Social Networking Making a Positive Change

Social Networking

In earlier days, the computers were hailed as 'world changing technologies' and it was hoped that email would bring about a revolution in communication. Some said that the Internet would eradicate any form of national boundary. All these took place and there were some partial changes, but the world did not change overnight, it only became a little bit different. In hindsight, all these things did bring about a change but it was never that catalyst that would actually transform … [Read more...]

Role of Networking in Online Marketing

what is networking

Everything you can do to bring your online business dream to reality needs to be done. Even if you have to approach people offline to make them visit your site, you should do it so long as it will help to increase your number of sales. We can as well say that the end justifies the means. Networking is a very wonderful way to get people to visit your site. It has proved to be very helpful in making sales online. People who network have come to discover that it is very … [Read more...]