Top List of Ping Sites for WordPress and Ping Plugin for Easy Management

When using WordPress for building a website or a blog, the unavoidable thing you need to have is a WordPress ping list. You need this list if you want to receive the best exposure for the website or blog because through this list you can notify many services that you have published a new post.

List of Ping SitesIts importance doubles when you are in the habit of publishing quality posts daily and even more when you have just started with WordPress. You need all the exposure you can manage.

By default, WordPress does have a limited set of ping options. Currently, is set as the default option. What you need to do is add the list of ping sites mentioned below to your WordPress ping list.

Where to add the list?

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Writings tab
  4. Scroll down and you will see space for adding ping list.
  5. Copy paste the list below
  6. Click Save

List of Ping Sites

What happens when you ping?

When the ping services updates the readers of a new post, various background processes take place instantly which are instrumental in getting the blog indexed quickly and obviously, responsible for bringing a huge amount of traffic. Therefore, whenever a ping is sent;

1) The websites receiving the pings adds the blog on their directory, giving you one-way links.

2) Some websites will feature your blog in the updated blog list.

3) Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will start to crawl your blog faster and index web pages.

4) Faster indexing means faster traffic.

5) WordPress and check update services to know whether you have updated anything on the blog and if you have, the scripts move the blog to the top of the list or they place a link indicating new content.

6) Getting listed on is no less than a dream come true. With thousands of unique visits received by Technorati, you cannot imagine the possibility of receiving an insane amount of traffic from them.

Pinging – A Major Flaw

Until now, pinging has been very goody goody, right? But stop right there! Because there is a major drawback of pinging, that is, whenever you make edits to your published blogs, the edited or revised blog keeps getting pinged too.

So suppose you make 15 edits to one blog in a span of 30 minutes, then the blog will get pinged 15 times. Repeated pinging will get the WordPress sites banned from ping services.

Use pinging with caution. Either you have to be very sure about the blog content before publishing to avoid edits or use this WordPress plugin.

Ping Plugin

During my research and experience, I have come to realize the Max Blog Press Ping Optimizer plugin is one of the best you need to have to get rid of the flaw.

It is a free plugin (requires one-time registration) and has the following features:

  1. It will not send unnecessary pings while you are updating an existing post.
  2. It will send only one ping about the published post. Future edits are not repeatedly pinged.
  3. Previously, the default WordPress pinging use to send pings even while you were scheduling the blog posts. However, with this plugin, you can schedule without this headache and the posts will be pinged only once, after they are live.


Pinging is no doubt a powerful tool to get your WordPress blog more traffic and fast indexing. Take note of the above flaw and use the plugin to avoid it.

PS: if you come across any ping sites that require manual submission, please do not ping a post more than once within 24 hours.

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