Top 7 Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

You will find loads of texts online that teach us how to create a successful company and create the best products, but nothing beats listening to people who have been there and done that. In this article, you will see videos of interviews mostly where successful founders of Internet companies will talk about their achievements.

Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

1. Aaron Patzer, Founder of

Aaron talks about how he came across the idea for and his journey. If you are a geeky entrepreneur, this will hold appeal for you. Aaron emphasizes on the fact that sometimes it is good to listen to that tiny inner feeling, the special feeling that marketing and sales feeling often have regarding any merchandise. The most important thing is to follow the hunch, like Aaron does.

2. Kevin Rose, Founder of

The number one news media source,, was founded by Kevin and in this video; he talks about how he took from a site with just one member to one million users. Kevin tells entrepreneurs that you cannot predict all the time how a particular service or product will help a person or not. Instead, sometimes you just have to release something and see what the users make of it. It’s what Kevin did with Another important strategy is to involve the users in the growth and expansion of the site.

3. Matt Coffin, Founder of is one of the first online lead generation companies established by Matt Coffin. In this interview, Jason asks Matt about his approach towards arbitrage, venture capital and customer acquisition. He talks about the importance of customer service and how to establish a firm foothold online.

4. Andrew Mason, Founder of

Who would have thought that Andrew would create a successful online business in modern history with the help of an email newsletter? It is true because Andrew, the hilarious entrepreneur, with his unique approach towards experimentation and work, led him to start As is the trend with online businesses these days, Andrew strongly focuses on customer centric innovation. Watch the interview with Charlie Rose to know about his opinion on building customer centric business.

5. David McClure, Founder of

In this 45 minute long interview with Mark Suster, McClure, the founder of talks about his approach towards marketing and venture capitalist network. He focuses on the role of venture capital in the future and how entrepreneurs can start into this industry. He also talks about the importance of startups and its three important features – data, distribution and design.

6. Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us, Authored by Dan Pink

In this interview conducted by John Milewski on Dialogue, we see Dank Pink, the author of Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us, discussing the issue of marketing ourselves to prospective consumers and our motivation behind it. Dan Pink says that everything we do is for receiving certain rewards at the end of the task but what happens when we do not receive the desired results from our work? Watch this video and learn about how the gap between how businesses actually function and what science teaches us that can be remedied.

7. The Social Business Model, by Muhammad Yunus

Running one of the most socially responsible banks in the world, Grameen Bank, Yunus, the economist from Bangladesh, works towards providing small loans to entrepreneurs with no collateral and helps them to become independent. He is also a member of the Foundation’s Board Of Directors in the UN. In this video, he talks about how he created this business model with the intention to make other people independent. He says that 21st century businesses should focus more on developing socially responsible business rather than focus on business profits alone. He questions: “Should we leave everything to the decisions of the profit maximizers, so that their benefit is what decides the world?” What would you say?


There are no fixed rules and regulations to learn in businesses. While some go by a hunch, some come prepared. History shows that those people become successful as entrepreneurs who can think out of the box and bring something new for people.

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