Top 10 Successful Entrepreneur Stories

There are several young people who are in search of the secrets behind great successful entrepreneurs. They want to follow the footsteps of those people who are shining in the industries with millions of dollars as their bank balance.

Successful Entrepreneur StoriesSome of them are inspired by their own father and continue with their father’s business. Mukesh Ambani is one such successful business man. It is great to join the family business and there have been plenty of such successful business stories.

Bill Gates is the person who comes to a person’s mind who wants to take up the career as an entrepreneur and wants to be successful and rich like him.

However, there are several entrepreneurs who have been successful in their life. What is their secret of success?

Top 10 Successful Entrepreneur Stories

In this blog post, here are a few selected successful entrepreneurs stories:

1. Walt Disney

Disney, a well-known brand recognized by several people from children to elder’s around the world. It was started in Chicago in 1901 by Walt Disney. He started his career by working as an advertising cartoonist in Kansas City, Missouri.

Later, Walt joined his brother, Roy in his business. The two brothers started a studio with borrowed money and made a rabbit cartoon character named Oswald. When the Disney brothers did not get the expected raise, they stopped drawing this character in 1928.

It was at this time that the famous Mickey Mouse cartoon was born. Disney started becoming so popular with the use of new technology for his films.

This helped him in bagging his first Academy Award for the short animated ‘Flowers and Trees’ in the year 1932. Later, Donald Duck, Goofy and many more well known characters were introduced to the world.

Disney also released his first lengthy animated film, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ in 1937. He used Technicolor for which he had to shell out around $1.5 million for the production of this movie.

He then produced several other animated movies. In 1955, the Mickey Mouse Club was released as a TV series which is still fondly remembered by that generation of TV viewers.

2. Bill Gates

Gates was the CEO of the Microsoft Company and presently he is the chairman of this software company, which was founded along with Paul Allen.

Gates holds 6.4 percent as an individual…the largest shareholder. He has been consistently termed as the world’s wealthiest person between the years 1995 and 2009 except in the year 2008 when he fell on to the third position.

While he was in Harvard, he co-wrote Altair BASIC which could have been the first stepping stone to success.

Bill Gates is also an author and the co-author of several books. He has been an inspiration for many budding and successful entrepreneurs around the world.

3. Warren Buffett

This is the lucky person who was able to grab the throne of Bill Gates in 2008 by becoming the world’s richest man with a net personal wealth of $62 billion.

Buffett’s started his entrepreneur life when he was only an 11 year old boy, buying his first shares. He then invested some money in his father’s business when he was still in school. He earned more than $90,000 by the time he was done with his college education.

Warren Buffett, who started his business life as an American investor at his very young age, grew into a successful industrialist and philanthropist.

4. Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the founder of the in 1994. He became the Chairman and CEO of this company. Amazon Company helped him in becoming one of the most popular dot-com entrepreneurs which made him a billionaire.

The interesting and unbelievable part is that he had initially set up this company in his garage. He was earning around $81,840 as the CEO of in the year 2010. Twenty percent of the Amazon’s shares belong to him.

Bezos also founded the Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup company. In 1999, he was awarded and recognized as the Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’ Presently, his net personal wealth is around $18.1 billion.

5. Henry Ford

He is the founder of the Ford Motor Company and also sponsored the assembly line building between the years 1908 and 1915.

Henry Ford has been termed as ‘Fordism’ when he introduced high wages for Ford workers and also developed a mass production of goods that are inexpensive for the middle class users.

Henry Ford was the first person to introduce an affordable car with Ford Model T, which became the world’s most popular car of the 20th century. The subsidiaries of the Ford Motor Company were set up in several other countries which sold Ford cars and trucks.

6. Mukesh Ambani

He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited. This company is noted as India’s largest Private Sector Company that has been listed in the Fortune 500 magazine.

Mukesh Ambani was chosen as the ninth richest man in the world and the second richest one in Asia. His current personal wealth is at US$27 billion.

He has been receiving several honors and awards from different organizations of different countries between the years 2004 and 2010. He has been ranked as the fifth best CEO in the world among the other fifty global CEO’s by Harvard Business Review.

7. Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin

The two of them are American computer scientists and Internet entrepreneurs. They together founded the popular search engine, Google, used by millions of Internet users. Since then, they have become the most well known Internet entrepreneurs and an inspiration for many young Internet users.

Lawrence became the CEO of Google in January 2011. His current personal wealth is around at $16.7 billion. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of the Google brand also owns personal wealth which is estimated to be the same amount as Page’s.

Brin has been often referred to as the ‘Enlightenment Man’ by The Economist magazine.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

He is a well-known Internet entrepreneur who inspired millions of people around the world with his co-creation of Facebook along with friends and classmates at Harvard University. He became the CEO and the co-founder of this popular social site.

Facebook is the social networking site that started as a private company in the year 2004. In August 2008, the active users of Facebook were around 100 million and as of September 2011 the active users have been increased to 800 million.

Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire around 2008. He has been awarded as the Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ in 2010.  Presently, his net wealth is reaching $17.5 million.

9. Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad is a young Indian boy who started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 12 in 2005. He created an aviation website that brought him immediate fame and success. In 2009, he became the founder of a company called Rockstah Media which was noted by media and covered his successful business life in several business magazines and newspapers.

Farrhad became one of the world’s top 25 young entrepreneurs at the age of 17. He was invited to give seminars on entrepreneurship and his experiences as a young businessman at several colleges.

10. Adora Svitak

She was recognized as a writer at the age of 6 and gradually became popular with several books authored by her. She wrote the book ‘Flying Fingers’ in which she tells her love for writing and also has given tips for the budding writers.

When Adora was 7 years old, she started writing for blogs and commented on online journals discussing several subjects that are of personal and international interests. At this young age, she also kept promoting the development of literacy.

When she reached the age 9, she started writing a very lengthy novel, Yang in Disguise. Her present work is her second book named Dancing Fingers. In this book, her elder sister Adrianna helped her in writing.

In 2010, Adora spread awareness about creativity in learning and writing in TED Conference and also to the students and teachers in the Full Sail University.


These are the successful entrepreneurs stories that can inspire anyone irrespective of one’s age. They really inspire many budding entrepreneurs.

People desiring to become an entrepreneur should read the stories of successful entrepreneurs who have developed popularity and wealth within a short time.

If you can dream it, so you too can live it…

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