Top 15 Web Hosting Platforms

Operating Systems: It is the operating system of a computer that establishes the coordination between hardware and software. In order to make optimum use of your resources you need to have an operating system. Operating system works as a medium, between computer hardware and user.

Top Web HostingInstructions given by the user in order to fulfill the desired purpose are handled and explained to hardware resources by the operating system.

Now for home usage the most commonly used hosting programs are Windows offered by Microsoft.

Web Hosting Platform: Web hosting programs require different types of operating systems different than those for normal usage. The purpose of general windows operating system is to perform normal user tasks but unlike these, a web hosting platform is required to host a website; therefore, special web hosting systems are used.

In order to choose the best web hosting platform, you need to have a general awareness towards the technologies used with the web hosting programs.

Normally web hosting platforms not only need an operating system but also web server software is also required in order to render the pages of different websites active. IIS or internet information services and Apache for all platforms are the most popularly used web server software.

Top 15 Web Hosting Platforms:

Following is the list of the top web hosting platforms today commonly used all over the globe for hosting websites…

1) Hostgator (

It is one of the better web hosting platforms that can be accessed at the monthly cost of 4.95$. Offering unlimited data space with any number of emails and no limit over bandwidth, it also offers features like reseller hosting, unlimited domains, CPanel and WHM manager with unlimited MySQL. It has been in service for international customers for the past 9 years. It has an amazing script installer. It has been ranked among one of the best web hosting programs.

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2) Blue Host (

Though it’s not free, there is a small general monthly fee of 6.95$ but you can enjoy it with the offered cost of 3.95$ and get unlimited benefits. It has been rated as the world’s tenth best and one of the most rapidly growing web hosting platform. It is the best PHP host with its newer version. It is a responsible host and the support staff with Blue Host is quick. It provides you access to SSH and regular and fast access to your account. It offers you unlimited space, emails and bandwidth.

3) Host Monster (

It is another popular web hosting program with a monthly cost of 7.95$ but can be available at the special rate of 3.95$. It also offers unlimited emails, bandwidth and space. It has been in the competition since 2005 and it is a widely used web hosting platform globally. It offers unlimited website hosting features, PHP hosting of websites, features like spam protection and runs extremely faster with CGI. It also offers refunds anytime and allows SSH access. It has average hold time of little less than 2 minutes.

4) Network Solution (

It is another top web hosting platform offering some excellent features. It is an old dog in the webhosting industry; it has been here since 1979. It charges $3.99 monthly to use all the features. Just like other Web hosting services you are offered unlimited space with emails and bandwidth. It offers domain name registration and has real people employed for solving customer problems rather than a virtual automated staff. It serves a wide range of organizations from large to a smaller scale. It offers its users hosting of 3 domains, greater plans and services for bigger traffic on the website, business services like SSL and merchant.

5) IX Web Hosting (

It is a comparatively older web hosting platform. It has been in the business since 1999. The cost of using IX Web Hosting is $3.95 at offered rate and $6.95 normally. Unlike other web hosting platforms it does not offer unlimited emails and has a limit of 3GB space. Though it offers unlimited space for other features and also unlimited bandwidth. With this webhosting platform, you can host unlimited websites. It also provides a 7 days free trial. It is equipped with newest PHP and MySQL. There are add-on services also available with this. You are also given an option to upgrade to a higher plan.

6) JustHost (

JustHost has been around since 2002 offering various special features of web hosting. It allows the users unlimited space, bandwidth and email. It offers a three year plan but the monthly fee is 4.95. It has features like unlimited website hosting and you can have a free domain forever with JustHost. It has PHP5 web hosting and also offers toll free customer support. Speed of 400GB per second is tremendously great. You are given $50 free ad credits for your website. It also offers anytime cancellation and refunds.

7) GreenGeeks (

It is comparatively a newer giant in the industry of web hosting but has become popular due to the feature it offers to the customers. It has been offering web hosting services from 2004 and the services provided by GreenGeeks are at the monthly cost of 4.95. With GreenGeeks you can host unlimited websites. You are given unlimited space, bandwidth and email space. Latest CPanel, MySQL and PHP are available with GreenGeeks.

8) SiteCloud (

Starting last year, SiteCloud has made its place among the top 15 web hosting platforms. Costing just 5.95 per month, you are offered some top class features with SiteCloud. It offers unlimited GB space for users and unlimited bandwidth with unlimited email space. It is the first web hosting service provider with load balanced. One will never get suspended. Hosting of unlimited websites is offered with SiteCloud.

9) EasyCGI (

EasyCGI cost you 7.95 per month. It doesn’t offer unlimited email space and bandwidth. MySQL, latest PHP and data centers are offered at 4 sources. It also offers in-house support and outsourcing is not what you will find with Easy CGI. It also offers free ad credits for premium users.

10) HostUpon (

HostUpon was started from 2001 and has been constantly providing web hosting services. It offers very affordable rates and services are most convenient. It offers 30 days money back guarantee to the users. SSH access, faster PHP, CGI and unlimited space, bandwidth and unlimited emails are some of the key features of HostUpon.

11) HostClear (

It has been constantly providing excellent web hosting services for the last couple of years. The cost you will have to bear with HostClear is 19.95 per month. It offers you unlimited space. Bandwidth offered is also unlimited with HostClear. It provides a money back guarantee to its users and also offers reseller support.

12) InMotion (

It is an award winning webhosting provider and has been in the industry for quite some time. With ever increasing number of people using the Internet, reliable web hosting platforms are required more and more every day. Therefore, it creates the need of a better web hosting websites. It requires a monthly payment for using InMotion Hosting.  It uses CPA commission and offers tracking of software. It also offers faster PHP with unlimited space and emails with bandwidth.

13) SuperGreen Hosting (

One of the best features of a web hosting platform should be no restriction over the space and SuperGreen Hosting Offers unlimited space, bandwidth and emails. It charges 19.95 per month. Just like other web hosting platforms, you are offered a money back guarantee. You will discover ease of use with SuperGreen Hosting because of the features it offers. Greener servers consume lesser power in comparison to other general web hosting servers which makes the use of SuperGreen Hosting extremely convenient to use. Plans offered by SuperGreen are one of the biggest today. All the superb features offered by SuperGreen can be enjoyed at a very affordable current rate on offer, that is, 3.95 monthly.

14) IPage (

IPage has been awarded as one of the top 15 web hosting platforms in the year 2010. Services offered by IPage are very affordable since one only has to pay 3.95 per month in order to enjoy the benefits of many great services and features. You can enjoy unlimited space with IPage. Transfer rate is superb, and emails and bandwidth is also unlimited when you are using IPage. It offers Green Hosting. You can use the Drag and Drop function of site builder to create fabulous websites.

15) FatCow (

FatCow has also been among the top 15 web hosting platforms in recent times. With FatCow, you are offered some great features. It runs on faster PHP and the transfer rate is excellent. You are given unlimited space in order to make the best use. Bandwidth and emails are also unlimited with FatCow. You will be charged 4.67 per month in order to use the benefits of using FatCow services. It offers 100% wind power and there are various online store building tools.

Selection of the Best Operating System for Web Hosting:

There are various operating systems used for webhosting like Windows, UNIX and Linux. They all have their pros and cons. With Windows, you will enjoy easier management of server. Windows operation system is used because of its easy to use environment.

Click and Point and extremely user friendly graphic user interface (GUI) makes it the first choice. Though there are definite advantages of using Windows but one of the bigger cons is its expense in comparison to other OS. It ultimately increases the cost of web hosting.

Another problem is that portability with Windows is extremely difficult. If you are looking for an operating system for your web hosting platform which is easy to port and switch in other OS then you should not consider Windows.

Other disadvantages with Windows are the security risks that is normally not a big problem with other operating systems available.

If you are looking for an operating system for web hosting server, you must have a look at what UNIX offers you. It is considered as the father of all current operating systems. It is one of the most reliable operating systems available today. It supports the hardware offered by IBM and Sun Microsystems. Thus with the UNIX system, you can work with a tremendously longer period in comparison to others especially windows OS and that too without any memory or security leak.

However, with UNIX too its expensiveness is the biggest problem. Maintenance and configuring UNIX is also highly complicated… thus it requires experts.

You may also consider Linux operating system for web hosting since it does not have a higher cost as that of Windows and UNIX. It offers you great reliability and performance has been constantly greater. But the disadvantage one has with Linux is that it’s too complicated to configure and maintain.

The mentioned website hosting platforms are those which are popular today. Though there are some other well known web hosting platforms available, they are now not used frequently.

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