Top 10 Blog Directories of 2011 and 2012

Top 10 Blog DirectoriesDo you have an interesting blog of your own? Well, now it’s time to think where to place your blog where it will be easily visible to all the Internet users and therefore, getting your blog ranked high in the search engines.

Every blogger wants his or her blog to be one of the top listed blogs in the search engines. For that, you will have to index your blogs with a good and well-known blog directory.

Top 10 Blog Directories

Given below is the list of top blog directories of 2011 and 2012.

1. Technorati

Technorati was created by Dave Sifry and launched on November 2002. This top active blog search engine and blog directory has been indexing more than a million blogs by 2008.

Technorati tracks the tags included by the bloggers. These tags are beneficial in categorizing the search results in this blog directory bringing the current ones first. This leading blog directory also provides rating to each blog’s authority. has bagged the SXSW 2006 awards for its Best Technical Achievement and Best of Show. It was also termed as one of the “2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies” by Lead411 that was founded in 2001.

As of November 2011, the Alexa ranking of Technorati is 1,076.

2. BlogCatalog:

It is very easy to get your blogs indexed with this directory without any great effort. The blogs and sites are categorized based on what your blog is about. There are several bloggers who are active users and happy with this blog directory.

BlogCatalog can bring more traffic to your blogs and help to rank your website in a good position. All the bloggers who have their blogs posted on BlogCatalog recommends others to use this blog directory which has an excellent and attractive website design.

All you need to do is to login and submit your URL to

3. BlogGlue:

There are millions of blogs indexed here helping to achieve a huge amount of traffic to your blogs. BlogGlue not only works as a Search Engine Optimization tool but also as a social networking platform, helping millions of users to share their ideas and promote their companies to the present and new audiences. connects the bloggers with the new audiences who have blogs that share similar things with the other’s blogs. It specializes in attracting traffic to your blog through social networking. Here the bloggers help each other by promoting their sites.

4. Blogarama:

If you want to attract more traffic to your blog and develop its popularity, you should consider Blogarama to index your blogs. This blog directory is one of the top listed blog directories chosen by several bloggers.

If you are interested in indexing your blogs with Blogarama you should go to their website and create an account by filling out a small form and hit submit. You will very soon see a good response from the audience. Visit for more information.

5. BlogHints:

This is a big blog directory that approves only blogs and not websites. When you are submitting your blogs, you can choose the category that matches with your blogs and get them indexed on There are free listings such as Featured listings, Regular listings, and Reciprocal listings. But for this, you are required to have a Reciprocal link.

When you are submitting the URL of your blog, you will have to provide the title, URL, and a short description about it and provide META keywords and META description of your blog. The BlogHints staff reviews the submissions made by the bloggers before approving them.

6. Bloggernity:

This blog directory has several thousands of blogs indexed and many more are getting indexed every day. This site is becoming much popular than it was before with more number of new bloggers submitting their blogs on Bloggernity. Unlike BlogHints, Bloggernity does not require reciprocal links for free listings.

You can go to their website and look for their recent news, entertainment and other issues related to their website. You can also take a look at the new bloggers who have indexed their new blogs to become familiar with this website.

7. Bloggapedia:

This is not only a blog directory and search engine but also a social networking site for the bloggers that allows users to connect with others and share ideas and views.

Bloggapedia has special categories that provide good searching results with the keywords that you have entered with the search engine. It gives easy searching for all the users.

You can go to their website and create an account and sign up to submit the URL of your blog and get it indexed quickly.

8. Blogadr:

Blogadr is one of the good blog directories chosen by bloggers to post successfully and drive more traffic to their blogs. You can add your blog to by providing some information required by this website and choose a category that is relevant to your blog.

Once you have filled out their form and submitted, the reviewers of their website will get your blogs listed if all the information is correct and does not contain any spam. You can index your blogs on this well-used blog directory for free.

9. GetBlogs:

This blog directory has more than 25,000 blogs indexed with them. This directory is reviewed and edited by their group of people. There are around 16 main categories and over 167 sub categories. You should choose the appropriate one that is relevant to the content of your blog.

Take a look at to view different blogs that have been indexed categorically which is easy to search for a specific blog. You can submit your blog in this directory for free and get more traffic to your blogs.

10. Ontoplist:

Ontoplist is one of the popular directories that approve blogs as well as websites. There are extra features available for free for all the bloggers who submit their blogs and websites here.

One good feature is the analytical tools that help in checking the progress of your blogs which will be helpful for the bloggers to improve their blogs to attract more traffic. You can also submit your new posts on your blogs and mention about it on Facebook and Twitter by using the ‘Auto-Feed Blog’ feature.

If you are a writer and interested to post your articles, you can promote your writings on this website. You can also share your interests and views with the like-minded bloggers that you will find on


There are several more popular blog directories that are useful in creating huge traffic to your blogs within a few days.

For best results, you can submit your URL to as many blog directories as possible to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog. All you have to do is to choose the best ones for your blog to become popular.

Which blog directories are your favorites?

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