Christmas Spirit…Will YOU Catch It?

The older I get the more I’m aware of what Christmastime means for so many…controversy.

Every day I hear of someone else who is offended by a tree – a saying – a nativity scene, a Christmas cartoon, etc. I find it to be rather hypocritical because those who are crying about their rights being taken away are taking away the rights of everyone else. Hmm, imagine that.

Anyway, I’m very sick and tired of the entire charade.

Christmas SpiritSo instead of complaining about those who are offended, (let them wallow in their own self-pity) I choose to focus on the “real” meaning of Christmas; a time for giving…not receiving. A time for miracles to transform one’s life forever, not just this time of the year.

A time for opening your hearts and letting the light in, opening your eyes to witness the beauty of the surroundings and witnessing all the joy on the children’s faces and opening your ears to hear the sounds of singing, bells and laughter that only this time of the year brings to us.

A time for feeding a needy family down on their luck right now. Giving presents to children who wouldn’t have anything otherwise. Donating a Christmas tree to a family who can’t afford one. Stopping at a nursing home and chatting with some of the residence.

You know guys, these things we take for granted are so easy to share and give away to those less fortunate than us. And oh the joy it will bring to you is priceless. If you’ve ever done any of these things, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. There’s nothing like it.

But don’t stop there…do it all year round and you’ll soon see the transformation in you. You will be a changed person forever, and so will the people you shed your light upon.

Below are just 12 “little” things you can do all year round to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and the love in your hearts;

1- Talk to a stranger for a minute

2- Flash a “BIG” smile at someone

3- Make a sad person laugh

4- Help an elder carry groceries

5- Call an old friend

6- Say a meaningful “I love you” to someone who desperately needs to hear it

7- Spend extra time with your kids

8- Encourage someone

9- Let someone bend your ear for an afternoon

10- Give away an item you love to someone who needs it more than you do

11- Cook a dinner for someone who’s sick

12- Thank God every day for all of the blessings he’s shed on you and your family.

Below is one of my favorite Christmas songs I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

Let’s not forget all of our American troops and their families this season who have given the ultimate. Thank you!

From our families here at Income Insiders, we wish you and yours all a very Blessed Merry Christmas. We love you!

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