Top 10 People of Performance Marketing in 2011

According to the Performance Marketing Association, it refers to a hybrid of online marketing and advertising programs targeted towards service companies (publishers or affiliates) where the performance marketer is paid on the basis of each accomplished action by the customer.

Do not confuse performance marketing with affiliate marketing solely. Yes, it is a part of it but it involves other factors as well.

Performance marketing definition would be:

“In performance marketing, advertisers and marketers only pay for successful transactions. Each transaction is based on a consumer taking a defined action, such as making a purchase from the advertiser or signing up for a subscription. The traceability of performance marketing isn’t based on estimates. It’s based on actual results — meaning that a marketing program’s effectiveness is accurately determined, down to the mouse click” (Performance Marketing Association).

As 2011 draws near, we present you the top 10 list of performance marketers. (Source – Infographic)

Top 10 People of Performance Marketing

1. Brian Clark []

Brian ClarkClark was the owner of three successful affiliate marketing ventures before going completely online. Since 2006, his name has featured in 11 online marketing books and he has inspired many budding online entrepreneurs. is about giving solutions and advice to people who want meaningful assistance with online marketing and social media development.

2. Shawn Collins []

Shawn CollinsCollins is the leading industry person whom you should follow to learn the A to Z of affiliate marketing. He is the founder of Affiliate Summit that features the biggest name in performance marketing. Collins featured in the Top 100 Marketers in 2009, Top 25 Influencers in Performance Marketing, 2011 Nominated Small Business Influencer and the Top 50 Blogs ever.

Affiliate Summit is everything you ever want on affiliate marketing. Visit the site to attend affiliate conferences scheduled for 2012 in Las Vegas from January 8-10.

3. Jeremy Shoemaker []

Jeremy ShoemakerNo one can remain uninspired after getting to know Shoemaker. From an average 28-year old weighing 400 pounds and getting laid off from work, to becoming a super successful online marketer, who was himself inspired by his wife’s grit determination to achieve anything in life, Shoemaker has come a long way.

Shoemaker is the founder of ShoeMoney Media Group, an author, a blogger, an entrepreneur and a marketer. is his blog to share the ups and downs in the world of online marketing. It ranks as the Top 50 Blogs on Technorati and has been awarded the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog.

4. John Chow []

John ChowThe dot com media mogul, John Chow is a revered name in the Internet marketing world. He started his journey in 1999 with The Tech Zone, which is currently the largest hardware tech site on the net. is about his own experiences with affiliate marketing and needless to say, one of the top visited sites in the world.

5. Brett Tabke []

Brett TabkeTabke is the founder and moderator of Webmaster World, one of the world’s first forums on Internet marketing, programming and search engine. He is a self-learned person in online marketing and on how to grow traffic to grow online business. began in 2000 as an informal gathering of search engine optimizers and webmasters in a pub in London, and thus the name, It is presently acknowledged as the premier new media agency and publishing conference providers.

6. Rae Hoffman-Dolan []

Rae Hoffman-Dolan“Never mess with a woman who can pull rank,” that is Rae Hoffman-Dolan for you! She came into affiliate marketing by accident and has successfully survived for the last few years. is a SEO consulting and Internet marketing agency. The owner also runs various affiliate and content websites in highly competitive as well as niche areas.

7. Missy Ward []

Missy WardHelping companies grow their businesses online for the last 11 years, Missy Ward is an expert on the pay-for-performance model. She loves teaching people about how to make money online using affiliate marketing and she is a regular speaker at entrepreneurial events. is just the tip of the iceberg. Ward is also the founder of and the co-founder of Affiliate Summit,, Velocity NYC Press, Feed Front Magazine, and others.

8. Peter Bordes []

Peter BordesBefore Media Trust happened, Bordes was the founder of Mason Cabot investment bank and spent most of his career in banking and venture capital. He was also the founder of Empire Media Inc, a publishing, technology and marketing enterprise based in NYC. is one of the most efficient ways to manage online performance marketing campaigns. They offer innovative performance marketing services and best services to direct response advertisers and publishers. They work with the CPC model which helps both publishing and advertising partners to track and predict sales.

9. Pace Lattin []

Pace LattinA leading publisher, Lattin has 15 years of experience in performance and affiliate marketing. He is a writer for Technorati, ClickZ and the Executive Director of the Executive Council of Performance Marketing. is a leading performance publishing platform that covers all marketing forms and connects with three aspects – affiliate marketing, performance marketing and ROI advertising.

10. Lynn Terry []

Lynn TerryTerry has been working online full-time for the past decade. She started way back in the 1990s when there were no ‘gurus’ and eBooks to train Internet marketers. She is a super affiliate and has worked with a variety of online business models. shares latest news on Internet marketing strategies and trends, reviews, ideas and business case studies.


If you observe clearly, you will see that none of the names mentioned above are newbie marketers. Most of them have been online for a minimum of 10 years, a long time indeed, but as we know, any kind of business, online or offline, requires perseverance.

If you persevere, maybe 5 years from now, your name will feature in this prestigious list!

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