How to Measure Your Website Performance?

In the present scenario, if you want to make your business or organization famous, then the very first thing you must have is an attractive website which can help you to attract more and more visitors.  You must know the standings of your website, that is, you have to know about what other things are needed for its popularity on the Internet.

Website PerformanceWhat should you measure?

There are several points which are to be noticed when thinking about the popularity of your organization or business.

For one…focus on the number of visitors coming to your website on a regular basis and how many of them are new or unique. Check out the location of each and every visitor as it will let you know the different countries where your business is making an impression.

Secondly, you must notice the number of visitors that subscribe to your services on a regular basis.

Thirdly, pay attention to the feedback of clients or customers who are using your products – services and facilities.

These are some of the basic points which you must not forget regarding the popularity of your website. Google Analytics is a great tool in measuring these statistics.

How can you measure a website’s performance?

There are several tools which are designed to enhance the popularity of a website. Among the endless number of tools available, the best and the most preferred one is Google Analytics.

The only thing you need to do is create your account. Generate an ID and password, login in to your account, link your website and check out the analytics reports on a daily basis.

The daily reports include the number of people visiting your website and the country from which they belong. With this tool, you can also get some tips to improve the quality of your website.

Check out our video on how to set up a Google Analytics account.

If you want to keep yourself updated with every change happening on your website, then you must go for a web business dashboard. Set aside a day to review the changes taking place on your website. With this method, you can surely do something better to improve your website; it may be either for its popularity or for the enhancement in the number of visitors.

This method will develop your interest and help you understand what it takes to build a successful online business.

GO with SEO Work

If you want to increase traffic to your website and want to grow your business exponentially, then the best option for you is to SEO your website. There are several things that are included in an SEO package; some of the most important are article writing, blog posting, social bookmarking, link wheeling, yahoo answering and link building.

  • Article writing:

In order to make your website popular, the first thing you need to do is write articles on the keywords related to your products or the services that you offer. The articles should be very attractive with an eye-catching title so as to magnetize the attention of the reader.

After writing the articles, they are posted into different articles directories with a URL of the website for which the SEO work has to be done. Once they are approved, they are published by the article directories.

Interested people read these articles and if they find them valuable, they click the URL mentioned in the by-line. As they click, a new or a unique visitor is added to the list. This is the first step to be done in SEO work.

  • Blog Posting:

Blog posting is another important method for making your website popular. Always try to keep your blogs informative, so that it can assist readers to get expected informative content…

The blog should not contain useless lines and phrases which do not convey any meaning in relation to the products or services you offer. Moreover, the blog should NOT be only about the business products and services. You must write on other topics related to your chosen business.

Always update your blogs at regular intervals so that readers know you are an active blogger. Updating the blogs daily is somewhat very typical and recommended.

  • Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking helps in increasing your websites popularity in the minimum possible time. There are different ways of doing this; some of the most important are discussed below:

1. Quick Indexing – The search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, ASK and others always search and index those websites faster which are submitted into any social bookmarking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg and so on.

2. Personal advertising – There are several social bookmarking websites which allows you to create your own business or company’s page where you can mention products and services offered to consumers.

In this page, you can put links to your website and its inner pages which will help you to increase traffic to a particular page of your website. One thing must not be neglected… that the more traffic that comes to your website, the more PR you gain.

  • Link wheeling:

Same as other methods, link wheeling is not as easy as it seems. The most important feature of link wheel creation is that it helps you to keep your website at the top in relation to certain keywords within the search engines.

It also helps you to make your website popular in minimum span of time. While implementing this method, one must focus on the points that are mentioned below:

1. Squidoo lens – First of all, check the requirements of your website and after that write a Squidoo lens which should be in relation with the theme of your website. Placing of links is the next step after writing a Squidoo lens, so don’t forget to add them.

2. Creating backlinks – Building of backlinking is very essential for the popularity of any website. The good thing with adding backlinks is that it aids in enhancing the Page rank of your website.

These are some of the most crucial points which one should remember when wanting to create a popular website in this competitive online world.

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Link Exchange – How Does It Make You Money?

Link exchange is a cost-effective tool to increase website traffic. Wikipedia defines link exchange as a “confederation of websites that operates similarly to a web ring” where websites come together to exchange HTML links and connect with other websites.

Link ExchangeLink exchange programs are usually free of cost although some providers may charge for premium services. New and experienced Internet marketers often use link exchange programs for pulling traffic to their site and making money.

2 Ways Link Exchange Can Help

There are two ways in which link exchanges works:

  1. Direct exchange – In the direct exchange, you connect with websites that are similar to your industry / business and when visitors come to those websites, they can see your link on that webpage, and if they wish, they will click on to your site. Link exchange of this kind is normally done between highly popular websites. For instance, if you exchange links  with the Huffington Post, it is a given that you can receive quality traffic.
  1. Search engine ranking – Search engines prefer inbound links in a website. Basically, the inbound links perform as a measure of a website’s popularity in the global online community. Therefore, if you increase your link popularity, it will contribute towards improving the search engine ranking of the website. By participating in link exchanges, you can ‘up’ the search engine results and thus, multiply your chances of making money online.

Now that we know link exchanges will help an Internet marketer to build backlinks and rank favorably on the search engines, you should always be aware that outsourcing the task to link farms or exchanging links heavily may be termed as unnatural by Google.

If you want your links to look more natural, you can try a 3 way link exchange.

3 Way Link Exchange

In a direct link exchange, you exchange links on a one-on-one basis. If A links to B, then B links back to A.

In this, if the inbound links between two sites are too many, it will take time to build the Page Rank.

Therefore, many marketers prefer building a 3 way link exchange.

In 3 way link exchange, there are no link backs between websites A, B and C. A links to B but B does not link back to A; instead, B links to C and C links to A. Such kinds of link exchanges are harder for search engines to detect, which translates as a natural link exchange strategy for Google.

If you want, you can try to create a 4 way link exchange or 5 way link exchange strategy as well. More than a 2 way link exchange strategy acts as a disguise to cover reciprocal link exchange.

How to use link exchanges as a tool?

To exchange links, first you have to find a website that matches your business / interest and then contact the admin to exchange links. Now, where do you find such sites? You join link exchange programs.

Joining links exchange programs are free of cost. Once you join, you surf their recommended sites. Your visits earn you credits which can be used by other members to surf your registered website/blog. This is just one way of getting traffic.

While you are surfing, you can come across websites that will interest you. What you do is bookmark them, contact them later and arrange to exchange links with them. It is always better to get traffic from a targeted audience; therefore, it is of utmost important to choose websites for link exchange which match your objective.

Advantages of Link Exchange

  1. You can partner with popular and credible websites and blogs that can give you quality and unique traffic.
  1. You get to attract visitors with wide interests; of course, it depends on the nature of the website / blog.
  1. You can rank on search engines faster.
  1. Good link exchange partnerships can help achieve #1 keyword ranking in a short amount of time.
  1. There will be link stability. The websites you link with will not go out of business sooner; therefore, your website link will enjoy link stability.
  1. Your website can be engaged in exchanging links with multiple websites, as described previously.
  1. It is a stable method of hyper-linking.
  1. More than link popularity, you get to concentrate on targeted readership, which should be the prime concern of any Internet marketer.

Disadvantages of Link Exchange

  1. It can potentially distract visitors. For instance, if A and B exchange links, visitors to A can be distracted to visit B for a longer time than lingering on A.
  1. The “link text” or the “anchor text” that links back to the website is not under the control of the webmaster.
  1. You are not allowed to decide where your link will be placed. If the webpage already has too many reciprocal links, your link may not even be “visible” or catch attention to website visitors.
  1. The website you exchange links with might remove the link after a few days without even telling you. One can avoid this situation by deciding beforehand the number of days the links will be placed on the websites.
  1. You do not have control over inbound links but it is an advantage to know that search engines realize this and thus expects you to keep a tab on outbound links. If you willingly link to a spurious or dodgy site, it will have a negative impact.

Seeing the benefits from link exchange programs will take time. You cannot start a website / blog today and expect to exchange links tomorrow. At least, give your website 2 – 3 months time to show good results and then approach other similar websites / blogs to exchange links.

If you have any tips, let us know below…

Using the Traffic Exchange Method to Make Money Online

Getting traffic is a sore spot for Internet marketers. After all, what all can marketers do to gain traffic? Most importantly, how to sustain that traffic to create repeat business?

make money with traffic exchangesOver the years, Internet marketing competition has tripled…all of us are looking for easy and affordable ways to get traffic. We all know about paid traffic, but let’s tell you about another way to get traffic online you may not know too much about – Traffic Exchanges.

In the Traffic Exchange method, you sign up with websites that facilitates exchange of traffic. You are asked to visit other websites and in return, the facilitating website gives you credits. When you have earned substantial credits, the facilitating website will send YOU traffic equal to the credits earned. In short…

YOU visit websites

YOU earn credits

YOU get traffic

Again, as a traffic exchange user:

  • You do not buy anything
  • You have less attention span
  • You are interested in traffic only
  • You get to earn money


Internet marketers who are just starting out with their blog or website can use the traffic exchange method to get initial traffic flow or traction.


The process is time consuming.

How To Make Money with Traffic Exchanges?

Quite simply, you can earn money from the traffic exchange method by selling the accumulated credits.

It is not mandatory to use your credits to get traffic. Almost all traffic exchange facilitators allow you to SELL those credits to other marketers who are searching for ways to get traffic.

Should you sell all the credits you have earned? Definitely, NO!

Suppose you have 10,000 credits. You can use 5,000 credits to get traffic to your own website or blog, and you can sell off the rest.

The credit buyers are usually those people who do not have much time to visit other websites and earn traffic.

You won’t become a millionaire earning money from traffic credit sales but you can easily earn a few hundred dollars to fund your other Internet marketing components.

Other ways to make money with traffic exchanges:

  • Cash for Surfing Websites
  • Cash for Referrals
  • Referral Contests
  • Surfing Contests for Cash
  • Paid to Click Ads
  • Commission for Referral Purchase

Out of these, a marketer can focus on creating a downline (referrals) and earn money for referring them to join and commission whenever the downline makes a purchase.

Traffic Exchanges are not specific…

Another problem with traffic exchanges are that they’re not targeted towards any particular market. What we mean is that if you are promoting your “beauty” website, it is not possible to browse other “beauty-related” websites on traffic exchanges.

The traffic exchange websites are free to join and all kinds of websites are registered here. The administration or rather the software does not identify the websites in specific categories. You get to visit all and you earn credits.

Not All Websites have Value…

If you are a shrewd business person, you will use this to your advantage. When you browse other websites on traffic exchange links, you will not only come across possible competitive websites (if any) but you get to promote your business fiercely when you see that the pages you are being sent have no or very little value.

As long as a majority of people are promoting the wrong page and in the wrong way, use it to further your benefit.

What to Promote?

Even if the traffic exchange method is a good way to earn money, you don’t want to waste the opportunity by promoting the wrong products or pages.

It is NOT a good idea to directly promote a page that is trying to sell something to the surfer. A surfer does not have any intention to purchase at that time but only interested to earn credits.

Since the traffic exchanges are controlled by a time limit, a marketer can, let’s say, offer a freebie, some tips or ‘how to’ information, or ask the surfer to leave their email info. The time a marketer gets to impress the surfer is a maximum of 30 seconds or sometimes less.

How many hours per day to surf?

Some people surf 5 hours a day, some 1 hour per day and yet others surf when they feel like it. As a new online marketer, you can surf an hour daily to get some traffic to the site.

The BIGGEST Advantage of the Traffic Exchange Method…

You can use the traffic exchange method to build email lists and generate leads. In the long run, you can use the traffic exchange method to promote your own Internet marketing product rather than just an affiliate product.

The email list created through this method will go a long way. Create a goal of sending out 100 emails within a span of 3 months. With this list in hand, the marketer can promote his/her products.

Traffic Exchange Etiquette

Don’t be under the wrong impression that you can open multiple website pages, view them randomly and close the tabs. One could adapt this method 8-9 years back but not any more.

The traffic exchange facilitators have made their system cheat-proof, which means one has to remain on the web page for 30 seconds for the credit to show in the account. And, if you swap tabs, the timer will pause and only resume when you return to the webpage. This is the standard operational criteria adopted these days.

Since the same procedure works the other way round, make sure that your splash page is interesting and useful for the surfers to leave their email info.

With traffic exchanges, you get to earn money and receive website visitors to your online promotional activities at the same time.

Top 40 Ways to Build Backlinks

Websites like Amazon, Squidoo, Facebook, eBay, MySpace and others have thousands and thousands of backlinks pointing to their site. Amazingly, they don’t have to invest time in getting these backlinks. They are given to them by thousands of affiliates linking to their site.

What are backlinks?

Build BacklinksBacklinks, as defined by Wikipedia, are “incoming links to a website or web page.” They are also known as incoming links, in links, inbound links and inward links.

Why do you need backlinks?

Quite simple. You absolutely need backlinks to rank higher on the search engines and enable people to read your web pages. Have no doubt about the fact that search engines value the quality and quantity of backlinks. Getting backlinks is difficult but it is an important step in your SEO campaign.

High quantity and quality backlinks = online money.

Two nights ago I stumbled upon this great book that had an endless list of getting backlinks; some were quite obvious while others were very innovative and yet some others were entirely unheard of, I’m sure.

What I have done is summarized those backlink building ways and I present to you the 40 most workable backlink building methods.

Read on how to build backlinks for your website or blog

1. Submit your website to more than 250 website directories.

2. Submit original articles and site link to more than 300 article directories.

3. Create a YouTube channel, create videos manually, SEO it and post them.

4. You can use ‘Unique Article Wizard’ to automatically submit different versions of your article to thousands of directories.

5. Write one blog everyday and link it back to your website.

6. Create a ‘Fan’ page on Facebook.

7. Visit other similar communities on Facebook, take part in discussions and leave your link there.

8. Use Facebook ‘Notes’ and tagging option to leverage traffic. Use the ‘Notes’ to post blog teasers along with the real blog link, tag the note and see the backlink building.

9. Twitting is essential. You can create multiple Twitter accounts and continue tweeting. There are automated Tweets services as well that you can use.

10. Create a Forum. Build a forum and ask others for their contribution. They will promote your content and link back to you.

11. Join popular forums and include your site link in your forum signature.

12. Use auto responder service to build a nice list. Use this list to send newsletters and requesting subscribers to link back to your site.

13. Search and bookmark similar blogs related to your niche. Visit them regularly and post comments. Most blogs allow links back to your commentator site.

14. Create RSS feeds and submit them to RSS directories.

15. Use popular social media websites to your advantage. Completely fill out profile pages and include other links as well such as YouTube channel, Twitter links, Facebook links and others.

16. Don’t forget to submit your site to WhoIs database.

17. Use ClickBank products as affiliates with link back to your site. However, once you stop your affiliation with that product, you stop receiving the backlinks. So choose your products wisely.

18. Visit and join ‘The Backlinks Forum’ – an entire site dedicated to generating backlinks, nothing else!

19. Use ‘Google Places’ to show your business listing. Optimize it by adding links, descriptions, reviews, pictures, videos and others.

20. Submit your blog to 300+ blog directories.

21. If you can, create website and/or blog templates. Or outsource it to someone. Your templates will carry your website link and make sure that users of this template are not allowed to change your link…this is a very innovative way to get backlinks.

22. Create a resourceful e-book and sell it on ClickBank, Amazon, eBay and Barnes and Nobles. Don’t forget to place your site link on the e-books and profiles.

23. Do you love to give advice? Yes? Become an active member of answer groups links Yahoo Answers,, Wiki Answers, Ask Ville, Answerology and others.

24. Free classifieds receive millions of traffic daily which comprises of people looking for products and services. Place classified ads periodically and keep updating them.

25. Take out a few minutes and complete your social media profiles. Just don’t forget the blog and website links.

26. Submit press releases with relevant links on hundreds of free press release submission websites.

27. Start regular guest blogging.

28. Customize your content and submit them to RSS Feed Aggregators.

29. Develop ‘How To…’ tutorials. Post them on tutorial sites or on your own website.

30. Develop blog widget and submit to widget directories.

31. Take hold of and build a customized toolbar. Distribute this toolbar to your blog or website visitors. This toolbar allows readers a quick access to their favorite website and allows you to increase backlink as well as boost Alexa rank.

32. List your business details on and

33. Go to and Submit your site. If they randomly select your site as the ‘Cool Site of the Day’, they blast your site to 150,000+ members. Traffic plus backlink, both gained.

34. Review other blogs in exchange for links.

35. If you come across websites that are neglected by their owners but have potential, offer to buy them. Such websites already have the groundwork done for you.

36. Use small marketplaces like and to hire commentators on other blogs and to bookmark them. They can comment on other blogs with a link back to your site or Digg your blog post.

37. Write ‘Top 10 Lists’ about anything that you think is worthwhile for your business.

38. Get your business website listed on the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Local library, Local Government sites and every other possible Local Business Directories.

39. If you have more than one site, don’t forget to interlink content.

40. Make video testimonials about your products and services. You can link back to the client site as well as yours…hitting two targets with one stone!

Are you using link wheel in your link building efforts or what are your backlinks strategies? Share with us…

10 Sure Shot Ways to Get Free Traffic

Web traffic is defined by the amount of visitors reaching a website on any given day. A newbie to the Internet also knows that without getting web traffic, their online business has no chance of succeeding, let alone any hopes of making money online.

Get Free TrafficWeb traffic is of two kinds: organic traffic (free) and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is generated naturally through a website or blog marketing whereas in paid traffic, you pay a marketer to bring traffic to your site.

While paid traffic is not all the time recommended because Google favors natural traffic, getting natural or free traffic is not that easy either.

Here we list for you the 10 best ways to get free traffic

1. Submit Press Releases – Press releases are announcements businesses make introducing its readers to new services and products.

However, these days, online marketers and bloggers are also using free press release services to post a press release review of products that they are perhaps affiliates of. Or press releases are used for announcing new websites.

Whatever the reason may be, creating a press release is a very good way to gain free traffic. Moreover, you don’t have to create hundreds of press releases. Just write one press release, add the links and post it to all the free press release directories. Make sure the title of the press release is catchy.

2. Blog! Blog! Blog! – There is no substitute to blogging. If you have an online business, you must have a professional website. Associated with this website should be a blog that you can use to write about subjects related to your business.

If you are selling products, write about them or if you are selling services, talk about them as well.

Always remember that blogging should be informal in nature. Post one blog everyday for 12 months and you’ll see a sizeable difference in your web traffic.

You can announce your blog by submitting it to search engines once you have enough posts.

3. Submit on YouTube – Video marketing is a rage these days. With thousands of videos being added to YouTube daily, you maximize your chances of getting free traffic from YouTube.

The good news is YouTube is owned by Google so if you can make a good video and use proper SEO keywords, you can receive targeted traffic. Moreover, you don’t need professional assistance to create YouTube account and upload video you created. It is a completely DIY site.

4. Write Amazon Reviews – Amazon is the world leader in online business. There are hardly any types of products that Amazon does not sell.

So where does your business come in to play? Amazon is always on the lookout of detailed product reviews. Set up an Amazon account, review their products, introduce your link after the review and if people like your review, there is positive chance that they will click on your link as well. To keep getting free traffic, keep reviewing as many products as possible.

5. Offer Free Products – If you visit a blog and you are offered a free e-book on, let’s say, strategies for low budget Internet marketing, which otherwise costs $20 in the market, will you leave the offer or take it?

If you have any sense, you will take it! You would also sign up on their subscriber list; go through their blog looking for more information and other, if possible, freebies.

Now turn the table around – you have a website that uses such a strategy, what are your chances of getting free traffic? A lot, I would say! People love free information; especially those kinds that will help them make money online. You fulfill their demand and they fulfill yours in terms of steady traffic…easy economics!

6. Offer Guest PostingGuest posting is not only a great way to increase free traffic but also generate free back links.

Moreover, keep in mind to guest post on those sites that are related to your business industry. Guest posting on a diet and nutrition site when your business is about selling construction is a very poor example of business sense. Find guest posting sites related to your own industry. And don’t forget to link the post back to your website or blog.

7. Interact with Visitors – One of the main rules of thumb to get free traffic and also often ignored by many.

Interacting with site visitors lets them know that there is a ‘human’ behind the website and that it’s not another keyword-based domain looking to earn from advertisement revenues.

You can interact with visitors in four ways: replying to their comments, opening an online poll, adding visitor to social networking pages and sending meaningful emails to them.

It is always a good sign when a blog receives comments. Also an online poll helps you gauge reader’s interest in your content. Using Facebook and Twitter is very common today. Ask your readers to share your content on their profile; and lastly, sending periodic emails updates the readers about new developments like new products or services offered…

8. Opt for Free Classifieds – Free classifieds like, Google places, and thousands of others is an old marketing strategy.

Create a good marketing pitch page, which should sound neither too businesslike nor too promotional; and post them on multiple free classifieds. Make sure to optimize the classified page with good / high ranking keywords that will enable people to find you and visit your website.

9. Article Marketing – One of the oldest methods of online marketing. Even though article marketing is the favorite method for online businesses, it still hasn’t reach stagnation. People are always on the lookout for new, refreshing and original content.

Create 10 original articles, rewrite each original 5 times, and post them to multiple article directories with an author’s byline and a website link. Remember – the articles should be about the business you are dealing in.

10. Use Social Networking Sites – One of the preferred methods today to get free traffic is social networking. Synchronize you website or blog with networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace, others.

Using these 10 ways are not a one time task. You have to stay consistent to continue receiving good traffic to your website or blog.

What is your trick of getting free traffic? Share with us below…

How To Increase Web Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

Blogging is said to be the first step towards the world of writing. Almost all bloggers have the yearning to become published writers.

How To Increase Web TrafficHowever, getting inside the world of blogging seems intimidating. Once you have crossed the first hurdle, it could still seem challenging to get to the avenues that can bring in the rush of visitors.

The one frustrating thing is not being able to see the rush that was anticipated of getting the first hundred visitors to visit or post on your blog. One can put forth all the effort and still not get the hundred people to visit…

On the other hand, there are others who have a blog and within a few days have more than a hundred visitors and start earning a decent amount of money from it, if not a huge pot of gold.

So what are the reasons which decide your blog’s destiny?

The main factor is to separate the haves from the have-nots… in this aspect is the adherence to a certain number of guidelines or ideas by the people who have that desire for hundreds of visitors to their blogs. The how to get traffic to your blog tips can be identified below…

Celebrity blog: It is easy for a celebrity to have a blog and get the first hundred visitors to his/her blog within the first few days of creating it. However, there are other tips and guidelines to follow if one is not a celebrity and still would like to get a whole lot of visitors.

Commenting on Blogs: Blog commenting is also a good way of attracting visitors to your own blog or website. This strategy works in a simple logical way. When you comment on a blog, you touch upon the spot of the brain (of the site owner) that compels him/her to check you out as well since you seem to be a bird of the same feather. And that way, you can have a guaranteed hit on your website from him/her.

Social Bookmarking: If you are one of those writers who have the knack of touching the right spots and getting the topics written on where people thrive, you have a surefire recipe to not just have a hundred visitors, but also maybe to make the first million bucks from your blog.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the newest phenomenas to hit the Internet. It is a social networking site that can expose your blog or website to a phenomenal boost of content and blog visits. You just have to use the right keywords and make the tweet that you post as interesting as possible for it to get a higher rate of click-through and that too just from the people who maybe searching. Learn how to set up a twitter account here.

Facebook: Older than Twitter is the Facebook phenomena. This site started as an intra net facility for the students at the Harvard University and has grown a million times over.

Nowadays, it is said that if you do not have a Facebook account/profile, you are nonexistent. Tapping the potential from Facebook users is easy. Just create a profile and use facebook marketing to spread the word to your friends about your website or blog. In no time, your website will have the first hundred visitors that you may have been planning for quite some time before ‘coming into existence.’

Posting on Forums: You can find community forums created on the World Wide Web related to absolutely anything that you can imagine. The Internet is a great place for like minded people to meet and discuss anything and everything.

The best part is that they are not limited geographically. Basically, one could have the hundred visitors from literally any part of the world as long as you have touched the right spot in their imagination.

Yahoo! Answers: Although Yahoo may have lost the search engine race to players like Google, it still has a substantial presence in the field of questions and answers. There could be a vast potential if you could either post a question or more certainly, if you have an answer to a question that not many have.

Squidoo: This website contains things which are genuinely generated by the users. It allows the user to create a page, which is known as ‘lenses.’ It is a page about what you can write confidently about. Once created, you can get hits when people type in keywords associated with the lens that is created. Creation of lenses here can open up a two pronged avenue for the blog owner.

Firstly, people, by using search engines, search for the keywords which are related to your lens. If these keywords are relevant enough in the search phrase, it can show up in the top search results. This can get you hordes of targeted traffic to your lens from the search engines which you can funnel into your website.

Secondly, Squidoo has a vast online community, which has over nine million visitors per day. This community keeps referring the website to find things that they want to have more knowledge about. So, obviously having a lens is a surefire way to get that boost in visitor hits to your website. Plus you can make money with squidoo from your lens.

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is another surefire way to generate the number of unique visitors to your website. All one would have to do is invest the time that they would like to write an article. Then they need to get in touch with the best blog in the industry that your blog is more closely associated with and seek permission to write as a guest blogger.

It is rare to find website owners who will refuse the offer of receiving content that is absolutely free of cost to them. You could visit sites like and access their community to invite a blogger to post as a guest blogger. They will be more than happy to post content to your site.

Article Writing/Marketing: Promoting your websites by writing articles and getting them published to numerous article directories is not new.

However, it is a proven way to get people to sit up and take notice of your blog/website. This concept is similar to guest blogging. However, there is a difference wherein here you have to just write one article and you can increase website traffic for a long period of time.

Thus, it can be said that the creation of a blog is not the destination but the point of origin of this journey to the world of recognition and virtual fan following.

How to Use Digg for Your Online Success?

Are you an Internet marketer who has products to promote online? Looking for a flood of traffic? Are you having one form of challenge after another as far as getting traffic?

How to Use DiggYou’ve probably tried all different kinds of methods but the number of visitors that are coming to your website is not as impressive as you’d like.

Not to worry…

Following is an important step that can go a long way in getting traffic to your site…

What is Digg?

In case you have not heard of Digg, it is a kind of website on which anyone can post his or her website.

In case you are looking for any website that has a specific kind of product or info, you will be able to locate such a website on Digg.

You too will have the chance of placing your website and its content on Digg for anyone who may be in need of the product, services or info that you have displayed on your site.

How Digg operates?

Digg operates in such a way that your website content is made available to the visitors by a social news site.

The visitors may decide to either view your site content or ignore it. The site that ends up with the highest number of visitors will be judged the most popular site and it will be placed among the popular sites on Digg.

This makes such sites able to make money for its site owner because more people will have access to it and its products.

This is a very useful way to get successful online.

The sway between sociality and money making…

The original intention of Digg when it was created was to make it possible for people to make friends and contact friends.

On Digg, you can add friends and be added as a friend. But as time went by, cunning businessmen and businesswomen online began to detect the great business possibility in the use of Digg and they began to make an inroad into that possibility.

They started to make business websites available on Digg with excellent content to attract people to their products that they have to sell online.

Today, Digg has become one of the best ways to make great money online as long as you can write awesome content that will attract a lot of attention.

Who holds the sway?

On Digg, the top user is the one that holds the sway. He pays the visitors with the tune of information and he therefore dictates the tune of what goes on and how it goes on in Digg. This surely has its own negative and positive effects…

On the positive side, the top user on Digg will be able to find it easy to get his products and services to the numerous visitors that flock his top site.

He will therefore be making lots of money online and will get successful online within a very short period of time if he is able to maintain his top spot.

On the negative side, the other Digg users may end up not having a place at the top. Their web contents may not even be visited by several site visitors who found their way to Digg. Because of this, they bum out while the top spot users will have all the fun.

How beneficial is Digg?

Are you looking out for the most popular news site where you can get to know people and be known? Then you can’t come by a better site other than Digg.

In short, it is the most popular social and news site available today online. This is why it is easy to get successful online while using Digg.

Are you looking for a site where you can create a link with other bloggers like yourself for the upward movement of your similar online businesses?

Digg should be your next point of call. It holds the entire ace and sets the pace in this regard. You will be able to submit your blogs to these other bloggers and they too will be able to place links on their sites of your own blog.

Are you looking for info on that very important topic and for the right place to get properly informed?

You should try out Digg. All the info that gets displayed on Digg is already ascertained to be of good quality. They had been properly assessed and found worthy. You can then be sure that such info will be totally reliable.

Try to imagine what would happen to your site if it gets to the top spot on Digg. Before you know what is happening, you would have been able to attract a lot of traffic to the site. Before you can mention the ‘J’ in Jack Robinson, you would be smiling all the way to the bank regularly.

The perceived dark side…

You will get popular if you can ever get to the top spot on Digg and you will be able to get successful online.

But the question is if your site will ever be able to get to that top spot at all. There are so many other bloggers who are jostling for the top spot. Your chances can be very slim.

The traffic you get from Digg may not even be consistent.


I can only hope the info above has been able to educate you on how you can use Digg. You may decide to make use of this great social news site to generate traffic for your website and its contents.