The Secret…Really?

Here’s a quickie here for you today…

I’d like to know from you what your thoughts are on  “The Secret.” Is this actually something that works if you put forth the effort?

The SecretSeems like there’s a whole bunch of controversy over this; it’s something new…no, it’s one of the oldest laws given from way back when, it works for me, it doesn’t work for me and so on…

I’ve been looking into this for quite sometime now and I simply find it fascinating! I’ve purchased the book and seen different videos on the subject.

Well I’m here to let you in on an experiment I did surrounding The Secret and the idea of manifesting what you want and convincing yourself that’s the way it will turn out…how you want it too.

Here’s the quick version of what I did:

I had to have foot surgery a couple of months back. I absolutely hate being put under anesthesia…it just freaks me out for some reason. I guess it’s not having control or something. My pain tolerance is very high, so that’s not what I was fearful about.

Anyway, 2 weeks before I had it done, I consistently mapped out the surgery on how I wanted it to go…how it would go.

The surgery would last 70 minutes and recovery time I was told would be approximately 5 hours and then I would be able to go home.

Not fast enough for this girl…

I envisioned getting in there, hooked up to the anesthetic, have the surgery and be out of there at the latest 12:00 pm., instead of 2:00pm…back home on the couch- no problems what-so-ever.

I kept that vision, playing it in my mind day-after-day for 2 weeks. I really focused hard on it.

Guess what?

I had to be at the hospital at 6:30am and we had a terrible snow storm the night before…I think we ended up with 8 inches on the ground when we left…( I still kept on focusing all the way to the hospital)

Everything went as scheduled…the surgery only took 60 minutes and my recovery time?

I was home…on the couch…by 11:00am., and that was walking up the driveway holding on to my husband with one arm and a crutch in the other because our car got stuck in the snow at the bottom of it…

The nurse that was in my room before the surgery was the same one after the surgery. “Your back already?”  She told me…seriously, “I’ve never seen anyone recover so fast! Are you ready to go?” Hell yes I’m ready!

So…my point here is this: I feel it really does work and works very well. I wasn’t just wishing it, I envisioned the outcome like it had already happened. You betcha I’ll be practicing this technique from here on out.

So for all of you skeptics, I’m not sure what to say…except you really, really have to focus on what it is you want.

Like I said, there are many videos out there on the subject…but below is one that I resonated with that Casper just sent me to watch a couple of days ago. Earl Nightingale explains it in a different way. This is an old one…but well worth watching.


Have any thoughts on “The Secret?” We’d love to hear them so leave a comment…

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      Hi Pok,

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    Thanks for penning this. I truly feel as if I understand a lot more relating to this than Used to do before. Your website really brought some things to light that we never could have seriously considered before reading it. You should continue this, Im sure a lot of people would agree youve got a gift.

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      First off I really appreciate your very kind words…Thank you.

      Second, I’m thrilled you took away value from that post. That’s why we’re here, for people like you.

      Third, I love your name…just wanted you to know. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and please, come back and see us!


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