Top 10 Google+ Business Pages

We have heard a lot about Google+, its marketing productivity and how to optimize the Google+ Business page. Now we give you the FIRST ever…list of the top 10 Google + Business Pages.

PS: The brands we have written about belong to various industries and they are familiar in their own way. You won’t find any small business brands but that shouldn’t make a difference because one can always learn and emulate the big brands.

Top 10 Google+ Business Pages List

1. Mashable

Mashable optimally utilizes the About, Photos and Videos section.

  • The About section is detailed with Recommended Links on the right.
  • The Photos feature the company logo in various colors, which is no doubt attractive.
  • The videos have updated digital media from their site.

Don’t forget the tagline; it sums up their business.

Mashable Google+ Business Page

2. Facebook

I was apprehensive whether I would get Facebook here or not but I am pleasantly surprised. Even though it mentions it as “Facebook community of Google+” it is no doubt managed by the social networking site.

However, I wanted to point out that,

  • their About section is under utilized.
  • the Video section is turned off.
  • the Images section features the founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

I hope Facebook is not over-estimating their brand value as they need to apply more life on the Google+ page.

Facebook Google+ Business Page

3. Dell

Like Mashable, Dell is doing a good job making the Google+ page visible.

  • The About section, it contains a brief write-up about the company and contact details.
  • The Images section feature pictures from within the company and consumer responses too – a very good strategy.
  • Their Videos section has a Brand portfolio – another clever strategy.

I am most impressed with the detailed recommended list on the right-hand side. Dell knows the power of social media.

Dell Google+ Business Page

4. Starbucks Coffee

Those who haven’t heard of Starbucks will be instantly taken over by the judicious use of the tagline that promptly explains their business and ethical standards.

  • The About section is comprehensive, with a link to their website.
  • The Images show Starbucks products.
  • The Videos section is empty so that needs some coverage.

They are correctly using the Update page to tell consumers about new products and discount options or coupons available.

Starbucks Google+ Business Page

5. BBC World – Have Your Say

The premier broadcasting brand has created separate BBC Google+ Business Pages about all the continents. For simplicity sake, I have selected their ‘Global Have Your Say’ page. Let’s see what it holds:

  • The About page describes the organization and gives the show timings. Email and telephone details are added.
  • The Recommended Links cover their overall presence, including podcasts.
  • There are no videos – a negative point.
  • The Images are awesome and self-explanatory. They cover various news, causes and developments going on in the BBC center.

Their most impressive thing is their use of the Posts page as they notify users about upcoming media programs. For them, Google+ will become another way to increase TRP.

BBC Google+ Business Page

6. Nokia

Unexpectedly, Nokia, the mobile giant, has got only 2 things right and 3 major things wrong on the Google+ page.

The wrong ones:

  • Very limited use of images. As a brand, I or any other consumer would have expected them to use embedded links in images and provide an array of product portfolio for easier knowledge and purchase.
  • Their About page is awfully long. No one is interested to read that much, at least I am not, and as a consumer, our opinion counts.
  • There are NO videos – truly unbelievable. In fact, they should be using the Videos section to upload product brands, their details and other important innovations around the corner.

However, what they are doing right is:

  • The Recommended Links have a connection to their major social presence, including Nokia Lumia and Asha brands.
  • Their Posts page is well updated with new campaign announcements.

This brand definitely needs more work; right now…it is very sloppy.

Nokia Google+ Business Page

7. Amazon

“Earth’s Biggest Selection” – that’s what I call a strategic tagline; it covers the complete output of Amazon’s reach. I would just like to highlight some of its negative and positive features:

The wrong ones:

  • No Recommended List. In fact, Amazon can place their category links here to ease consumer search and shopping experience.
  • No Videos. Amazon needs to use Videos, especially to promote their electronic products like Kindle.
  • No “In Amazon Circles.” They might have turned this ‘off’ manually but they shouldn’t have because consumers would also want to know who Amazon associates with.

The correct steps:

  • Excellent tagline.
  • Effectively constructed About page and contact links.
  • The Images display few chosen products.
  • The Posts section is very well utilized to inform consumers about available deals and discounts.

Amazon Google+ Business Page

8. Pepsi

The Pepsi page is not that impressive even if its images give it a ‘rich’ feel. Here is what I feel is wrong with them:

  • They are over estimating their brand value because the About section is under-developed. They should have a little more details.
  • The Recommended Links contain only Facebook and Twitter. I am sure they have other social media presences too; those should be added also.
  • Again, like numerous others, there are no videos.
  • They are lackadaisical with updating their Posts page too. They should be more regular.

The Pepsi page more or less seems that it was created just for the sake of it. Not good!

Pepsi Google+ Business Page

9. AT&T

This telecom brand has done a good job in making their G+ Business page. A special feature I loved about them is their About section and the Image sections. However, they lack in two things:

  • No Recommended Links
  • No Videos

In fact, all their videos are in the Posts section. They should utilize the Videos to interact about their upcoming plans and products.

AT&T Google+ Business Page

10. McDonalds

A food brand that tantalizes the taste buds of young and old, McDonald’s Google+ Business page falls short of expectations. What are the reasons?

  • Image and video sharing is turned ‘off’ manually, which is not good. Either they are not aware or they simply don’t bother about consumer opinion.
  • The images are not effective.
  • There are no Recommended Links to their other online presences, apart from their website URL.
  • We cannot see their Posts too!
  • There is no “In McDonald’s” Circles.

The only thing worth commending is their tagline – “I’m lovin’ it.” However, at this moment, they need a serious strategist for their social media development.

McDonald Google+ Business Page

To conclude…

In these big brands, I noticed one peculiar lack, and that is the avoidance of using the Videos section to promote their products and services.

Otherwise, most of the other Google+ brand pages are well created.

Brands are just starting to understand the power of G+ and it will take time to tune in their G+ strategies so if you haven’t created your online business Google+ page, get to know the basics first and then create your own Google+ Business page.

What is your opinion on Google+ Business Pages?

Have you already created yours? Show us. Just send us the link in the comments section.

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