly “Money” or you can tell the plugin to replace keywords that are not capitalized such as “money.”

Press SAVE and watch the conversion take place saving you hours of work.

So who is WP Affiliate Ultimate for?

Those who are interested in MAKING money online & maximizing their blogs potential.

Those who are SERIOUS about blogging & wish to monetize their content.

Those who KEEP up to date and wish to join the inner circle of elite marketers.

If you are one of the above, I highly recommend you follow the WP Affiliate Ultimate link.

Week #13 – Procrastination Buster

Procrastination is a HUGE problem in the business world… it’s an even bigger problem among the Internet marketing crowd, because being your own boss is NOT easy. We all get distracted – thinking we have all the time in the world to get stuff done…

But are we actually getting the important stuff done or just dreaming about it?

I don’t know anyone who can resist the lure of the latest and greatest money-making method.

However…you may never succeed at Internet marketing if you have a bunch of unfinished projects and even more products on your hard drive…just sitting there waiting…waiting for you to dust them off and make something happen.

This offer can help you…

You need a simple, effective strategy to turn those unfinished projects and products into full-throttle moneymakers for you. Stop procrastinating already…

Don’t let yourself be like everyone else. Take action…start letting those products work for you.

In “Procrastination-Buster,” you’ll discover:

  • Exactly why you procrastinate, and how to turn this monster of an enemy into a friend
  • One little trick you can start using (right after download) that will lead to you happily and quickly checking an item off of your to –do list (do this as often as you need!)
  • How to possibly double your income within weeks, by putting this no-fail method to the test
  • Easy little steps to become more efficient… and instantly more profitable
  • Why this is the only procrastination-busting info you’ll ever need… and you’ll wonder why you ever had a problem before, because it suddenly becomes easy to get things done

Remember…productivity is everything. Time is money!

Procrastination Buster is NOT difficult and you CAN beat your bad habits starting today.

Click the link now to find out more…

Week #12 – Offline Money Mindmap

Maria Gudelis is a very successful online/offline million dollar marketer. She’s been seen on TV with Robert Allen which in itself is quite an accomplishment. Maria has created her “Offline Money Mindmap” so marketers such as us can take full advantage of her expertise.

Something she discovered was this…

Little did she know the real money was in doing these little $500 “online marketing blueprints” for prospective clients. $500 is better than $50,000? You might think not but…

Actually, yes.

See – few offline clients are willing to pony up the big bucks right away. They need to trust you first. And that’s what this little $500 consultation with you does.

In reality, you’re basically getting paid $500 to make a “sales presentation”… which usually results in further… much bigger investments.

You too can get $500 checks from offline clients just by walking them through her money mindmap.

This product sets up in a very organized fashion not only what you need to do in order to do offline marketing successfully, but it sets it up so that you have something organized to show the potential client, letting them know exactly what you can do to make their businesses successful.

Here’s what you’ll get plus it’s created so that anyone can do it:

  • Sure-Fire Ways to Start Getting Your Checks Now
  • 3 Power Packed Videos Walking You Thru Step-by-Step on How to Maximize your Offline Profits
  • How To Cash In On the Whole Thing
  • You’ll Learn About Strategies to Bring In Incredible Cash

Plus a whole lot more, straight from the expert. She’s got the reputation to prove it…

Also, to enhance her offer, she is giving away “mystery bonuses to knock your socks off.”

So here’s what to do next;

Click the link for the sweet details – check out all the successful testimonials and check out her 3 minute video to learn more about this fantastic offer. This may just be your game changer…

Oh…and the price? It’s set ridiculously low…Pick a number between 5 and 10…and go here.

Week #11 – The AA Business Recovery Playbook

“This Is Something Everyone ‘Newbie To Advanced’ Can Benefit From.”

The truth is that most of the very successful marketers online lay out and follow detailed plans so they know exactly where they are going, and how to get there.

AA Business PlaybookThis is the stuff successful people do, but you’ll almost never find it covered in any of their training materials. It’s very rare that it’s ever even discussed.

Are you ready to get completely laser focused, stop procrastination, and know exactly “how and what” is going to take you to finally attain the things you’ve only been wanting up until now?

Listen. Most people are so busy “chasing the money,” or going through the next new shiny “pie in the sky” product, that they aren’t even coming close to doing what they should be doing…

But with your trusted AA Business Playbook, you’ll be exposed to what it really takes to start, lay out the detailed steps, and ultimately build your own successful online business.

  • The detailed steps to figure out your monthly income necessities
  • The precise actions you’ll need to take to reach that income goal
  • The exact processes and systems working in sequence to get you there
  • The art of breaking things down into actionable implementation ridding yourself of information overload

In a nutshell the AA Business Recovery Playbook is all about “Taking Action.”

You’ll Learn How To Get Stuff Done “Your Complete Action Plan”…

Marketing Model Creation – This is what’s needed to create a sustainable online business (inside you’ll find one of mine completely laid out so you can see how to do this for yourself)

Your Defining Goals (What Are They?) – Exposing how to assess and implement your goals (right down to sales per day) giving you a real plan of action

The Plan – You’ll know how to create plans, sub plans and more needed to execute your marketing model

Tools And Software – The tools and software you’ll need (most downloadable and free) to bring your execution plan to fruition

Managing Your Time Wisely – Something none of us have enough of (get the most out of yours). NOT to be missed…

Action Steps – At the end of each lesson you’ll carry out action steps, so you’ll literally be building your own Business Recovery System while learning it. You’ll have something real and actionable ready to go…

Eye On The Future – The internet is always changing. You’ll need to have your finger on the pulse in case of disaster. It’s all covered…

In addition, you’ll get “The Affiliate Actuator Documentation Sheets” Not only is documenting everything in your business one of the smartest moves you can make, but you’ll also be receiving the exact documentation sheets you need included right inside the course.

Everything is included with the AA Business Recovery Playbook with the real examples of how to put it all together.

The documentation sheets alone are worth far more than the asking price…this product is something every marketer (new or seasoned) should have to take their business to a higher level.

The long and short of it is that focus, determination, and hard work is the ONLY way to

You need a system that shows you how, where, and why you’ll place your focus there. You’ll also know where to alter things once you really see your mapped out plan going to work for you.

Subtle changes may occur along the way, then you’ll know exactly where a quick adjustment can be made to streamline, produce, and bring even more power to your execution plan.

The AA Business Recovery Playbook will give you the “execution strategies” for the best possible outcome from the very start. Most people are blown away once they “get this” insight happening in their business.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your copy now and start building your business the correct way once and for all.

Week #10 – Internet Marketers Little Black Book

Working online can be a major undertaking especially when you don’t know where to go and find all the different tools and resources you’ll need at one time or another.

Internet Marketers Little Black BookAnd yes, there are hundreds; some good – some bad – some that will save you money and some that won’t.

Some that will even rip you off if you’re not careful…

If you’re endlessly searching for excellent tools and resources that are Top of the line, all in one place, the “Internet Marketers Little Black Book” is all you’ll need.

Here’s why…

Paul has been working online full time since 1999; he’s worked with – sold to – and has been the go to guy, writing software, and programming for some of the best and brightest marketing minds in the business.

Big time – successful Internet Marketers like…

  • Yanik Silver
  • Ted Nicholas
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Tellman Knudson
  • Terry Dean
  • Just to name a few Paul has in his back pocket…

These guys all have their own way of doing things, but they all use the coolest underground tools and resources to help build, grow, and maintain their massive businesses.

So Paul has compiled 1175 tools and resources from the best of the best saving you a substantial amount of both time and money. This is a must have for anyone;

  • Newbies
  • Pros
  • Affiliates
  • Offline
  • and You…

This book is great for two reasons:

1) When you need a specific kind of resource, you’ll save a huge amount of time that it would take to sift through all the possibilities in Google.

2) Even better, just reading through the various categories you’ll find out about cool and useful tools you didn’t even know existed!

Some of the categories you’ll find in this amazing resource book are; Advertising, Affiliates, Audio, Autoresponder services, Content, Copywriting Swipe Files, Flash tools, Ebooks, Ebay…everything from A to Z…

If you value your time and money, pick up a copy of this little black book.

And the price? Selling a valuable product at such a low price should really be illegal.

Week #9 – WP Content Magic

This weeks exclusive offer is a great new WordPress Plugin that is getting rave reviews…

WP Content Magic is an invaluable tool designed specifically to save you time by allowing you to stop uploading your articles manually. We all know how time consuming and boring that task is especially if you run more than one blog…

So what does it do?

Besides saving you boatloads of time, here’s what WP Content Magic lets you do…

  • Add any number of articles to your site in seconds
  • Drip feed your articles for a more natural posting frequency by setting date and time
  • Add SEO benefits – Auto bold, underline and italicize keywords
  • Auto tag your articles or add custom tags
  • Auto Hyperlink plus track and cloak those hyperlinks
  • Plus a lot more…

In addition, this excellent offer comes with 3 amazing bonuses;

1) Free developers license which allows you to add and install WP Content Magic on
all your domains… even your client’s domains.

2) PLR articles- Over 300,000 in hundreds of niches.

3) Article spinning software + video tutorials to save you even more time…

So, who is WP Content Magic For?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Site Flippers
  • Selling to your list
  • If you have a paid membership site
  • Building & Expanding your VRE (Virtual Real Estate)
  • The list goes on….

If you’re ready to start saving a major amount of time, and getting all this at a steal of a price…click the link and check this offer out right now! Click here now!

Week #8 – Traffic Hurricane

If you’re a website or blog owner, you know how many elements there are
to marketing it; from making sure your design is user friendly – too unique and interesting content – all the way to selling your products and services…

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be introduced to these same exact elements in time.

But whether you’re that beginner or a seasoned veteran, one element is consistent…getting traffic to your site.

Getting potential customers to your site is one of those sometimes frustrating Internet marketing factors that can make or break your success.

There have been numerous ebooks – tutorials – videos, etc. on every which way you can drive traffic to your site and it’s not over yet. As Internet technology evolves, so does the way to get more traffic…

What is Traffic Hurricane?

Free AND targeted traffic to help you build and bring quality traffic to your offers…

Traffic Hurricane consists of two methods of bringing in large amounts of traffic to your offer/site.

The first method is an often overlooked social method of bringing in traffic. And no, it does not have anything to do with Facebook or Twitter. This tool is often forgotten, but can help you bring in a lot of traffic, and will help with the SEO of your offer as well.

The second method is a more well known method that many people use (even though some people think it’s outdated), but this product shows you a lot of different ways to maximize the results you see from this method, things that can give you many times the traffic for just a small amount more work…

Here’s what Espen, the creator of Traffic Hurricane says…

“Now, I’m not going to lie to you like many will and tell you “YOU CAN LITERALLY EAT CHEESE DOODLES IN YOUR UNDERWEAR WHILE THE TRAFFIC ROLLS ON IN LIKE A BLIZZARD!”. Yes, there is some work involved to build this traffic, like with any good method, but you’re NOT going to have to work your ass off!

Oh, and the good part is that once you’ve put in some work and built some traffic the effort will just build and build like an AVALANCHE, so what you did 5 months from now will still get you traffic today!

Oh, and what might be the best part for you lazy people out there?

You can outsource it all! All of this can be outsourced on Fiverr or Freelancer or other such sites, so you can just sit back and see the traffic build!”

What will you get?

Traffic Hurricane is a PDF file of 11 pages… interesting ways of getting a stream of free traffic on both the short and long term.

What will it cost?

If you bought a donut and a small cup of coffee this morning, you could of bought this instead…but don’t let this extremely low price fool you. Just check out the testimonials for yourself…

So, if you want 2 proven traffic methods, you’ll want Traffic Hurricane.


Week #7 – Introducing Amazon Kindle Mania PLR Package

Selling e-books on Kindle has been a “HOT” topic recently, and many marketers are making huge profits by publishing their books.

In May 2011, news reported Amazon Kindle book sales surpassed hardcover books they sell, and the sales have increased 3 times in 2011 when compared to 2010.

amazon kindleThis significant growth shows that there is a huge potential to cash in . . .

You know, creating your own ebook is one of the fastest ways of making money online today.

However, most people think they have no skill or nothing to write about that other people would read . . . sound familiar?

Let me say that anyone can do a little research on various topics – add a little creativity – add a solution to any problem and wham . . . there’s your ebook.

Now I know that sounds a little too easy but it really isn’t . . .

Here’s why;

Introducing Amazon Kindle Mania PLR Package

This product has been thoroughly researched, created, and designed to help you create books that sell like crazy on Kindle.

This package includes;

  • Original Source File (.DOCX )
  • PDF Version
  • Sales Letter and Thank You Page
  • Book Cover Graphics
  • Non Transferable Private Label Rights License

In addition, you get the Private Label Rights to this book which allows you to claim authorship, edit the contents, and keep 100% of your profits.

Also, when you order you’ll receive this awesome bonus that any marketer would find useful . . .

40 Niche Pack . . .

Books – Articles – Sales letter and Thank You page – Website – Unrestrictive private label rights in 40 niche markets, all for $5 . . .

Don’t let the low cost of this product fool you.

All of the products listed on this page are created by people like you and me, wanting to help out anyone who is ready to get moving. And by making these products so affordable, really, who can complain about that?

Income Insiders is dedicated in making your Internet marketing journey as easy and as affordable as possible. No more excuses . . .

So, get your book on Kindle and start selling it . . . Here’s how and again, it’s only 5 bucks, literally a steal.

Week #6 – Hippy Marketing Uncut

If you have No list – No product – Info overload – No time or you’re just Totally lost, well, No problem…

Hippy Marketing UncutHere’s why I say that;

Listen. If anyone tells you that there are no shortcuts in Internet marketing, they’re not being truthful…

because there are. You just have to be told where to find them… and…the professional person must be willing to share them.

In this weeks “Top-Notch” product offer, we’ve found that person willing to share 5 proven shortcut strategies for you too profit from under 30 days…


How do you know that these 5 shortcut strategies are proven?

Because this “Big Timer Coach” is sharing the same shortcuts with you as he teaches his $12,000 a year personal coaching clients…

…enough said?

I think so.

Now of course most “Big Marketers” keep their secrets closely guarded. However, finding out 5 proven ones and applying them is like striking gold for you…

Do you want to know more?

This 21st century marketing genius has compiled these 5 strategies into a no-fluff PDF for you to read, download and get moving on…
Hippy Marketing Uncut

I’m not going to disclose all 5 strategies, but here are 2;

#3 Let hyped up “spammy” emails work for you by making big profits from being seen as the voice of trust;

  • You don’t need a list
  • The more spam and hyped up email in the biz, the better this works
  • Gets around the “disbelief” and “cynical” barriers effectively
  • Uses the perception and unusual shortcuts he’s developed

# 5 Spying on the competition – How he netted over $700 by opening a few emails;

  • The signs to look out for
  • The “here you go” method that hands you everything on a silver platter
  • The crazy “ego mistake” that allows you to tap into the goldmine

So exactly who needs this?

Pretty much everyone who isn’t seeing the results they want, in the time frame they want…

These ARE genuine shortcuts that can slash the time it takes for you to earn money online without having a list.

They exist

They’re real.

You just don’t know about them… YET. But here’s your chance…

Click on the link below to learn the other 3 shortcuts and start earning under 30 days IF you apply them. You can also build them into your business model to profit on an ongoing basis.

How does it get any better than that?

The price tag…find out here.
Hippy Marketing Uncut

Week #5 – The Marketing Funnel Pack

Professionally Designed Graphics and Templates… PLR Available!

If you’ve ever been mentored by one of many great Internet marketers online today,
they’ll tell you this: You have to create a marketing funnel to create a substantial income…

From a lower priced product to the highest priced.

However, do you realize how long that all takes to get up and running? Literally hours and hours
and a lot of hard work. Some people may have that kind of time, creating it on their own, but
for the majority…any short cut would be a complete – awesome blessing!

This guy has really pulled out all the stops on this product offer…

The Marketing Funnel Pack…

He is offering 20 professionally designed templates that are easy to edit and customize for your very own product funnel. Honestly, this will save you boat loads of time and money not just for the beginner, but for moderate marketers as well…

Here’s what you get for an unbelievable amount of money;

1) Squeeze page
2) Thanks for subscribing page
3) Sales page
4) One time offer page
5) Thanks for ordering page

…196 different funnel combinations available with these professionally designed templates.

And he’s not done just yet…

He’s offering a bonus that will really knock your socks off;

A complete set of custom web graphics he actually designed for himself to use on HIS websites…so they’ve got to be good!

  • Arrows
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Hand drawn graphics for a personal touch
  • Custom headers for your logos

This package also offers Private Label Rights if you’re interested…

If you’re at the point where you need help creating your funnel, this product is really your only choice.

Professional templates and cool graphics rolled into one with the PLR available…

And the price? Do you have change for a $ twenty…check the professional templates and cool graphics here!

Week #4 – Secrets of Finding FREE Images

Okay Guys…Everyone knows that Graphics sell – they paint a picture – they tell a story…

However, you don’t want the story to be about you stealing a graphic that has rights to it and get into deep trouble now do you?

Here’s the only way to go…

The Secrets to Finding Totally Free Graphics Without Risking Your Business

Secrets of Finding FREE ImagesHow Much is Your Business Worth?

This ebook isn’t just about helping you to save money by showing you how to find free images and graphics, this ebook is also about showing you how you can save money by not losing it to those who might come after you – should you use images without proper permissions, licensing, etc.

This report will help you STAY out of trouble and at the same time – help you find images, graphics, illustrations, clip-art and more that you can use immediately without worrying about getting sued, banned, terminated or worse.

Learn step-by-step how to find ‘Safe’ free graphics;

  • Everything you need to quickly and easily find totally free images
  • (50+ pages) – PDF report with Chapter Heading hyperlinks for easy online reading
  • Her secret short-cuts to finding commercial ready high quality graphics in a flash
  • PLUS: You’ll find out what could easily happen to you if use images you shouldn’t
  • PLUS: You’ll find out how the “Image Police” can easily find you
  • PLUS: You’ll learn how you can use the same ‘technology’ they use to protect your own images
  • And that’s not all…

Click below to find out about the “that’s not all… Okay, one hint…Access to her Personal List plus other really great stuff.

And the price is something totally unreasonable…but not for you. For her!

Follow the link here to find all the free images and graphics you will need!

Week #3 – Real Case Studies Volume 1

If you are strapped for cash like most beginning Internet Marketers and cannot afford a mentor or coach to guide you through the IM process, then there is nothing better than spending a few bucks on a “Case Study.”

Real Case Studies Volume 1A case study, or a research strategy means “evidence” that a particular way of doing something works – is proven and the details are given for you to follow.

For this week’s product, Real Case Studies Volume 1, this 21 year old girl actually sold her website for $ 100 Million, (yes, you read that right) by finding a need in the Marketplace and filling it…

Now if that’s not the cats meow…

You know, many people simply dream about doing something of this nature but few really do anything about it. For whatever reason, they’d rather sit on the sidelines and belly-ache – place blame – and complain about all the reasons why it can’t be done…or should I say, they can’t do it.

I find this girl to be so inspiring! For Pete’s sakes, if she can do it then yes, so can you…but only if you want it and are willing to put forth the effort.

Here are a few of things she says in her own words which I find to be fantastic…


What’s so great about your Biz Case Studies?

These business cases allow you and your prospects to think bigger in the real world of online marketing. They encourage you to do something real that has real payoffs.

This is a real world story you can learn from yourself AND show to prospects to PROVE that internet marketing DOES WORK. If you deal with offline clients like many people do, this can REALLY help you prove a case without any hard selling.

If you consider yourself skeptic, pessimistic, negative, glass half empty, jaded, depressed, mentally unstable or angry, don’t buy this.

If you DO however want to hear about how REAL businesses are making money online, without all the scammy BS you often find then, do buy this.

A business started while in HIGH SCHOOL. So your full time job is no excuse.

You can do this too. You just have to learn how think like a real business person. That means no more auto blogging, article spinning, social bookmarking, link building or “bum” marketing.

What am I selling?

It’s a short 5 page case study showing a real verifiable business that is KILLING it with Youtube. + I am going to let you pass this out to your own prospects as a door opener.

Is this for newbies?

I don’t know. The case study is just that. An example of how someone else did it. You still have to be creative.

How soon can I start making money?

That answer is different for everyone. If you need money today like a crackhead, sell your sofa.

What are my chances of making $100,000,000?

0% if you don’t take action.

Is there a guarantee?

No. It’s $5 if you need guarantees over $5 you may need a change of diapers. I don’t do diapers.

Note: The price has gone up to $6.55 as of this post. The more people buy, the price increases.

So Income Insider’s readers, here’s your affordable chance to look over a successful shoulder…

Follow the link here and see for yourself!

Week #2 – Fiverr All-Stars is all about people offering their services for 5 bucks…yes, you read that right. Anything from designing a graphic to writing articles to the quirkiest things imaginable.

fiverrHowever, if you are looking to outsource literally any part of your business, you’ll probably find a freelancer to jump on your project here.

Here’s how Fiverr works:

How To Buy

* Find a gig you like and order it
* Pay $5 by PayPal or credit card
* Track your seller’s work progress, exchange files and communicate
* Get your finished work!
* You will have 48 hrs after work delivery to ask for fixes from the seller
* Provide feedback and review

Okay Income Insider’s readers, with that being said, a lot of time and effort is put forth on your part to weed through all the freelancers on this site.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you…

Introducing, Fiverr All-Stars

So, exactly what is this?

For one, it’s simply amazing. The time and money saved by utilizing this product is worth its weight in gold…

This guy took the bull by its horns and developed this product to find the best of the freelancers in every category imaginable.

For example…the All-Stars that will do;

  • Article writing
  • PPC Ad writing
  • Getting Unique visitors to your site
  • Photoshop services
  • Niche Keyword research
  • Business card design
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Press release and distribution
  • Facebook marketing strategies

This product has done all the hard work for you.
If you’re doing anything online or offline, you need to hand over the work to these Fiverr All Stars: Tested – Thoroughly reviewed – Their services used…

Here’s what you do…

Decide what you need – go to Fiverr All-Stars – And get it done perfectly for 5 bucks.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get with Fiverr All-Stars

1) 150 pages of visuals and resources that make Internet marketing easy
2) Clickable images take you directly to the gig
3) 17 main categories – 79 sub-categories
4) All updated

And the bonuses? They will knock you silly…seriously.
If you are planning to outsource and are wanting to use Fiverr, this is the ONLY way to go.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping in without a life jacket…

Oh did I mention the price? Less than one gig…

Check Fiverr All-Stars out for yourself…don’t take my word for it! Click Here Now!

Week #1 – KontentBot

This is an amazing new Plugin that creates 100% free, 100% unique content…

KontentBotEvery beginner and “Top Dogs” alike needs to have unique content displayed on their website or blog to draw the visitors in – inform them and ultimately…sell their products and services.

Without great content, your chances of becoming successful online are null and void.

You can either spend the time writing the content yourself, outsourcing it or worse case scenario…not writing and updating your site at all.

This tool makes it easy. No more writing articles unless you choose too and no more expensive outsourcing contracts.

Here’s how KontentBot works:

1) Choose a keyword for your article and type it in

2) KontentBot will take sections from all around the Internet

3) Go through the article and spin words throughout

4) Click save and KontentBot will check the article with Copyscape and turn it into a post

That’s it!

3 Options to choose from:

  • a license to use on one blog
  • a multi-license to use on all your sites
  • a developer license to use on any site including your clients as well as sites you sell

An unbelievable price no matter what option you choose.

“Content” is king…no doubt about it. If you want it the easy way, use this tool and start really pumping out the content your visitors want and are desperately searching for!

Check out how KontentBot is going to change the way we get content for our blogs. Click Here Now!