5 Tweaks in Your Online Marketing Producing the Most Change

Online Marketing Success

By now, everyone has heard the story of how Target uses predictive analytics to better target their customers. So why does Target engage in predictive marketing? Is it worth their time and money? As an outsider, you can only measure their success through company growth. Understanding how much of that growth is attributable to analytical efforts is known only to those inside the company. I have seen small changes in ad copy increase conversions by 50%. The fact is that every … [Read more...]

Lead Generation for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Lead Generation

Today is an era of hard-core competition. Every one is trying to be first at any cost. For a business person to face cut throat competition, he has to adopt various techniques. One of them is Lead Generation - it is a boon for small business and has become a very popular method in enhancing the growth and development of any business. As small business houses do not have much money to invest on advertisements and promotion - so they look toward lead generation as a best … [Read more...]

Yelp Online Marketing for Small Business Owners

Online Marketing for Small Business Owners

Are you one of those who started a new business a few days ago? Or the one who has already had the business but struggling to get customers / sales? In both cases, there is an urgent need for the best small marketing strategies which can bring you customers from your business area, either local or national, depending on you. The term ‘marketing’ is generally interpreted by small business entrepreneurs as something which requires a heavy financial investment. However, … [Read more...]