Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Monitor Comments

Few days back, I read about a product on the popular Warrior Forum where you can use the spam comments that we bloggers so generously receive into a money making venture. I don’t know whether that product actually works or not but I thought why not prepare a list of WordPress plugins that will help us in differentiating spam comments from the authentic ones.

WordPress Plugins to Monitor CommentsThis list will be useful for those who want to get rid of spam comments and for those as well who have the knack to make money online from spam comments.

The 7 plugins are the ones I could see were popular, most downloaded and relevant ones. There were others too but not with much of a success rate.

WordPress Plugins to Monitor Comments

We have prepared a list of the top 7 WordPress Plugins to Monitor Comments

Note: Those who are using free WordPress hosting cannot install Plugins. Only paid WordPress sites or your own blogs can install unlimited Plugins.

1. Extra Admin for Comments [Download]

AuthorGraeme Boy
LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – This is a new plug-in that helps you add extra admin people on the WordPress blog. On installation, it will produce a list of the top 10 commentators on various blog posts and show the number of comments each blog has received in the last 7 days, 15 days or the past month. It creates a separate list of comments that haven’t been replied by the admin. You can create multiple logins with this plug-in.

2. After the Deadline [Download]

AuthorOtto 42
LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – This is another new and popular plug-in which is actually a language checker for comments. Many times we receive comments that even though are not spam, end up getting trashed because of grammatical and syntactical errors. You can use this plug-in to proofread comments through their artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology.

Moreover, you can download the software and use it on your browser, on your blog, on your site and with Open Office Writer. The software is available for both personal and commercial use.

3. Verification Code for Comments [Download]


Features – If you want to avoid users from using robots and filling up your comment section with spam comments, use this plug-in to activate an image verification code or a math equation for users. You just need to install this plug-in. You don’t have to edit WP source code.

4. Send Love – Social People Rating Plugin for Bloggers and Publishers [Download]

AuthorSend Love

Features – The Send Love is a unique plugin that scans the blog and identifies famous people from its database containing 2 million names. If your blog is about people who are constantly in the news and gossip columns, use this plugin at all costs. The plugin helps in creating meaningful as well as controversial conversations on the blog. According to the owner of this plugin, users have reported a significant increase in traffic, page views and return visitors with Send Love.

Some of its other significant features are – display of public figure bios, opinions feed, quick polls, social authentication, easy customization, real time analytics, mobile compatibility and can be used with Facebook comments, WordPress, Intense Debate, Echo, Disqus and others.

5. Custom Avatar for Comments [Download]

AuthorN. Kuttler
LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – Through this plug-in you can create and upload custom avatars on the blog. These images will be visible to your visitors who can then choose from among these avatars and use them while commenting on your blog. The same visitor can choose different avatars while commenting. This plugin adds a personal touch to an otherwise boring commenting section.

6. Text Math Anti-Spam for Comment [Download]

LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – Similar to the plugin number 3 above, this one only shows mathematical verification. For instance, the comment user will be asked “how much is nine minus four?” or “how much is ten multiplied by six?’…You can even create images through sentence conversion and customize the color pattern. The code is less than 199 lines long and there is no need to configure anything. However, it will not display complex images. This plugin assures that the commentator on your blog is a human being.

7. oEmbed for Comments [Download]

LinksFAQ & Installation

Features – This plugin is great for very hungry users of social media. This plugin will embed your blog content with other social networking sites. What are all the sites it covers? YouTube,, Hulu, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Flickr, Qik, Viddler, Revision3, Scribd, Photobucket and Now you can comment and embed any link from the above sites. Once the comment is published, the link is converted into the embedded content.

Even though paid WordPress blogs have a default ‘Comments’ section, we cannot tell a spam from an authentic comment. Given the fact that Akismet is also a paid service now, you can make use of the above plugins and optimize your WordPress blog.

If you come across any other plugins that is fit to feature in this list, please let us know. We will update our list.

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