Free Persuasion Copywriting Power Secrets Guide

Write great copy without using sleazy – manipulating tactics! Free 11-Page Guide Explains

Free Persuasion Copywriting Power Secrets Guide

Is It True You Can Write Great Copy
Without Using Sleazy – Manipulating Tactics?

You Bet You Can…

Hey Guys, Joni here…

You know, I keep hearing the same thing over and over again and you probably have also; ”I’m so sick and tired of reading sales copy that is so infested with nothing other than hype! It’s all B.S.”

Seems like we’re all craving a different approach for the most part… one that’s credible and honest.

But the sad thing is; all of us still chime in and buy a product or service, based on that very reason.”Hype.”

Unfortunately, it plays into our DNA. We all want something exciting – sexy and cool.
It makes us feel so good. You know…instant gratification or so we think.

However, once that “feeling” wears off – what are we left with? Excuses…

Excuses of why the product didn’t work. After reading such a hyped-filled piece of copy, our expectations are so high that now comes the time too actually do the work. Really?

“I thought I didn’t have to do much…it was suppose to be push-button and cash would start flowing in instantly.” Sound familiar?

Now…it’s not looking so sexy is it?

I’ve gotten sucked in too many times and maybe now I just want to change the world or something, I’m not sure. Hell, maybe it’s my age. But what I look for now in copy is honesty – integrity – credibility and real solutions to whatever I need help with…

With that being said, I want to offer you guys an alternative…something fresh. I feel it’s time to stop making our prospects feel like they’ve been taken on a wild ride and can’t get off…

You know and I know consumers are not stupid. Our potential customers have so many options too choose from today that basically, they’re catching onto these sleazy tactics. Just like we are.

Now I know that many, many copywriters and Internet marketers totally disagree with what I’m saying here and that’s fine. All I can say is keep pumping out your style of writing if it’s working for you.

But here’s the interesting thing;

I’ve had great success on oDesk writing for a number of clients…but – with “mixed” reactions in regards to writing “hype.” Clients have asked me to re-write “hype-filled” sales letters after they’ve seen my style, while one other commented that it wasn’t “hypey” enough. It doesn’t look like all the rest…

Believe it or not, consumers are starting to pay attention…

So if you’re curious about where I’m coming from, read this free 11 page guide, “Persuasion Power Secrets, The Building Blocks For Writing Persuasive Copy Without The Hype” now to find out how to start applying something different in your copy.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn;

  • 3 characteristics that allows your prospects to “feel safe.”
  • Writing copy for the right reasons.
  • 4 powerful techniques that are “honestly” persuasive.
  • Reasons “why” people buy.
  • 7 persuasive strategies to incorporate in your copy.
  • List of “non-manipulating” words to use.

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6 Tips to Create an Impressive ‘Contact Us’ Page

Do you want your website to look stunning and attractive and to be one of the best and the most visited?

…all in hopes of making your website the best it can be to please your visitors is the goal here, making it more convenient for your website users.

Contact Us PageAmazing web design and well written content can impress many visitors. But a website will look odd if there are no contact details about the person who owns it.

If it is a company website which does not have a ‘Contact Us’ page, it can create a bad impression about the company. Moreover, lack of a ‘Contact Us’ page will make the blog or website look fishy or spurious.

Almost all websites have a ‘Home‘ page and an ‘About Us‘ page to clearly mention who they are and what they do. But if the visitors have questions and want to contact you, there should be contact details to answer those questions.

Always create a ‘Contact Us‘ page that can be convenient for the customers to contact you. This is an important page that should be included on your website to help you in running your business smoothly.

The customers should be able to contact you in regards to questions – comments or feedback related to your business.

How To Create A Contact Us Page

Here are 6 tips for you to create an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page.

  1. Make communication easy

    There are many websites with a ‘Contact Us’ page that provide less contact details. What good is a ‘Contact Us’ page when the customers are still not able to get to you?

    The ‘Contact Us’ page should give your customers an easy form of communication with your company. This will only help in attracting more and more customers.

    If questions are left unanswered, nobody will be interested to keep in touch with your company. A relevant ‘Contact Us’ page is the way to reach your customers and understand their needs.

    Therefore, you should provide them with relevant contact details that will help your customers to reach you conveniently.

  2. Provide clear contact details

    Provide a list of contact numbers of different departments of your company. When a customer is visiting your ‘Contact Us’ page, the customer should not be confused about who to call for certain purposes.

    For instance, a customer can become pretty angry if he or she has gone to a ‘Contact Us’ page of a bank’s website and wonders whom to call to get answers to the questions related to their credit card application form that has been submitted online a while ago.

    This shows poor guidance provided by that bank. Proper guidance with clear contact details will be an additional attraction to your ‘Contact Us’ page.

    A typical ‘Contact Us’ page should have a street address (if available), mobile number, landline number, customer care number, and social media contacts like – Twitter, Skype and Facebook.

  3. Ask help from professionals

    If you want to make your ‘Contact Us’ page look more informative rather than a simple one, you can ask professionals to help you in creating an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page with a professional touch.

    Now it is not that hard to add a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website. There are several professional websites that offer ready made contact forms. A website such as freecontactform will offer you help in creating an impressive ‘Contact Us’ page in less time.

    Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow their instructions and create a good ‘Contact us’ page of your choice. Some websites offer this service for free while some of them charge.

  4. List Events and Activities

    You are mistaken in thinking that ‘Contact Us’ should be merely a static page. If you are in a business dealing with lots of presentations, seminars, webinars, tutorials, events and other promotional items, make sure you give these details on the ‘Contact Us’ page as well.

  5. Additional links

    Most people hate to keep scrolling up and down on a website. It will add more convenience for your customers if you add a ‘Contact Us’ button at the top and bottom of your ‘Home’ page. This will avoid causing a whole lot of frustration for your more than busy customers.

    You can also add a ‘Contact Us’ button or link on your ‘About Us’ page that will take the customers to the ‘Contact Us’ page with a single click of the mouse rather than going back to the main page and searching for the ‘Contact Us’ link.

  6. Mention about how your company responds to the customer’s call

    If you want to make your ‘Contact Us’ page more impressive, you can mention about how and when your company will be responding to the customer’s call. If the customers sends an email to your company they should be aware when a reply can be expected.

    If it is a link like “Call Customer Care Service”, the customer should know when your company will get back to them.


Make use of these tips to create a good ‘Contact Us’ page that can help you to promote your business in a better way. Therefore, this page should be well-organized and make it easily accessible to your customers.

When great support and convenience is given to your customers, they will consider using your products and services.

Note: Following the above Contact Us page tips, we will post a list of the best ‘Contact Us’ pages ever. If you have come across any, share them with us below.

6 Must-Know Article Writing Tips

In my opinion, article writing is a serious business. It is a work of creative imagination. You should have the background knowledge about the subject you intend to write about and your article must be original and not copied.

Article Writing TipsIt should be interesting for the viewer so that he continues to read. The words used must have a particular fluency because the reader has to gel with them to enjoy plus understand fully what you are saying.

All this is easier said than done! That’s why one has to keep in mind these 6 article writing tips and incorporate them in your articles.  You can improve the quality of your content and gradually lay the foundation for successful article marketing.

Article Writing Tips

These tips for article writing are briefly as follows:

  1. Do not try to write on too many topics

    If you try to focus on too many topics, you land into trouble. Focusing on a wide range of topics is one of the biggest mistakes made by new publishers and inexperienced bloggers. The narrower your subject area is, the easier it will be for you to establish your expertise.

    Like I said, article writing is a serious and creative business. You have to provide a basic structure that should have an introduction, the main body of your content and a concluding paragraph.

    Although specific headings are not required for these, the overall flow of your article should follow this structure.

    Furthermore, sub-headings may be used where required and the content must be divided into paragraphs for easy reading. Use of well crafted titles, headings and paragraphs enables the readers to effectively scan the page and determine what sections are relevant for their needs.

  2. Give a compelling title and strong introduction

    A good impressive title of your post or article is the first thing to be noticed by the reader. If it is impressive, the impact would involve the reader to continue reading your article. Otherwise, if it is not interesting, the visitor will click off the page.

    First impressions always matters. This applies just as much to your articles that you publish. Do not jump straight to the core of the subject matter without providing a good introduction. The introductory paragraph must catch the attention of the reader.

    The beginning sentences should be captivating enough to arouse the interest of the readers. A good opening paragraph will attract the inquisitive reader to continue reading and enjoy the article, blog post or page. Many readers judge you as a writer based on your introductory paragraph.

    Therefore, you should provide a clear and concise summary of what your article is about.

  3. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors

    There is no room for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. A thorough check must be made before the final printout. Today we have spelling and grammar checking features built into most text editing software and so many tools available for free. These must be utilized so that perfectly readable content is created.

    Poor grammar and wrong spelling not only affects the entire reputation of your business but can also distort the intended meaning.

  4. Be short, concise and innovative

    Do not try to cover too much information in a single post. It is better to remain on the subject of the article and keep it short and concise. If a post is insanely lengthy, it distracts the reader and the purpose of your narration is lost.

    By using multiple content mediums like photos, graphics or videos, you can make your article more interesting and can keep the reader captivated. You can easily find supporting photos, images or diagrams to support your content. These days it is a trend to use slideshows in articles. Try them out with free slideshow creators.

    If your article requires usage of data and figures, they must be correctly used. Use of incorrect data can lead to loss of content quality.

    Similarly, misquoting what someone else has said can be equally damaging. If you are using information from another source, it is better to include a link or reference.

  5. Hyperlink related content

    By giving proper hyper linking related content on your website, readers are provided with more information on related topics. It also improves the search page ranking of your content. It offers opportunities to engage with the readers in a better way.

    It also ensures that the readers remain on your site for longer and are encouraged to read additional content across your website.

    If links are included to relate posts at the bottom of every article, this technique helps direct visitors to other relevant pages they may be interested in.

  6. Use social media generously

    Today, Social media is the most powerful medium to promote your work or content. It attracts new readership. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and other networks is priceless and has an enormous subscriber base community. It can be used to advertise the article or sharing with other readers across the globe very effectively and intelligently.

    In fact, these days it is important that we should make the best use of social media to promote our content to readers across the globe. The ability to bookmark your article or share on these social media portals is now becoming a common trend and is essential in article marketing.


To summarize, if you want to improve the quality of your article, you must implement the above article writing tips. Take care of article writing mistakes that we usually commit in ignorance. Quality content is hard to find these days and even though the market for quality writing is increasing, there is a vacuum.

If you are a freelancer, writing business owner or provider of content development services, this is the best online market to tap into.

If you want to share any other article writing tips, please comment below.

7 Tips to Create an Impressive ‘About Us’ Page

When you are creating an ‘About Us Page,’ think about the questions that would pop up in the mind of the prospective client. Think as a client and come up with the questions that you would like to get answers for.

Some of the common queries of a customer are stated below to help you out to start with.

  • What does the company do?
  • How long the company has been in existence?
  • How your company is different from your competitors?
  • In what ways is your company beneficial to the customers?
  • How to contact your company?
  • How trustworthy is your company?

This is just an outline to show you what the customers expect from a company. You can create the ‘About Us’ page of your company’s website with all the information answering to most of these questions.

The whole point is to create trust in the mind of the customer who visits your website. The idea is to impress them with the first look of your ‘About Us’ page.

How To Create An About Us Page

Below are some useful tips on how to create an outstanding ‘About Us’ page to impress your customers and visitors.

1. Explain what your company does:

‘About Us’ page should show more of your company. Customers go to this page to understand about your organization before they can plan about making purchases or using your services.

With busy schedules, no one has time to waste. Therefore, make sure to provide clear and simple to understand content explaining what your company does.

Give a good explanation about your company. Your customer should feel that they have come to the right place. Build a trust between you and your customers to run your business successfully. And so use the ‘About Us’ page to the utmost…but wisely.

Pictures say a lot. If you have great pictures showing what your company does and the employees working in your company, they can be included in your ‘About Us’ page.

2. The age of your company:

The ‘About Us’ page should show the time your company has been in existence. Even if it is a budding business, mention when you started it and how it has been progressing.

Many customers would like to have this information before they decide to purchase your products and services.

3. Be a little personal:

Describe a brief history explaining what your company does and what your motive to start this business was. Mention what your expectations are and what your business can do to meet the customer’s expectations.

If you have your company at several locations or run it globally, you can mention this on the ‘About Us’ page. If your company has received any awards or recognitions, they can be mentioned here. All this information can increase the trust and help to maintain a good relation with the customers.

If there are customers who have had good experiences with your company and would be interested to mention it on your Facebook Page, it can be included on your ‘About Us’ page to let the other customers know more about your company.

4. The uniqueness of your site:

If your business is really going well then it would be easier for you to mention why your company is different from its competitors. If not, then try to come up with something that can attract the customer so they consider your company for purchasing your products or using your services.

Where there are attractive OFFERS, there can be a customers rush. Also, if your company has such great offers like gift vouchers and prizes, free delivery, free shipping, one-stop shop, or provide a convenient shopping experience, the features should be mentioned to show why your company is unique.

5. Provide contact information:

The best place to provide contact information is on the ‘Contact Us’ page. If your Company’s website has it already then that would be easier for your customers to contact you. You can give a link in your ‘About Us’ page that can take the customer to the contact details with a click of the mouse.

On your ‘About Us’ page, if you mention whom to contact for certain purposes and their contact details, it would be an added advantage for the customers as well as for your company.

If your Company’s website does not have a ‘Contact Us’ page, make sure that you mention your contact details of your company on the ‘About Us’ page.

6. Be innovative:

Innovation and creativity are the best tools to attract the customers to your website. Stick to your ideas and create something new that can attract new customers to your company’s website.

If your customers find out that your site is not original and it looks like other company’s sites, it can give them the wrong impression about your company.

Some designs of other sites may impress you and you may decide to use them. But never do that. You should create a new design that is customized to support the uniqueness of your company and impress them to read the content too. If the content is well written and has all the information, then you will see more and more customers visiting your site and making lots of purchases as well.

7. Additional Links for easy navigation:

You should provide more links in your company’s ‘About Us’ page that can take the customers easily to other sites that have important information about your company. This will give your customer an easy navigation and they will understand your company better.

Make use of these how to make an about us page tips to present an attractive ‘About Us’ page. Present it in a special way that it becomes the best and the favorite one of many viewers. This is a good way to promote your business and sales.

Don’t you agree?

How To Become a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are people who provide their writing services sitting behind the scenes in the publication world. These writers complete writing assignments for someone else and in return, they get paid. They also write books for others and if required, they also perform rewriting tasks on existing assignments or they can do translations as well.

How To Become a GhostwriterPopularity of the ghostwriting world and its success statistics cannot be obtained easily because publishers do not reveal whether the books are ghostwritten or REALLY written by the person whose name the publishing house prints on the book.

However, it is a fact that more than 60% of the total books published across the globe are actually written by ghostwriters.

Ghostwriters are hired to write documents, autobiographies for celebrities and also to write a variety of e-books. Some ghostwriters are also hired to write a series of books under one single name.

Authors and other people hire ghostwriters to explore their ideas and thoughts in a professional manner with relevant content. These ghostwriters are hired under the following observations:

  • What can ghostwriters write?
  • Is their ghostwriting ethical?
  • What other skills do ghostwriters need?

These are some general aspects which any ghostwriter needs to consider for being hired under any popular publication. Besides these, there are various other criteria which ghostwrites need to fulfill to be hired by any author or organization.

How To Become a Ghostwriter

To become a good and successful ghostwriter, you should know the following factors:

  1. Professional Writing & Portfolio

    To become a ghostwriter, the person should have adequate knowledge about professional writing. Moreover, having the writing ability is not enough; the person should also be able to complete writing assignments within a pre-defined deadline.

    To get a real experience of completing an assigned writing task within a deadline, the writer should find some short-term writing assignments and jobs available on job posting sites.

    Having a strong portfolio is very vital to becoming a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter can build a website to sell ghostwriting skills. For this, the writer should make sure that the professional website would include the writing price details and rates/assignment. Providing personal contact details of a ghostwriter is also beneficial for both the clients and ghostwriter.

  2. Attitude

    To become a ghostwriter, having a professional attitude is very important. From presentation to interaction with the clients, writers should be professional in every manner. Also, the ghostwriters should always be ready to give a demo of their writing abilities. It increases the ghostwriter’s confidence when the person gets various referrals and positive feedback from the clients.

    For better results, the writer should prepare the portfolio before any client asks the writer about his professional skills. A portfolio creates a strong impression on the clients and thus, it should be unique and impressive to the clients.

  3. Credibility

    Most of the time, ghostwriters do not receive credit for the work they have done. Either the publishing house or an individual’s name is published. To compensate, sometimes the ghostwriter’s name is included in the “edited by” section.

    However, most ghostwriters do not get any credit for their writing. Clients, when hiring ghostwriters for their book publication or for any other writing assignment, bound them that they will not get any credit as the writer or author of the book.

    The author doesn’t reveal that the particular book has been ghosted by any writer as it directly affects the book’s popularity.

    Although the ghostwriter gets paid for the work, the writer cannot expect any fame or popularity from their ghostwriting work.

  4. Niche

    Many ghostwriters write on a variety of niche topics; new ghostwriters should select some niche topics to target their writing work.

    They can choose topics of interest and on which they can focus until they get a few good reviews and positive feedback from readers. Once they get expertise on these niches, they can start adding more niche content in their ghostwriting portfolio.

    Selecting one niche in the beginning does not mean you are limiting yourself. You should always select areas of your expertise.

    For example, if you are a creative person, you should try to write fiction stories. Some writers love to write fiction blogs and articles and can try to write a series of comic books or fiction books. In short, you should be good enough to enjoy your writing; no matter whether you are writing blogs or books.

  5. Marketing

    Practicing word-of-mouth marketing of your writing skills can also be beneficial to getting a ghostwriting job. But, if you are looking to grow your writing business, you can also hire SEO agencies to market your service website in the freelancing environment.

    SEO experts optimize your website or blog and help in collecting traffic on your website. Once people will get to know about your ghostwriting services, they will surely consider your ghostwriting skills for their projects.

    It is not always possible that you will get a good ghostwriting project quickly. In between, you can submit some of your best articles and blogs on various online article and blog submission directories like

    Moreover, you can use marketplace websites like,, and others to market ghostwriting services. Most of the people seek ghostwriters to assign their books or documents projects for themselves.

    For this, they select a qualified bidder on their project by considering ghostwriting abilities. However, it takes some time for the ghostwriters to be hired for any project, but it is the most effective way to get a paid job in the ghostwriting industry.

    Instead of waiting for the big writing project, a good writer should always explore writing abilities on the Internet via articles and blogs.

  6. Getting Projects

    Finding the first ghostwriting project is not really difficult. There are various gig websites offering short projects according to your skills. In return, these websites take some commission. Most of the people, who have short ghostwriting projects, hire temporary ghostwriters from these gig websites.

    On the other hand, writers build their profile to get some smaller projects from these websites. Sometimes, clients demand demo work of your writing skills according to their guidelines to decide whether you can handle their projects or not. Some of these demo works are not paid while some clients provide demo work compensation.
    You can also get in touch with local and global publishing houses for ghostwriting work.

Are you ready to begin?

No doubt, ghostwriting is a highly accepted practice in both the online and offline writing industry, but some people believe that ghostwriting is deceptive.

However, it is not always true since ghostwriting is not about writing content solely by the appointed ghostwriter; the client or the author also provides their ideas, stories, thoughts and experiences to help ghostwriters.

The hired ghostwriters are only the professional consultants who provide their writing expertise to bring together and to organize all the information to produce a readable text.

I hope these ghostwriter tips will help you in turning your writing skills into professional ghostwriting. Always remember that as long as the stories are told, professional ghostwriters will in demand.

10 Tips on How To Overcome Writers Block

Writers block is a condition when the writer loses the ability to create new stuff. All kind of writers face this whether it is a blogger or an author. You just feel like you have lost your creativity.

How to Overcome Writers BlockBut there are always strategies for overcoming writers block. You need to take a break from your work to try to create something different and try to think of new ideas. You need to think and work on a complete different style from yours and your competitors like a third kind of style which no one is using till now.

This situation is very irritating when you are sitting at your computer, ready to type a new post or content for your website. You start typing only to find out that your mind is drawing a complete blank. You can’t think of any ideas.

Writing something interesting is the only way to make a blog or website popular but for maintaining that success, you need to write consistently. This is where writer’s block comes into play and stops you from creating interesting stuff.

So, here are few brilliant tips how to overcome writers block:

1. Always do research before writing because it helps a lot to overcome writer’s block. By doing research you come to know what is available and what people generally want.

Even a small bit of research done before writing helps a lot to enhance the quality of your content. You also get a number of ideas on the subject which you can use as content.

The sources used for research can be magazines, books, movies or other blogs on the same subject. It depends on your access to resources and choice.

These days bloggers generally prefer to use other blogs for ideas as it is fast and organized. Same goes for websites. Even the magazines can be a good choice as they are written after a lot of research.

2. Your content should be interesting so try using some tools that makes it amusing and worth reading. You should always try to communicate with your readers through your content. Add a bit of personality and make it entertaining or controversial. Try to add a funny incidence or an interesting video related to the subject.

You can use quotes and jokes in the process of writing for your site. You want to always try and put incidences which support your point of view. Try to paint a picture of who you are in your reader’s mind so your readers feel connected and come back again and again to read your stuff.

3. Always summarize your content at the end so that if the readers just want to go through the key points they have the option.

It may seem offensive but the important people here are the readers who will come back again and again to take the essential points and if they find them interesting they will read the rest.

Your sole purpose of writing is to communicate with your readers and the important thing is that they are reading… so it doesn’t matter what part they read. Does that make sense? LoL!

You should write a brief summary about the reader’s problem. This attracts your reader again and again as it is easy for them to take away key points. Also pay attention that if you can’t write because you are not getting new ideas then just rewrite.

4. Try to give your audience all information, entertainment and briefs but don’t forget to put the solution which is THE purpose.

You can also interview some people and record their ideas on the subject and attach it to your site. This will also bring fresh point of views.

5. You can put up a local event on your site and support your views with it to make your site even more interesting. You can also use a past event and discuss its effect on our live’s today.

6. You can write a tutorial that guides your readers step by step to overcome a problem. This genuinely helps them and they keep visiting you again and again.

7. You can deal with reader’s issues when they express it on your site’s “comment” section. You can even create unique write-ups catering to reader’s expressive issues.

You can deal with social issues on your site. This will help your readers to be aware of the pros and cons of the issue and will also give you a chance to express your views…

8. You can write reviews on famous movies or famous people for a change and this will give you the opportunity to interact with your readers as they comment a lot on these topics.

Always keep making lists of new ideas that come to mind so that you can use them when no ideas seem to come to you at the time of writing something.

9. You can also ask somebody to help you with new ideas for your site. Sometimes it so happens that you can’t think of those ideas because of writer’s block.

You might also talk about your hobbies. It helps to make your work more interesting and informative.

10. You can always update your previous content if there have been any recent developments…This will also keep your readers updated.

Perhaps when you don’t want to write, just post some pictures which may be of use to your readers…pictures express what even words cannot!

Please leave a comment below to let us know how YOU dealing with writers block.

Does Original Content Exist?

Are you an Internet savvy person? Yes, I am sure you must have read many articles on many different things and personalities on the Internet.

So, what do you think those articles contain?

Original ContentInformation written or represented graphically in any article is known as the ‘content’ of that article. An article cannot be an article without its content.

Now, imagine a situation where you are reading something about a particular topic on different websites. What did you find?

Did you ever notice different websites having the same content or copied wording? If yes, that’s problematic and it can go under a copyright issue except when those two websites are owned by the same owner. If not, there is a serious issue of copying or plagiarizing some other person’s writing and publishing them as your own.

If somebody wants to post an article on their website, s/he has to have original content in the article which is not copied from any other website.

Content that is self written without copying from somebody else is known as original content and YES, original content exists and every article must be written with original content.

However, original content is an umbrella term which contains many constrains which makes it original content.

Let us first understand those constrains.

Constraints of Original Content

  1. Trueness of Content: An article describes a particular thing about a particular subject, right? But are you sure that the article you are reading has accurate, true and/or proven information or… something that has been generated from the mind of the article author?

    Content which provides true and proven information according to its trueness can be considered under original content. Remember, content trueness plays a vital role for content to be original content.

  2. Communicative Representation: Only providing true information does not make it totally original content.

    Transparent communication also plays a pivotal role in making the content original and accepted. This means, content shall only convey a meaning to the reader that the writer wants to convey and not something else.

    There’s a pretty good chance that a reader might end up understanding something else than what the writer originally intended to convey, leading to a misunderstanding, which is often reflected in the blogs comment section or the wave of hate mails the author or the website administrator receives from readers.

    Therefore, the writer and the publisher have to be doubly clear about the theme of the article and the tone of representation.

  3. Grammatical Representation: Probably, the most important part which actually converts true and communicative information into original content is the grammatical representation. What does this mean? This means that small things like comma (,) and period (.) shall be placed exactly at the same place where it is required or else that changes the meaning of a sentence.

    This also means that what the author is trying to say is not always what the reader really understands and that makes the information totally wrong and the content no longer remains original content.

So, let us discuss how one can create original content.

Creating Original Content

Look, nobody is born as a subject matter expert. So to become an expert, learning is a must and same is the case with writing original content.

In order to write content, it is necessary that you learn more about the subject on which you are supposed to write an article.

Now, the question becomes, how to learn about those things? I mean that even though there are many sources of information, which one would you prefer?

No matter whatever sources you are using to get accurate information, be sure that you conduct thorough research.

Research work is the essence of writing original content. Of course, it is understandable that writing on one subject can become too monotonous… especially when there are hundreds of other people writing on the same subject and a lack of any new information. But even in such cases, the way one presents the information matters a lot.

Anyways, make sure to select at least three or more sources from where you can learn about the particular subject. Once you select those sources, read through them pretty carefully and try to understand what they are trying to say.

If you read through more than three sources, you will learn an ample amount of information on the chosen subject and you will be able to analyze what exactly is said about a subject.

Once you think that you have understood and collected good information on the subject, you can list that information as content into the article.

While doing so, please take note of three important points listed earlier in our discussion.

Look, if you have learned the subject seriously, there are fewer chances about the content not being true. Therefore, while writing, take care that you present the information you know in such a way that you become communicative, like talking to the reader face-to-face.

This will allow you to represent the exact information that you want to convey in your content.

Third and most important point is about grammatical mistakes. It’s really important to avoid grammatical mistakes in your articles to make the article readable as well as to build your credibility, no matter in what language you are writing.

Meanwhile, let me also make a point too never, ever try to copy any information from any other location such as websites or any other article you come across.

This is a big copyright offence in the first place and it also makes your content a plagiarized one which can be caught with the help of plagiarism checking software available on the market.

With this discussion, one can hope that you understand the process of creating original content and the constrains that one can come across.

Utilize the above information and produce original content that can make an interesting article for reader to read through and have the correct information. Let us look at a few of the advantages of producing original content.

Advantages of Original Content

  • Original content makes articles interesting and worth reading, which means a website will have more visitors looking for particular information.
  • With the original content, chances are very good that your website can rank higher in Google search.
  • When your website or blog publishes original content consistently, your website will become a continuous source of original content and that will bring more and more visitors.

There is no need to say how advantageous it is to be ranked higher in the Google search engine and what kind of earning it can bring you.

So, all in all, original content exists and writing original content is not just easy but it’s really profitable.

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Can You Get Paid for Writing Reviews and Make Money as a Review Writer?

“What?… what are you saying? Earning money as review writer? Hah… You must be joking, right?”

Is this the feeling you got when you read the title of today’s blog? If yes, then let me pinch you slightly and give you a wake-up call to believe that the topic of our discussion today is not any kind of bluff.

Get Paid for Writing ReviewsYes, there are thousands of people out there who have make an undisclosed amount of money writing reviews on anything under the sun and I mean literally anything; you could review movies seen recently, the new ice-cream flavor in town or a new Apple product you have used or maybe, a detective agency you hired to snoop around your better half! The possibilities are endless….

Earning money as a review writer has become quite easy and I will guide you through the process of what review writing is and how you can get paid for writing reviews.

Sounds interesting? Well I am sure most of us never thought of earning by reviewing products of daily use. Let’s see how this making money online strategy works…

What are Reviews?

In your house, do you have a refrigerator or a washing machine? Or do you use a mobile phone? Yes? What do you feel about these products? Are they working according to their potential and giving you the best return from your investment? Is their functionality the same as what its manufacturers had claimed when you bought it?

Here, your view can either be assertive or negative according to the product you use. And mind you, your view actually counts because its what you have to pen down as a review writer.

As a review writer, you are expected to present both the positive and negative aspects of a product. Doing so, you are helping countless other buyers to make an informed decision about products.

There are various online companies that hire review writers and the pay rate varies depending on the kind of reviews you provide and how the readers’ respond to them.

At this point, you have to note down four things:

  1. Don’t mistake review writing as performing online survey services. While online surveys can be faked, review writing needs to be truthful, that is, you cannot write a review until you have used the product for some time.
  2. It is not necessary for you to purchase every product you want to review. Depending on your product choice, the company you have signed up with sends you products for ‘testing’ or you can associate yourself with an unlimited amount of product manufacturers, ask them to send you products and you can review them. This second category of review writing is best suited for those people who have active blogs with a good amount of readership.
  3. Never ever sign up with review writing companies that ask you to pay upfront. I have told my readers countless times – Never Pay for Receiving Work. You work, you are paid and that’s it!
  4. Reviews are not for product promotions. You are not asked to promote the product so that it can be sold. You are only asked to give your OPINION and EXPERIENCE. Don’t promote it.

Earning Money as Review Writer

Review writing for any product has become trendy these days with the evolution of Internet. Getting paid to give honest feedback was unimaginable even two decades back.

There are many entrepreneurs who setup websites, line them up with products and allows visitors or review writers to write about the features and functionality of those products.

If you think that you are a subject matter expert for any particular subject and you have very good writing skills, you can provide your reviews on such kinds of review websites.

However, either expertise on a subject matter or good writing skills can also work in your favor as you can easily learn any of them. And you are even good to go if you do not know anything about Subject and Writing. In that case, you have to spend a bit more time on learning both before you can start writing reviews to earn money.

With good writing skills and expertise in subject matter, you should also know the format of a product review and what exact points you must mention while providing a review. Learning this will make you a professional review writer and with this knowledge, you will find many clients for yourself. So, let us learn how to write a professional product review.

Writing a Product Review

Anything that can be bought or sold is known as a product whether it be a big Villa, an apartment or even a small thread. While writing a review, there are various important points you cannot afford to miss. These are:

1. What exactly does the user want to read or know in the review?
As a matter of fact, you can craft the best possible review with best metaphors but until the time you don’t cater to what the reader wants to read in your review, you have not done a good job.

So, while writing a review, think from the perspective of a reader. Think what a person would be interested in before buying a product. Or what information you looked for or expected before purchasing the product yourself and compare your expectations with the results, and you have the material for a dynamite review.

2. Decide the matter that you want to carry to the reader

If you are a subject matter expert (as a review writer, you must learn to be), there is no doubt you will have comprehensive knowledge of the product but the main thing is how you present the information. You can do it in both ways: complex way or simple way. I prefer the simple way. Complicated reviews can confuse the reader. Therefore, the best way is to lay the facts bare for the readers and allow them to make their decision.

3. Be ruthless

Reviews are not about showing off your writing skills. Yes, certain amount of creativity is necessary to retain the readers’ interest but don’t make the language all flowery and/or too big of words. Write simple sentences. Always remember your readership.

4. Write about the subject matter, not you!

Check out any page of customer reviews and you’ll come across people who will mention their stories about how some ‘family friend’ suggested a book, but not quite sure because that ‘family friend’ was not a bookworm himself… but still had the gall to suggest a book and how you bought the book just to prove him otherwise…OMG! Who wants to know such stupid things???

As mentioned before, a reader, or I would rather say, a review reader wants to read all about how the product performs than your account of how you came to acquire it.

Finding Review Writing Projects:

Finding review writing projects is no big deal. There are two options: first, you can search for online review writing websites or product sites needing review writers on a daily basis; secondly, if you want to try this vocation as a freelancer, you can contact various online freelance writing companies like,,, and others where you can bid on short-term review writing projects. Either way, make sure you are paid at par, that is, don’t sell your services cheap just to beat out the competition or gain more clients.

Like other ways of advertising your services online, you can target social networking sites to promote your review writing skills.

The smart thing about review writing is that it costs hardly a few bucks as an expense, which includes your Internet cost; everything else is almost free.

Once you grow your stature as a review writer, you can form your own team of review writers under your payroll. Add a few more languages apart from English to your skills and you will be one of those few writers out there who can write reviews in different languages and that will grow your stature globally.

All in all, earn money writing reviews is quite easy given that you have the willingness to learn the subject matter and have good writing skills.

Leave a comment below if you are a review writer or just to give other readers here at Income Insiders some suggestions how you make money online writing reviews!

Should Bloggers Use PLR Articles?

A blogger knows the demands of content developing on a daily basis. Of course, we are talking about those blogs that are updated daily and not those ‘once a week published’ blogs.

However, once in a while a blogger may run out of topics or simply may not find the time to write daily because of other factors involved in running an online business.

Here, PLR (Private Label Rights) content enters the picture…

PLR ArticlesTo simply explain, PLR articles are pre-written content that you can buy at wholesale price. For instance, a package of 50 PLR articles may cost you $10 whereas if you hire a ghostwriter to write 50 x 500 word articles, that is going to cost you minimum $500 at $10 per article.

I know what you are thinking…”Should I let go of my writer/s and buy PLR articles?”

NO. You should not do that. Imagine if all the bloggers in the world bought and republished PLR articles, wouldn’t every blog look the same? Moreover, there are serious questions about quality and word count. Once I bought 500 PLR articles for just $7 – they promised unique content and each article was 500 words.

The truth – each article was no more than 250 words and “uniqueness,” let’s not go into that! Yes, if you are buying PLR, you cannot expect “original” or “unique” articles but come on, there should be “some” quality at the very least. The time I spent editing one article and adding another 500 words to it was not worth $7.

For me, PLR was an additional headache and I realized that writing on my own is much better even if it’s time consuming and sometimes monotonous.

Now you will ask ”You are confusing me. Should I or should I not buy PLR articles?”

YES & NO, both! See, according to my own experience, PLR articles are good for submitting in article directories to generate traffic. However, not every article directory site will accept PLR. For instance, Ezine Articles have turned very strict, ONLY accepting original content. But don’t be disappointed…there are hundreds more out there…

Again, don’t publish the PLR content “as it is.” I have seen many of my blogger friends making this mistake. Like I said before, take one PLR article – – – either rewrite it completely or partially to make it at least 80% unique or if the content is “good” or “passable,” edit it as much as you can, add SEO keywords and expand a little bit.

Remember that Google has made it clear that blogs with high quality content will rank high in their search rankings…this means each blog should not be less than 500 words and the longer it is, the better…

Go ahead, buy PLR articles but from “trusted” sources. There is a friend of mine who runs 134 blogs, to be precise, in various niches and as you can imagine, content is a priority to keep the blogs well placed in search rankings. My friend buys PLR articles from a particular seller who sells them in only packs of 5 or 10 articles.

From my experience, I have learned that buying PLR articles in small packs is much better than going wholesale. This seller typically charges $5 for article packs with full rights to publish them as you wish and the content is A+.

I asked myself….”if this seller is such a good writer (or whoever is writing for the seller), why is the seller charging so less and giving away A+ content at a throwaway price?” The fact is the seller generates thousands of sales through those small article packs, which not only covers the writing costs but earns the seller huge profits…

Now, how does this concern you? As a blogger, you need lots of content. Instead of buying hundreds of PLR articles at low cost with NO quality, you can buy small PLR article packs at a little bit higher cost but with good quality content, which will lessen your editing and content addition time…

However, DO NOT DEPEND ON PLR ARTICLES SOLELY FOR WEBSITE RANKING…You have to keep on churning out original write-ups regularly. Use PLR content as “stop gaps” or during emergency times when you are not available to write posts…

Know of a good PLR article site? Please, do share…

Copywriting Tips for Choosing Words

Today, let’s study the imagination of your prospect’s mind and get a feel about what makes them tick.

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Copywriting TipsOkay. Let’s keep going…

By tapping into your prospects main sensory perception, you can use “key” words throughout your copy that will resonate with them and surely awaken anyone’s senses…

We all have sensory perception being sight, audio, and touch. One usually is dominant more than the other two, although we use all three.

Research shows most of us fall into the site category. Audio takes second place while touch comes in third. Let’s look at each one:

1. Site oriented people interpret events through images and pictures
Examples of words to use: Notice, Do you see? See, Watch this, Picture this

2. Audio oriented people like to talk things out…
Examples of words to use: Listen very carefully, I hear you, Let me tell you

3. Touch oriented people want to experience what you’re selling, something
Examples of words to use: Grab, Taste, Feel, Hard, Soft

Keep in mind these three perceptions while writing your sales copy and by applying them, you’ll relate on some level to all your readers.

Adjectives and Adverbs:

Using adjectives and adverbs will also jazz up your copy as long as the words are being applied in the right context.

Let me give you some examples of the different kinds of adjectives and adverbs that can make your copy stronger:

Appearance Adjectives:

adorable – clean – drab – unsightly – elegant – sparkling – old-fashioned – quaint – plain

Condition Adjectives:

alive – clever – inexpensive – easy – mushy – odd – shy – uninterested – dead – vasttender

Feeling (Bad) Adjectives:

angry – clumsy – embarrassed – grumpy – jealous – panicky – scary – obnoxious – repulsive

Feeling (Good) Adjectives:

brave – delightful – calm – eager – gentle – victorious – witty – silly – kind – proudlively

Can you see how using adjectives in your copy will allow your prospect to form a clearer picture in their mind when using the word “old-fashioned,” or how they will muster up a negative feeling when the word “grumpy” is used? That’s the magic in choosing your words.

Examples of Adverbs:

absentmindedly – accidentally – carelessly – bashfully – bitterly – anxiously – blindly – deceivingly – defiantly – extremely – cruelly – faithfully – furiously – intensely – jubilantly – intently – merrily – madly…

A great resource I use all the time is Anytime I get stuck or I’m looking for a certain word, this is where I look. It will give you many variations of words to use.

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Hope this helps!

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