Top 10 Blog Directories of 2011 and 2012

Top 10 Blog Directories

Do you have an interesting blog of your own? Well, now it's time to think where to place your blog where it will be easily visible to all the Internet users and therefore, getting your blog ranked high in the search engines. Every blogger wants his or her blog to be one of the top listed blogs in the search engines. For that, you will have to index your blogs with a good and well-known blog directory. Top 10 Blog Directories Given below is the list of top blog directories of … [Read more...]

How Should You Announce Your Blog?

Announce Your Blog

After completing the first steps of blogging, that is, putting up a blog, writing good content on it, making sure that you told your friends to check it out... what is important to someone who wants to be seen in blogging circles and not be just seen around as another young Blogger? Read on for the answers. Participate: By participating, it means that the new blogger go and post suggestions on other veteran blogger’s sites. And keep posting comments on other bloggers’ sites … [Read more...]