Mobile SEO – How Are Mobile Platforms Changing SEO?

mobile SEO

Mobiles and Smartphones are definitely the trend changers. With the advancement in mobile Internet technology in the last few years, browsing and accessing Internet via mobile has grown exponentially. In fact, websites that are not optimized for the mobile platform are losing their potential traffic. In contrast, websites can be accessed via mobile are now trying their hands on mobile SEO! Getting Started with Mobile SEO Mobile SEO process begins with defining the website on … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Make SEO Reader-Friendly

SEO Friendly

People are information addicts. Every day, they wander to upgrade themselves with the latest happenings around the world. Searching online for global updates and happenings is the best alternative. Articles, blogs, discussion boards and others are some of the best online agents which provide every bit of information available. Thus, it is vital for them to be reader-friendly. Also, maintaining a balance between the reader and search engine optimization (SEO) is equally … [Read more...]

SEO for Local Business – How To Go About It

SEO for Local Business

Current economic trends, both in US and in other countries, show that local businesses pay a high concern to strategies regarding promotion of their products and services. For a lucrative and performing local business, you need to follow the recent trends and the recent trend is SEO for local business. There was a time when local business owners thought their business could run well with information found in phonebooks and local directories. In the last decade, the ways … [Read more...]

14 Common SEO Mistakes You Should NEVER Make

SEO Mistakes

There are some mistakes in SEO which are unforgivable. If you make these mistakes, no matter how much money and tactics you put forth, you will never make huge profits. Your website still won’t be able to get a good ranking and your business will be suffering heavily. Common SEO Mistakes The mistakes are listed below along with the ways to avoid them... 1. Never keep your Google AdWords Tool set to Broad Match mode. The “Broad match” mode in the Google AdWords Tool … [Read more...]