Top 7 ‘About Us’ Pages

Creating an impressive About Us page is not easy and most fail miserably because we do not update this page regularly.

Depending on the nature of the business, an About Us page should incorporate information like the business idea, its mission, core values, history of the company, details of its key members, USP of the business, news and newsletters, investor contact details, legal information, social media profile links, physical contact address, email id and telephone number, customer testimonials, awards and accolades and finally, details of any kind of membership with trade associations and guilds… Whew! This does seem like a lot.

Top About Us Pages Online

Below we have prepared a list of 7 About Us pages that more or less have built this page on the same grounds.

1. Tumblr

Industry – Blogging

Why it is good?

  • Huge fonts and vibrant color scheme.
  • Shows relevant details like total posts, total blogs and posts per day.
  • Displays the profiles of its most active members.
  • Shows its reviews in the press.
  • Gives direct information to contact the owner, John Maloney.
  • Gives a very brief FAQ on what is Tumblr, why should you use Tumblr and its benefits.
  • Lastly, you have details of Tumblr investors.

Plus – Beautiful and attractive designing

Minus – Could be made a little smaller, especially the active member section.

Tumblr About Us Page

2. National Geographic

Industry – Discovery and Invention

Why it is good?

  • Neither too flashy, nor too dull – a perfect mix of content, image and graphical optimization.
  • Since the organization is very old, since 1888, it is not possible to contain 123 years of knowledge and experience in one page so they have split all necessary factors and categories and presented them as separate pages.
  • Excellent display of what they do, how to contact them, how to partner with them, how to plan events with them and lots of other important stuff.
  • Few links on the right-hand side for online shopping.
  • Current info about their ongoing projects on the right-hand sidebar.
  • The footer has their Press Room, Advertise with Us, Terms of Service, Disclaimer and other necessary details.

Plus – Completely up-to-date (relevant) + highly informative.

Minus – Can do away with advertisements, especially on the About Us page.

National Geographic About Us Page

3. Fresh Books

Industry – Bookkeeping

Why it is good?

  • Its tagline – “We wanted something better. So we built it” – it’s very convincing.
  • Very focused, which is visible through the pains they have taken to create our story, team, security measures, advisors and press center.
  • Like Tumblr, they are also using Beta website building; and the use of blue and white colors gives it a very professional, yet refreshing look.
  • Shows their customer data since 2004, along with a tab to try it for ‘free.’
  • Gives you believable reasons for hiring
  • Since the About Us page is divided into various fractions, the screenshot you see above contains links to other About Us contents, along with a Tour guide and Develop details.
  • Near the end, they have contact details and a physical address, including the links to the hosting they use. This strategy is good because the browser has to read all the details given above before they see the contact details, which increases their conversion rate.

Plus – Excellent display of information, especially the company’s USP.

Minus – Should get rid of content highlighting with ‘yellow.’

Fresh Books About Us Page

4. Nike

Industry – Footwear

Why it is good?

  • Their About Us page layout has a very rich and classic feel, which reminds us that it is a century-old trustworthy company.
  • A very brief history, about 10 lines, about how Nike began, followed by a clean image with their Mission text embedded.
  • They have loads of information to share so they have scripted content for different categories like its history, Nike foundation, its diversity, consumer affairs and other details.
  • On the top of the page, the four basic components are given – About, Careers, Responsibility and Investors for quick scalability. There is also a special Search bar for this purpose.
  • The footer contains details of Nike’s affiliate partners, related brand sites and other legal documents like Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Overall, the Nike page is my personal favorite – very concise and at the same time detailed and has a timeless quality about it.

Plus – Gives classic appeal + high brand value.

Minus – Should be optimized to load faster

Nike About Us Page

5. Twitter

Industry – Social Media

Why it is good?

  • A very average looking About Us page, with lots of texts and very less images. There is a lack of designing.
  • Blue seems to be the favorite this season! This page is also a mixture of various “blue” hues.
  • Even though Twitter has mentioned important company details like Resources, Employee Database, Security,Help Center and Contact Us page, it seriously lacks appeal.
  • There is no emphasis on important details. The content is like a meaningless relay of information which I, as a consumer and social media marketer, is not at all interested to read.

Plus – Simple layout

Minus – Poor designing, poor optimization, poor content focus and well, it was very unexpected!

Twitter About Us Page

6. Alex Arts

Industry – Graphic Designing

Why it is good?

This guy from Russia is an amazing designer. See the screenshot.

  • Pictures tell a thousands words; this is the truth. The designer makes use of no more than 50 words but we know who he is, what he does, how to contact him, and seeing his graphic skills on his website, I wouldn’t think twice before hiring him!
  • Uses pop-up forms when you click on any “balloon” – Portfolio, Profile, Blog, Contact.
  • Simply stunning illustrations.
  • See the footer; it contains Creative Commons License details, the year of beginning and OS the website is built on.
  • You even have a small Awards section on the left-hand corner below, which shows the guy is not too boastful.
  • Absolutely loved the way of presenting Tweets.

Plus – Amazing illustrations and customization.

Minus – None

Alex Arts About Us Page

7. Mail Chimp

Industry – Online Marketing

Why it is good?

  • Its logo is awesome. Even though it is just a cartoon of a chimp, it shows what the company is all about, an email newsletter development company. Again, picture says more than words.
  • The About Us content is very crisp.
  • You can easily scale other info like company background, commitment towards excellence, testimonials and others.
  • You also have the legal info in the footer.
  • Its color co-ordination takes our roving eyes and focuses on “Sign Up Free” button on the top of the page.

Plus – Very simple yet effective.

Minus – The text fonts are very light; they should bold it or use another text color.

Mail Chimp About Us Page

Except for Twitter, which was a big disappointment according to me, the others were excellent. “Why did you include Twitter then?” you might ask. I just wanted to show how your About Us page should not look like. OK?

As is the focus of Income Insiders, please concentrate on the little things while creating a brand online. Never ignore the About Us section for it is a major way a prospective customer will decide your ‘worth.’

Share with us your About Us pages below.

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