Top 20 Blogs of the World

A blog is not only for sharing family news or a way to share thoughts; it now approaches business and shares everyday information to the world.

Top 20 BlogsWhile creating any blog with the purpose of sharing information, a blogger needs to have expertise and passion in creating blogs which has enough potential, both content-wise and technically, to stand apart in a huge battle of blogs seen today.

There are only a handful of blogs today which rank at the top in search engine results. These handfuls of sites are the ones where readers rush to… first thing in the morning.

Before I write my list of the top 20 blogs of the world, I tried to find some certain essential tips to situate your blog in the top 20 blog’s list.

  • Blog content is the primary part of the article and therefore, it should be informative enough according to certain selected and relevant keywords.
  • The blog presentation should not bore the reader. The blog title and blog content should be best fitted to each other.
  • Sufficient information in a limited word count is good enough to generate good rankings for the blog. You don’t need to write a lengthy thesis, unless required by the topic, to rank the content higher in search engines.
  • Readers always wander to the best informative blog according to their keyword searches. Giving your readers keyword-centric content without compromising the original intent of the blog impresses readers a lot.

Now, let’s find out which blogs have achieved the top on the Internet.

Top 20 blogs of the world chosen by online readers

TechCrunch []

It was launched in 2005. Initially it was only a blog about the dotcom start-ups in Silicon Valley, but with the tremendous response the blog started receiving from visitors, it has become the most visited and influential blog on the Internet.  The blog was based on the technology updates of 2005. Readers have highly appreciated this effort and today TechCrunch has acquired its domain and converted into a website which provides its readers the latest technology updates.

TechCrunch was written by Michael Arrington. The blog now holds the top rank in technology-related search engine queries and Arrington is now in the list of the 25 most influential people on the web.

Gawker []

Nick Denton launched Gawker in 2002 and is a New York based blog of ‘snarky’ commentary about media. Earlier, its fascination was on the gossips about Anna Wintour who was a Vogue editor. But this set a tone for amassing huge readership of movers and shakers on the Upper East Side. Within months, Gawker got more than 500,000 views per month. Today, this blog is considered among the top blogs of the world.

Treehugger []

Treehugger has attracted 1.7 million web users in the first month. It is a consumer blog with the mission to bring sustainable lifestyle to the masses. It is at the 3rd position in the world’s top blogs. Today, it has various staff and a team of 43 writers from various backgrounds. These bloggers generate 40 new posts everyday in more than 8 categories, ranging from travel and fashion to science and technology. In the beginning, this blog was created as a MBA assignment in the year 2007, but with the successful outcome in a short period of time, it is now earning huge income from its sponsorship.

Beppe Grillo []

Beppe Grillo is at the 4th position in the most visited blog category. The blog title is defined on the name of its writer, Mr. Beppe Grillo, the famous Italian comedian as well as a political commentator. He was infuriated by financial scandals and corruption plaguing his nation, which acted as a motivational factor to start his own blog as a means to educate the masses.

This blog requests users to declare independence and to help people of Germany in fighting corruption. The main motto of Grillo is to put an end to sycophancy and bring in a government through innovative initiative that will actively engage itself in developing Germany.

Students for a free Tibet (SFT) []

This blog is dedicated to protest online on the platform provided through Student for Free Tibetor SFT. It was globally acclaimed by student networks from various universities which helped the participants to actively campaign for a free Tibet.  Most of the students in Tibet got arrested for posting on this website and after they were released, they blogged about their experience of living in exile. These experiences, read by millions, helped the movement to gather momentum. This blog nowadays gets more than 100,000 hits in one month.

Holy Moly []

This UK blog has attracted 752,000 visitors last month by its innovative and creative blogs on celeb gossip. Holy Moly is an established resource for news readers and is popularly known for its daily famous slot ‘News from the Molehill.’

Go Fug Yourself []

Fug is the contradiction of ‘ugly,’ but these three words practically helped in growing the entire fugging industry. On this blog, celebrity styles or elegance are written about, and it is made sure that the bloggers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan “fugged” the celebs fashion styles.

The Offside []

The Offside was written by Bob after getting a tremendous response from his World Cup Blog in 2006. This blog covers every action from the football world and explores it globally. It gathers news and videos of every national and international football tournament and promotes various match reports and highlights to the world. The Offside is considered as the best soccer review blog of the world and the most relevant in the services it is offering.

WoWinsider []

WoWinsider is the blog about the most popular multiplayer game on the Internet ‘the World of Warcraft.’ This blog covers more than 10 million paid subscriptions and provides information about how to control avatar in the game. It also explores information regarding facing the monsters, building skills and performing quests. The best part of this blog is that it also reports about outside rumors and developments.

AfterEllen []

AfterEllen performed an irreverent look on media representation for lesbian communities. It was introduced by the lesbian pop-culture leader Sarah Warn in 2002. The name of the blog ‘AfterEllen’ gives a nod to the most groundbreaking moment of Ellen DeGeneres when she came out on her famous TV show, Ellen in 1997. After this, bisexual and lesbian women started moving from margins on primetime TV shows. The blog analyzes every aspect of their life and shows how they are actually portrayed. Today, the blog is the most viewed website for the lesbian community and is highly appreciated worldwide.

Petite Anglaise []

The popular book on British shelves, ‘In Paris, in love, in trouble’ has been beautifully described on the Internet by Catherine Sanderson in her blog Petite Anglaise in 2004.

This blog was highly appreciated worldwide and especially by those people who followed her way of life in Paris. It was a blog about the writer’s life and her strained relationship with her love. The blog covers plenty of drama in a year of relationship which had broken up and also about the time when she got a new partner who wooed her on the web.

Chez Pim []

Chez Pim is attracting millions of people everyday. The blogger, Pim Techamuanvivit has tested and tried a lot of food from restaurants to street food zones and taken their samples. In this blog, she posted her thoughts and food images and shared them with the world. In her blog, she provides various recipe suggestions, various cooking equipments and others to add more taste to the food. The blog is greatly loved by the people. Pim is not only famous on the web; she also enjoys global coverage in media through her recipes and interviews in the New York Times.

Basic Thinking []

The blog has been rated as the 12th most popular blog in the world. It is presented with the tag line ‘Mein Haus, Mein Himmel, Mein Blog’, written by Robert Basic from Germany which means ‘a blog, which no one has blogged before.’ Basic Thinking provides information regarding technology odds and ends. All the latest technology updates and their pros and cons are available on this blog. The author has a team of 12 people to cover every news and happenings in the world of technology. Basic Thinking has tied up with top technology based companies of the world to syndicate its content. All these companies provide happenings about their companies to publish on the blog.

Engadget []

This blog provides all the latest news, rumors and updates on all kinds of gadgets available. It is the most viewed and popular blog on electronics and gadget items. People can find images of their favorite gadgets and can see their reviews on this blog. Engadget was written by Peter Rojas and it was awarded the best Web Blog in 2005. The blog is now authorized by Weblogs Inc. and attached with numerous sites and RSS feeds. It publishes in almost all popular languages like Spanish, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Jezebel []

As compared to all other best blogs of the world, Jezebel is the newest. The blog aimed to become the most viewed women’s magazine and it succeeded very quickly. The regular views on the blog worldwide have given it a huge amount of traffic and fantastic feedbacks from the viewers. Today, Jezebel offers the best female oriented writing on the Internet.

Gaping Void []

Hugh MacLeod, while working as an adman in a small company, had started doodling acerbic and surreal cartoons on the back of business cards. Afterwards, he started this practice on the Internet by creating a blog ‘Gapping Void.’ Luckily, he got fabulous response from the people across the globe and this blog enjoys the 16th position in the list of world’s famous blogs.

Jonny B’s Private Secret Diary []

The 17th most popular blog of the world is ‘Jonny B’s private secret diary.’ It was launched in 2003 to catalogue the rocks and bowls lifestyle of the men living in the depths of the rural Norfolk. This blog describes the tales of scary nights at village pubs and fortunes of local bowls team. Its fan page on Facebook has attracted a loyal band of readers…

Chocolate and Zucchini []

The author Clothilde Dusoulier, when asked about the fact behind her blog name ‘Chocolate and Zucchini,’ beautifully described that ‘the zucchini illustrates my focus on healthy and natural eating… and the chocolate represents my decidedly marked taste for anything sweet.’ This is a cooking blog which was appreciated worldwide and soon became a full-time career for the author. This blog is a mixture of views on gastronomic Paris, bilingual writing and a conversational description which pulls in thousands of readers everyday. With its success, the author wrote various books and blogs to establish a dream career as a food writer.

Crooked Timber []

This blog is a combination of political and academic writing which evolved its way into a huge discussion forum, after its conception in 2003. It has the combination of various intellectual blogs and has 16 members across Europe,Australia and the US. The blog and its associated website built themselves as an intellectual powerhouse on the web.

Dirtydirty Dancing []

Dirtydirty dancing is not an informative blog nor any story based blog, but still the blog received 900,000 hits in its first month. Why? Actually, this blog has some pictures and relates a few funny incidents which happened on the author’s birthday party. After this initial start, the blog now helps various youngsters to celebrate their birthdays with such kind of fun. Most of the ideas to enjoy at the birthday party have been written on the blog. The blog is a huge hit with pre-teens and teenagers.

These are the world’s most popular blogs. Generally, people prefer them just because they love to spend a good amount of time on the Internet by reading new and exciting information. However, to achieve top rank, it is not necessary that the blog should be only informative; it should be capable to hold the reader’s attention.

Another thing is that if you write blogs without any expectation, they are preferred the most. If you only think about earning money from blogs, you may not be able to succeed. The essence lies in your passion to write and share exclusive information with the world. A user should find your blog exciting and unique. The more people like it, the more it will spread.

If you really wish to get numerous hits on your blog, you should be able to provide information in your blogs which the reader wants. Only this factor can help you in making top rated blogs and maybe your name and blog will be added to this million dollar blogs list!

What is your favorite blog? Let us know…

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