Top Business QR Code Failures

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Previously, we wrote about the advertising potentiality of QR codes and its use for online marketers. In this discussion, we will talk about QR code failures. When QR codes are not able to manage all the encrypted data, when there is no web accessibility while scanning QR codes or when there is a lack of compatibility with the scanning devices, your QR code marketing plan could fail drastically. Ever since its inception in the digital marketing industry, the responses towards QR … [Read more...]

What Are QR Codes and Should Marketers Use Them?

What Are QR Codes

Introduced by Denso Wave in Japan and ISO standardized, Quick Response code (QR code) is a bi-dimensional bar code initially used for product identification. Today, this bar code is adopted for online marketing in various organizations. This highly used marketing tool is generated via various resources available on the Internet. Traditional Bar codes v/s QR Codes Quick Response code or QR code is an open standard information storage platform which allows embedding of massive … [Read more...]