Top 10 Tips to Create and Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Around three weeks back, Google+ released its Google+ Business Page allowing any kind of businesses to develop, optimize, and promote a business on Google.

Top 10 Tips to Create and Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Top 10 Google+ Business Page Tips

If you are still unaware or still trying to figure out how to optimize your Google+ Business Page, please go through the 10 tips below;

1. Create a separate business account

Google+ Shows can show both the Personal and Business page on one platform through a drop-down menu. But I would suggest creating a separate business Gmail account and create the Google+ Business Page through this. Moreover, if you are running an organization with more than 3 people involved, it is important to have a separate account and ask all your team members to join.

2. Don’t forget the Circles

Google+ Circles are amazing. I think it is the best way to segment your contacts. On the Business Page, you have some default Circles like VIP, Acquaintances, Clients and others. Make sure to optimize this very clearly. Divide all your contacts into Circles and choose what content to share with whom. For instance, if you have a new offer for existing clients, endorse it on the ‘Client’ Circle. With Circles, you can control what you are sharing and whom you are sharing it with.

3. Choose the tag line carefully

The Google+ Business Page primarily consists of the Business name, logo, and tag line. The name and logo you might already have but what about the tag line? It’s through the tag line that prospective clients and associates will come into first contact with your business. Therefore, the tag line should be unique, original, creative, impactful and meaningful and portray the gist of your business.

4. Don’t let the page remain inactive

Google+ is just beginning and we have just begun to realize its importance. So those who are starting with their Business Pages now will certainly have an advantage over those who will start, let’s say, a year from now. So grab this advantage and keep the Business page active. How do you do that? Post your blog links, give information about the company, upload images, upload YouTube videos, Tweet articles, comment on other people’s +1 and talk about skills.

The above four tips will get your Google+ Business Page ready. What next?

How do you endorse and promote the page? Read the tips below.

5. Google+ in Email signature

Email marketing is a powerful tool; therefore, add the logo or link of all the social networking accounts in your Email signature, including the Google+ symbol. This is an important step because you cannot view others pages and neither anyone can view yours unless you or they are in each others Circles. Email signature promotion will help in this, especially for those who have a huge contact list.

6. Modify the “About’ tab.

The About tab content should neither be too long or short. It should display the juice of the business. Mention what the business is about, list products and services, and the main contact numbers. Moreover, list the About page link on the recommended page section of the Business or Personal Google+ page.

7. Create Hangouts

Like the Circles, the Hangouts are one of the best unique features of the Google+ Business page. Create hangouts to connect with customers and business associates. You can engage in one-on-one conversations, chat on webcam and start group discussion sessions. I think the Hangouts feature will take customer service to the next level. Just imagine, if consumers can contact you directly through Hangouts for clarifications, issues and queries, it will be a very big force for the business.

8. Add Google+ Buttons

No matter how many websites and blogs you have, add the G+ button on each and every one of them. Motivate / encourage people to add you in their Circles.

9. Embed Google+ link in Images and Videos

If you are an expert in web designing, you can do the embedding thing quite easily. Since video marketing is a trend these days, you can embed the Google+ Business Page link with every video you share publicly. It is a good source to gain more traffic as well as come into contact with potential consumers.

10. Install Google+ Direct Connect code

This code will help users to find your Google+ Business page easily. For this they should know the company name and add ‘+’ before the name. For example, if you are looking for our blog’s Business page, you would type +IncomeInsiders. Now, to make this feature available, you need to install the Google+ Direct Connect code. Please access the procedure here.

Bonus Tips:

11. Optimize keywords

Please use very specific and targeted keywords on your Google+ Business About page because it is on the basis of this page that search results will depend upon. And if you link this space with the company website and blog, it will be better…since the search results will be enhanced.

12. Please don’t engage in spamming

Over-posting a particular link or sharing a link lots of times will be classified as a spamming activity by Google even though it is not. Promote whatever product or service you want to, just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your page will be banned and deactivated.

If you run an online business in digital marketing, freelancing or any other skill-based work, Google+ Business page is the best for you. Since it is still in its development stage, I would suggest you to sign up now so that you too can move forward with its progress.

Do you think Google+ Business has potential? Share with us below.

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