Top 15 Bloggers in the World

Calling ourselves the best bloggers of the world is not enough. Although, being awarded as the top blogger of the world is what most of the bloggers’ wish, but being a top blogger means taking on a lot of responsibilities.

Top BloggersIt includes providing relevant and informative blog content, holding your readers loyalty for a long time, getting excellent feedback from readers, building a huge visitor network and adopting the most powerful blog marketing strategies. Consequently, the majority of bloggers could not become the top bloggers of the world.

Generally, blogging is a great hobby for those people who love to explore their thoughts, ideas, information and experience and share it with the world. And when the blogs are visited by millions of readers and achieve top ranking in the search engine results, they provide huge earnings for respective bloggers and some of the blogs are sold for millions.

After collecting some useful information regarding ‘how to become a successful blogger?’ and various aspects which bloggers need to consider, I believe that successful blogging depends on the following contributions:

1. Blog Setup (20%) – It includes blog formatting, maintenance and updates

2. Blog Content (30%) – It refers to the researched content and relevancy of information

3. Blog Promotion (50%) – Applying suitable blog marketing and social promotional strategies

All these aspects are good enough to become a successful blogger.

Following are the list of people who have properly made use of many successful blogging strategies and acquired the topmost place in the list of best bloggers of the world:

Top Bloggers in the World

1. Michael Arrington

Arrington began his success story by working as an associate lawyer of O’Melveny. Afterwards, working in the technology field, he enforced his experience and hobby of writing on the Internet.

He is the publisher of the famous blog ‘Tech Crunch’. According to Wikipedia, Tech Crunch is worth millions of dollars if Arrington chooses to sell it and Alexa Ranks his ‘Tech Crunch’ at 355. Initially Arrington was obsessed by ‘silicon valley startups.’ He used various advertising processes to provide good ranking to his blog. With banner ads and text advertising, Tech Crunch has become the top earning blog of the world. Nowadays, he has a team of 45 bloggers, exploring and publishing huge information about technology.

2. Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore in 2005 introduced the blog named ‘Mashable.’ Today, this author empowers a team of 30 members. His blog is read by more than 10 million readers every month and considered as the most profitable blog on the Internet. Mashable is a well-known example of potential earnings via blogging. Today, this blog is followed by 2.4 million fans on Twitter and 249,000 fans from Facebook.

His blog covers all social media happenings. After 6 years of launching Mashable, its Alexa rank is 278.  The blog is well centered on the social media and Cashmore is known as the biggest geek of the world.

3. Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira’s first blog was ‘Perez Hilton’ which was introduced just after Cashmore’s blog ‘Mashable’ in 2005. Today, the blog catches 1.2 Million visitors every month across the globe and earn approx $20,000 per month, according to Wikipedia. Perez Hilton is a collection of Celebrity Gossip and enhances its earning by juicy gossips amongst celebrities.

Mario believes that writing blogs is quite easy as compared to his past dream of becoming a Hollywood actor. He, therefore, founded his new talent of riling up gossips and various controversies in Hollywood and publishing them on his blog. Today, he counts in the top bloggers of the world. Every day he posts around 25 to 30 blogs and gets various featured events and talk shows.

4. Timothy Sykes

Earlier, Sykes had to suffer huge losses in his businesses and these happenings frustrated him a lot. But, today, he is a financial writer in AQL Finance which got him featured on various business News channels. Also, he starred in popular TV show, “Wall Street Warriors”.

What were these sudden changes? How he achieved huge success after his unexpected business losses? All these queries can be solved with single name, ‘Blogging’. Yes it is!

Blogging is the most efficient way of earning for most of people. Sykes entered into blogging and wrote his first blog ‘Timothy Sykes’, which was based on his business failure and the lessons he learned from his business losses.

With the successful response of his blogging efforts, Sykes earns most of his revenues through small advertisement investments. Tim Sykes has written more than 2300 blogs till date and provided various stock tips for generating money from stock exchange.

5. Collis Taeed

Collis Taeed’s first blog was launched in 2006 with the name ‘Freelance Switch’; today he is the owner of Tuts Plus Corporation. His blogs cover tutorials and tools on designing. He was a German web designer and turned to blogging to teach people about web designing online.

His web tutorials are globally appreciated. Collis is one of the top earners via blogging; his blog covers huge traffic. His team undertakes various national and international projects related to web designing and tutorials.

6. Jake Dobkin

Calculating the monthly revenue earned from blogging, Jack Doblin, with the monthly compensation of $110,000 is at 6th position in the list of top earners and bloggers of the world. His blogs covers 4 million page views per month. He mostly covers NY life and events in his writing at Gothamist. That’s why more than 80% of visitors belong to New York. This integration provides a great enhancement in his earnings.

7. Matt Marshall

He is the owner of Venture Beat and earns thousands of dollars per month from blogging. Marshal started his blogging career in 2005 by highlighting facts and information about Venture Capital and startups.

Marshal was a journalist before he started blogging. Later on, he tried his luck in online journalism and successfully achieved a place in the list of top bloggers of the world.

8. Gina Trapani

No doubt, Gina Trapani earns more than Matt Marshal, but Marshal has more visitors on his blogs as compared to Gina’s blog ‘Life Hacker’. This blog is all about software tips and downloads. The main source of earning for Gina is through blogging and is known as the best tech writer on the web.

9. Tucker Max

Tucker Max blog is the result of quite interesting incident. His blog is related to his drunken exploits, which is beautifully described via blogging. Consequently, the blog is attracting millions of internet users every day who are interested in reading some unique incidents and interesting exploits. Also people love his writing style.

It is just because of Tuckers blog that the author published his first “highly entertaining and thoroughly reprehensible” book with The New York Times.  Due to this, the blogger has earned millions of dollars and was acclaimed as the best seller for weeks. Nowadays, he is busy in writing his upcoming book, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”.

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

He was the co-owner of a wine shop in New Jersey. Gary Vaynerchuk started to post some video blogs related to wines and started an online wine resource. Today, he has converted his efforts into a million dollar business and also established a personal brand.

11. Josh Marshall

Marshall started blogging via ‘Talking Points Memo’ blog in 2000 at the time of Florida election recount. He was a politics lover and started sharing his thoughts and experiences on the web. He was quite inspired by Mickey Kaus, who was also a political blogger at that time.

Josh Marshal also played an important role in exposing the scandal on dismissal of the US Attorney who was politically motivated by administration of George Bush.  Thus, the blog ‘Talking Points Memo’ covered huge traffic and even today, it has millions of visitors and fans. Nowadays, Josh has become a popular columnist in ‘The Hill’, a Washington DC newspaper.

12. Darren Rowse

As a hobby, Darren Rowse started writing blogs online. After one year, he tried his efforts in affiliate and advertising programs on and earned huge money quickly. Afterwards, he started professional blogging on ‘Making money from blogging’ in his blogs.

All these efforts provided him huge success and fame. He was also awarded ‘the Best Web Development Weblog blog award in 2006’ for ProBlogger. Today, Darren is the co-author of ‘ProBlogger’ and he also founded a blog ‘’ based on Twitter Tips.

13. Jeremy Schoemaker

Shoemoney was the first blog of Jeremy Schoemaker when he was not financially strong to establish any business setup. He began blogging on some e-commerce sites to earn some money; later on, he started and sold it for millions of dollars.

Fortunately, he was considered as the most impressive blogger of online advertising ever. Today, he continues to launch his adventures on his blog site, which provides him huge fame, handsome earning and a successful placement in the list of top bloggers of the world.

14. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is the author of famous blog ‘4 Hour Work Week’. He is a neuroscience graduate who provided innovative options and effective advice on how to approach situations in many ways. He is a blogger who gets huge traffic on his Web Pages and is a well-known personality in the blogging world.

15. Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin always tries to provide some new and conservative viewpoints in her blogs. She is not only a commentator on FOX News Channel, but also a regular guest host of O’Reilly Factor, which itself is a most popular IT books publisher in the world. Malkin earned huge income from her blogging and provided various blogs on public speaking.

To conclude, blogging has been a great platform to earn huge money by sitting at one place. Blogging has also become the door to success for various bloggers. Today, blogging is not just a money making machine, most of the people try to attain fame as well as success in the writing industry via blogs and articles. All these top blogs and bloggers are not only the top earners via blogging; they are also achieving lot of fame and success in writing industry.

While collecting resources for the ‘top bloggers list of the world’, one more interesting fact is noticed. You will surely be amazed to know that most of the bloggers from this list are not only top earners, they are also entrepreneurs. This helped them in getting exactly what fame and success they expected from their blogging.

What other blogger would you add to the list?

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