Top 10 Ways to Create an Attractive Blog for Visitors and Advertisers

Blogging brings money, provided you do it the right way. Apart from sharing your opinion on matters that interest you, you can use the blog to earn advertising revenues, and not just from Google either.

Attractive BlogAdvertisers these days look for blogs that have a steady traffic flow – has a purpose to serve the readers and has great, unique content. However, sometimes it so happens that when a blog meets the above criterions, it fails to attract good advertisers.

How To Make Blog Attractive

Below are the Top 10 much needed tips to make your blog stand out from others and attract advertisers.

1. Use a Customized Theme – Move over free WordPress and Blogger themes. A customized theme lends your blog a unique look. You are the sole user of that theme and can modify it whenever you want. This uniqueness attracts advertisers and visitors alike.

Woo Themes and Elegant Themes are some of the best places to buy customized themes. Or you can outsource the task in any of the freelancing sites like,, to prepare a customized theme exclusively for your use only.

2. Your Blog Should Never Look Cluttered – Unnecessary design elements and audios make a blog look cluttered. Moreover, placing a large number of links on the Home Page especially ruins the first impression. How can an advertiser expect viewers to click on ads if the blog pages are so cluttered?

Less is definitely more in this case. Links should be given only in those places where it is absolutely necessary. Minimize the use of graphic images and videos. You should never make your blog too heavy because the average focus time of viewers is but a few seconds. Viewers will move on to other blogs if yours is loading too slowly.

3. Your Blog Should Not Look Like The Yellow Pages – Never oversell your blog. Would you like to visit a blog that is literally covered in advertisements in every nook and corner, and with unrelated ads? No!

Same goes for you as well. Stick to your theme while choosing display ads. If you have a blog for mommies-to-be, your advertisements cannot be about web design and development. Unrelated adverts are a major turn-off; it keeps both advertisers and readers at a distance.

Moreover, you give the impression that you are just a money making website.

4. Google Adsense May NOT Be Suitable for Your Blog – Bloggers generally harbors the wrong impression that Google AdSense is the only way to earn money from advertising online.

Most people are accustomed to AdSense and sadly, most spammers use AdSense to further their business.

If your intention is to earn from a variety of advertisers, don’t fill your blog with AdSense; it leaves a bad impression on AdSense competitors. Go for a more balanced approach.

Follow a 35-65 formula: 35% for AdSense and the rest for other advertisers.

5. Advertisers Want Fresh Content – Advertisers will never contact or show interest for idle blogs. Blogs that publish content daily, 3x’s a week or even weekly are preferred by advertisers, which also helps to pull in more traffic through SEO.

Of course, the content should be related to the main theme of your blog. When you begin to get good readership, schedule a publishing time for readers to know when to expect new posts.

If your blog has great content, chances are that you don’t even have to search for advertisers because they are always on the lookout for blogs that perform well.

6. Give Advertisers Your Web Stats Upfront – Advertisers don’t have the time to email and request your blog stat details. So what do you do? You give these details in advance and on the Advertisers Page.

Google PR, Alexa Rank, Demographics and Visitors Volume should be included in the Web Stats. Let advertisers know the number of unique visitors you receive and the number of impressions on monthly basis.

The idea is to keep your blog transparent; otherwise it will create distrust.

7. Invite Guest Bloggers – While it is appealing to maintain your blog as a one-man show, it is equally important to maintain the impression that your blog is part of a community, because perception is everything for advertisement.

Create a separate write for us page on your blog inviting guest bloggers. Publish guest posts as much as you want. I have seen various sites that thrive just on guest posts and less on the owner’s point of view.

This involvement with other members of the same community shows advertisers that you are involved and are aware of what is happening around you.

Of course, it also means advertisers can reach a wider audience.

8. Be Socially Active – Blog advertisers look for online presence on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and others. Advertisers are more likely to associate themselves with a blog that has wide social presence than otherwise.

Again, your Alexa Rank, Technorati Rank, RSS Feed membership concretes your social media affiliations, making advertisers happy.

9. About Us – Often I have seen blogs with very formal About Us sections. By formal I mean that the section talks about the “blog” and how it will help the readers. But the vital part they’re missing is talking about the owner.

The About Us section should be about the blogger. Who is this person? What does this person do? How does this person live? What motivated this person to blog?

Such details help the blogger to connect with the audience, and advertisers are always looking for such an intimate connection.

Still wondering how to write About Us page? Check our About Us page.

10. Make the Blog Visually Appealing – A generous dose of images, videos and creative designing helps to make a blog visually appealing.

You can experiment with fonts, colors, images, icon ads, layouts, RSS feeds, polls and contests regularly.

Bonus Tip:

11. Create a Separate Advertisement Contact Page – Rarely blogs do this but it’s very helpful. Create a contact page exclusively for advertisers. It definitely impresses the advertiser and shows you are serious about it!

We are interested in knowing the ways you make your blog advertisement-friendly. Do drop us a line…

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