How To SEO Your Articles?

Writers have different writing styles with the intention of getting their articles published and become noticeable. Every writer wishes to build a name, fame, and money through their articles. The best way to present your articles to several readers is to SEO them.

How To SEO Your ArticlesIf you wish, you can learn about all SEO stuff here before you read these tips to SEO your articles. The purpose of preparing your article according to SEO rules is to rank high on the search engines.

Search engines differ in their way of producing the results. Search engines like Bing and Yahoo are different from a search engine like Google. Google gives more importance to links while the other two search engines prefer to give importance to keywords and phrases.

Learn How To SEO Your Articles

These tips will help you in understanding how to SEO your articles and attract more readers.

  1. Right keywords and phrases should be optimized

    This is the first and the most important step to have your articles ranked high in the search engines. You should carefully decide on which keywords are likely to be typed by the users and optimize those keywords with the search engines.

    It is very important that you check that the keywords are matching the title and your entire article. You can use the Google Keywords Suggestion Tool for having a list of keywords that are relevant to produce good searching results.

    Also, check out for the keyword density. It is recommended to have 2-3 keywords for good results and place your keywords accordingly. Most importantly, they should be placed in the title and URLs for good searching results.

  2. Backlinks

    As mentioned earlier, some search engines like Google give importance to links to present accurate search results. Providing backlinks in your article – blog or website that has your article posted will give good search results.

    Therefore, the blogs and the websites that provide a number of backlinks are considered to be very popular and are ranked high in the search engines. However, you should make sure that these links are taken to relevant sites.

    Read about the top 40 ways to build backlinks for your blog or website.

  3. Use Meta tags

    This helps in providing short information about your article to the search engine software. You can provide short Meta tags with keywords and a description of your page. This is one way to get good searching results for your page. If these Meta keywords and descriptions are well written, it will give you a chance to attract a huge amount of readers.

  4. Good content

    Your article should be well written with useful information that interests your readers. This will help in boosting the chances for high rankings of your article in the search engines that would attract a number of links from other websites and therefore increase the amount of readers.

    Now more importance is given to the links and so having numerous links would add an extra chance for attracting more traffic. So, you should be very careful in making your article really outstanding and interesting for getting good searching results with SEO.

  5. Provide visuals

    Articles, blogs, or websites will not look good without visuals. Providing images and animations will only add more chances to attract the readers. Relevant visuals should be included along with the text.

    You can ask the help from a good web designer to make your website look good with appropriate images and animations if you are posting your articles on your websites.

  6. Use static URLs

    There are some special tools that help in rewriting the URLs in a good format. You can use them to get them optimized in the search engines without great effort. The other form is dynamic URLs which are not SEO-friendly. Such pages with dynamic URLs have poor searching results.

  7. Submit to directories

    Search Engine Optimization will help in showing your articles to several readers. But a good ranking depends on how you promote your articles or websites.

    You can submit your articles on high ranked websites like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, or iSnare, where more readers are likely to read your article. You can also create a blog or a website of your own or include your articles to your existing website.

    You can submit the URLs of the newly created pages on the search engines like Google, Yahoo  and MSN.


These tips should help you to get an idea about how to SEO your articles, blogs, or websites and get huge traffic to your sites. You should do it very carefully while increasing your chances to be in the top rankings on all the popular search engines.

You should understand about each search engine you are optimizing your articles with and familiarize yourself with their special features while following them carefully before choosing a search engine to SEO your articles.

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Will Google Plus Negatively Impact SEO?

After the launch of Google Plus, SEO experts across the world started predicting the future of SEO with Google Plus.

Google Plus SEOMost of the experts have come to believe that Google Plus will definitely enhance the SEO market with its various functionalities and user friendly features, while some believe that Google Plus, especially the Google Plus button will slow down the SEO market due to its slow processing.

SEO experts believe that Google Plus improves web promotion activities. Websites and blogs are optimized in a variety of patterns to promote businesses online in a more comfortable manner.

This is just because Google provides the biggest search engine to help visitors in finding informative blogs and articles. Also, it enhances traffic on business websites.

In this competitive world, social networking websites are the major source of online business promotion. After the terrific outcome of business promotions via Facebook, Google has launched its separate social networking platform via Google Plus.

However, it has long been an estimate that the social networking platform via Google will boost online marketing trends, but Google Plus, due to its huge search engine platform, negatively effected its search engine optimization for big websites.

How did this happen?

Google announced that the “plus one” button will enhance websites’ rankings. Consequently, people started using plus one button to collect traffic to their business page, but due to its slow processing speed, it negatively affected their website ranking.

Google plus one button slowed down various website elements and therefore, website pages are taking too much time in loading. This creates a negative impression in the mind of the users and next time, the user may as well avoid revisiting that site, which technically translates to a lower website ranking.

Another negative impact of the plus one button is on the website layout. It’s a very difficult task to fit the plus one button on the website tool bar as it disturbs the alignment of other buttons. As an experiment, SEO experts have tried to load a handful of pages from a chosen website on separate browsers simultaneously.

Consequently, all the chosen website pages, excluding the page having Google Plus button, loaded properly in an estimated time, while the pages with +1 button took a lot of time to load. In such cases, webpages get frozen until it completes its loading.

Michael Bulter in his article JavaScript Hover Effects to Speed up Page Load Time has provided an alternative to boost up Plus One button speed on websites.

In this article, he said that the users don’t need to load buttons until they move the cursor on the button and before this action, Plus One button is simply an image on the website until the user marks his cursor on the button. This consideration can enhance website loading speed.

Moreover, sometimes the Plus One button becomes inactive automatically. When you want to click on it, it shows an exclamation “!” mark. If this happens repeatedly on a websites, users are bound to feel irritated and stop visiting that site.

These are some major issues with Google Plus which can negatively impact website rankings. Considering all such negative aspects, if a user tries to acquire some great advantages of Google Plus on SEO, the user can surely achieve a good ranking on his website.

Let’s observe certain positive aspects of Google Plus for SEO

Before Google Plus, Google tried to grab the social networking market via Orkut and Google Wave, but they were unable to hold user’s loyalty for long, as Facebook continues to do. After certain brainstorming sessions, Google planned to make its search engine its strength and introduced a combined platform for social networking and search engine via Google Plus. This emerged as the next SEO trend in an effective manner.

This new tool has improved the quality of Google’s search engine results as it support genuine database and genuine websites to promote business globally.

This is the greatest achievement of Google’s search algorithm from the last decade because in the past, Google search engine was badly affected by a lot of spam sites and duplicate content.  

Google Plus helps in dealing with such issues and provides improved SEO techniques for effective business promotion online.

Following are some features of Google Plus, which are beneficial for the SEO market:

Sparks – It is basically a type of web feed which creates a combined sharing platform for similar or related blogs and websites.

This helps the user to find accurate information according to his needs. Sparks gives a new perspective to SEO… It supports group sharing between friends.

Those blogs which are preferred by your friends can be seen on your profile page. This helps you in enlarging your social presence. Also, it helps you in finding required blogs and content quickly.

Circles – Google Plus provides the facility of making group of friends via Circles. This helps SEO to promote business within a group of people related to business products and services.

For example, people belonging to a physical fitness group can promote their business in the fitness Circle. This proves to be the quickest online promotion strategy. Also, it helps in providing good traffic to associated websites and thus, increases its ranking.

Google +1 button – Despite its negative repercussion, it is also considered as the perfect source of effective SEO results.

If a user’s friend recommends a webpage or promotional blog via +1 button, it shows in Google search results when the user searches with a similar keyword. This is the shortest way to get a good search engine ranking for your website without paying huge money to SEO firms.

Gmail contacts – Google provides a facility to personalize your Gmail contacts and use them on Google Plus to promote your webpage.

People find it effective because they don’t have to spend much time in attaching their Gmail contacts with Google Plus.  If a user selects those contacts from the Gmail account, it will help the user to make a Circle on Google Plus in lesser time. With meaningful promotions, this will help the user to get good search engine rankings on Google Plus.

All these features of Google Plus are the ultimate sources to get quick and effective SEO results. The only issue, which the website owner should keep in mind, is the minimal use of +1 button on the website, as it can take much time to load any website page.

Nevertheless, expert optimizers are estimating that Google Plus will be the most effective medium to enhance website rankings in the next few years.

Crucial Points For Mobile SEO

SEO is one of the most important parts for any online business. If you are planning to make any money, then the first thing which I would like to recommend is to optimize your site according to the various search engines. You will be surprised to know that almost 60% of site traffic comes from search engines.

Mobile SEOThis blog will introduce the concept of mobile SEO along with a few handy tips.

Mobile SEO – A Basic Requirement

We all know that requirements change with the passage of time. In the last few years, people were hardly concerned or in the know about mobile SEO but nowadays, mobile SEO has become the need of all online businesses.

Ever since the iPhones were launched, online shoppers started to shop through their iPhones or as you can guess, most of us read daily news on our mobile phones. Due to all these possibilities, mobile SEO has become a vital part of online business.

What is Mobile SEO?

You might be thinking that when we do SEO of a normal site, then why would we need mobile SEO. Here you must be made aware that websites are designed in two ways – one which runs on computers and laptops and the other one which runs on mobiles.

A mobile website is completely different from an original website. It means that both kinds of websites have the same goal but the website made for mobile devices loads quickly and can be visible in minimum resolution.

You might have noticed that when you do a Google search from your mobile, some of the search results are accompanied with a small icon of ‘mobile.’ These websites are custom created for mobile users.

How to SEO a mobile site?

Here are the fundamentals of mobile SEO:

Mobile Friendly Website – As we discussed earlier, sites customized for mobile browsing load quickly and have minimum resolution. Apart from these two factors, you have to think about compatibility as well. Not all websites are compatible on mobile browsers. 

Therefore, the mobile site that you build for your local business should be compatible for all kinds of mobile browsers. You can get help with this using the Mobile filter tool of Google Analytics.

URL and Content -It is advised by all search engines to use the same URL for mobile websites. For the content of the mobile website, you must be conscious about good quality. It is said that content is the king. You can make the content similar for both the websites but it should be hyperlinked with keywords and of course, keyword density should not exceed the normal limit.

Use of Mobile Filter and Google Analytics – You can make good use of Google Analytics as you can analyze your visitors without creating different profiles. In Google Analytics, you can login with your Gmail account and create a website profile. Then you have to copy and paste a small code in your websites coding document and upload it to the server.

As soon as your account is verified, Google Analytics will keep track of visitors on your mobile website as well. You can easily see the number of visitors and their login details, including the country of origin.

You can also take advantage of Filters. It will tell you exactly how many visitors are coming from the mobile website – how many pages they visit and how they interact with your content. Google Analytics is a free online tool.  Besides tracking the number of visitors, you can also research appropriate keywords for your business.

Some other points to keep in mind for mobile SEO

  •  If you want to SEO a mobile site, then among other several factors the most important one is the content as it plays a vital role in optimizing your website.
  • The images pasted in the website must be tagged carefully with Meta tag, title tag and alt tags. Always submit a mobile sitemap to the search engines and also ensure that you use only one markup language for your website, for example XHTML.
  • Always check that the codes you have implemented for the pages are easily understood by the browsers.
  • The mobile Internet is totally different from normal Internet browsing that you generally do on laptops or on desktops.
  • Internet browsing on mobile has several distractions, thus the message should be very simple to comprehend by the user.
  • The screen size is also a factor when you are expecting to browse a website on mobile.

Thus for mobile SEO, the content and design of the website must be very appropriate and as per the requirements.

There are several SEO oriented companies which can help you a lot with this. They will let you know what images and content you should put on the mobile website to optimize it easily and to look inviting within a limited budget. If you want to hire a SEO provider, read about their packages in detail before finalizing.

These days the trend of making websites popular is done by forwarding messages. As per this concept, they simply send you a corporate message with some offers and ask you to forward the message to 5 or 10 of your email friends and once you forward these messages, you get mobile recharge with some small amount.

Just by giving you a small benefit, they plan to increase their website visibility with scores of mobile users. This is also one of the most important and most widely used mobile SEO tricks.

Mobile websites must be made in such a way that branding a business or organization becomes possible in a very simple and easy way without much effort.

To conclude, these are some of the most crucial points and ways which you can’t neglect when thinking of creating a mobile website according to SEO rules.

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Top 10 Ways to Make SEO Reader-Friendly

People are information addicts. Every day, they wander to upgrade themselves with the latest happenings around the world. Searching online for global updates and happenings is the best alternative.

SEO FriendlyArticles, blogs, discussion boards and others are some of the best online agents which provide every bit of information available. Thus, it is vital for them to be reader-friendly. Also, maintaining a balance between the reader and search engine optimization (SEO) is equally important.

Making web content SEO friendly is not enough to attract readership. It takes some time to earn credibility. The initial priority for reader friendly SEO is to provide completely unique content for readers. Use of effective words within the published content creates blogs that are interesting to read.

Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines are quite smart to imagine what users expect while reading an article or blog. For the writer, it is vital to know about the search engine criteria for content optimization. Indexed and categorized contents make blogs more informative for readers.

Following are the top 10 ways to make SEO reader – friendly without going overboard:

1. Relevancy in content:

Relevancy is like a bridge between a blog title and the contents of the blog or article. The blog title is just a single sentence description of overall content in the blog. Therefore, the blog title should be able to define what the readers can expect to know about in the blog. Also, the blog title should be catchy. It should be able to describe itself as the solution of what the reader is looking for. In short, balance between the blog title and the blog contents while staying relevant.

Tips to implement relevancy in SEO content is that the writer should decide the blog title first. It will help the writer to write related information in the blog according to its title. Also, the blog content should be informative and should be able to hold the reader’s attention.

2. Don’t extend content too much:

Bloggers, who are not aware of SEO specifics, describe too much in their blogs. They should understand that the Internet is the world of information and resources. Generally, readers avoid those blogs or articles which are not informative and relevant, and which are excessively long to read.

Reading long blog posts or articles takes too much time to collect information. Writing descriptive information in a single blog post is not smart enough to hold the reader’s attention span for very long. If the blog post is long, the content can be split into separate blogs.

3. Describe your content with examples:

This is the easiest and the most effective technique to attract readers to your blogs. Writing about real life experiences and relevant examples in the blog is not a difficult task.

Certain experiences from daily life, practically implemented concepts, some imagination and thoughts are great examples which can be implemented while writing any informative blogs. Finding such stuff can make the blog immensely SEO reader-friendly as there is a sense of establishing a connection with real audiences.

4. High keyword analysis:

Keywords play the most important role in making SEO content readable. Nobody can type complete query on Google search bar, if he/she knows the key to get information easily.

Keywords are a group of words that help to filter relevant information on search engine results. Thus, if there is no proper keyword analysis, associated content will be hidden from the reader. If a blogger wants to make his post perfectly reader-friendly, doing strong keyword research and implementing those keywords in the blog is mandatory.

5. Avoid unwanted keyword stuffing:

Good keyword research while writing blog posts is essential, but stuffing unwanted keywords or a large quantity of keywords in a small blog is worthless. Some bloggers believe that having a good number of keywords in a blog is good enough to optimize the blog and make it reader-friendly but the facts prove otherwise.

Bloggers should avoid unwanted and excessive use of keywords in writing blogs. Standard keyword density is maximum 3% of the total number of words in a blog. Practicing this standard keyword usage will create a reader-friendly blog.

6. Use CMS:

CMS is the content management software used in providing a reader friendly layout of the blog. Various content management software is available online and the blogger should choose a CMS depending on the requirements of the blog.

Along with this, the blogger should try to avoid the use of dark or blurred layouts. A reader friendly blog should look appealing to the eyes while reading it. Its layout should not be messy and chaotic to search and surf. The best blogger is one who knows that the layout of the blog is equally important as the content.

7. Avoid direct marketing in blogs:

Some bloggers use direct marketing strategies via blogging. This is the worst marketing strategy used to attract customers. Smart bloggers will never indicate any direct marketing endeavors within the blogs.

In fact, if the blogger is promoting any product, the blogger only describes the product’s features and specifications. Also Google AdSense, which is a well known online earning source, doesn’t allow direct marketing via proposed blogs.

Direct marketing by providing websites link into blogs is worthless. Even readers avoid reading such blog posts.

8. Provide information collecting references:

A professional blogger always tries to provide the maximum amount of information to the reader in his short blogs. Even if the blogger is unable to fit the desired information in a single blog, the blogger can give a reference link to collect additional information.

In some cases, it is not always possible to describe every word. Those words or phrases which are not easy to define should be directed with some references.

9. Add quotes within content:

Adding some quotations in blogs can attract people to read your blog. SEO specifics do not prohibit the use of quotations.  Considering this aspect, if a blogger puts quotes in the blog, it will look nicer to the reader as you can see in lessons you can learn from Steve Jobs.

10. Link multiple information:

Descriptive content cannot hold the reader’s attention for a long time. Instead, if the blogger wants to give detailed information, the blogger should continue it in the next blog. The blogger has to ensure that the consequent blogs are related to the original blog and that the blogs are accurately linked together. Readers should not feel tired to read detailed information coming from extended blogs; each page should reveal something new.

The blogger should never publish copied contents or PLR articles in the blog. Google SEO rules do not allow this. Also, readers always expect to get something unique in blogs. Readers never visit copied blogs to waste their time. Moreover, the blogger should provide targeted information.

A blogger cannot expect instant returns from blogging. If the blog is good and the blogger begins to sell products and services online, the established blog will come in handy to get good traction.  If the blogger dedicates himself to his readers, he can increase web traffic to his website and can grow his business.

Follow all the above tips and guidelines carefully and make your blog reader friendly.

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4 Ways Google AdWords Helps to Boost Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables a website to get visitors by performing different online promotional activities. For this, your website needs to maintain a good position in the Google search engine. When you maintain a good position in the search engine, you will get a big number of online customers visiting your site. This is called “high traffic.” To generate a good amount of traffic, your keywords should be such that it is searched frequently on search engines by prospective visitors.

The services involved in SEO

Boost Your SEO

  • article creation and submission
  • title and meta tags optimization
  • directory submission
  • SEO content writing
  • keyword marketing research
  • website analysis
  • search engines compatibility analysis
  • link building
  • press release submission
  • social bookmarking
  • forum posting
  • keyword optimization
  • classified submissionand a lot more.

There are a lot of companies which provide services like flash animation, link building, website development and hosting services, SEO consulting services and most importantly, Google AdWords optimization.

Google AdWords – the most popularly sought after service by website owners. In this, the SEO service providers offer creation and expansion of ads, ads structured campaign management, optimization of ad groups, extension of ad groups, and traffic tracking.

Other services performed along with Google AdWords are flash animation under multimedia presentation, 2D and 3D animation, design animation and flash banners which are provided by the services.

People generally have the misconception that Google AdWords is used for paid traffic only but AdWords can be use for SEO too.

Here are few points which will explain the role of AdWords in SEO.

1. Keyword Research & Application

The most important use of AdWords is in keyword research. Keywords are the basis of any search.

You, as an expert, will think that users will use simple keywords to search any content but actually what happens is completely different. They use unexpected and weird keywords to make their search. They have no idea what the popular keywords are so they use what they think will lead to the result.

Therefore, you need a keyword research tool to get an idea what keywords visitors are using to search. Google AdWords research tool is the best for this purpose. It is more efficient than any other keyword research tool.

It is also very simple to use. All you need to do is feed some basic keywords and a whole list of suggested and used keywords is provided to you by the research tool. You can also directly put the URL of your website and all possible suggestions of keywords are provided.

Now that you have the list of all the keywords, you need to be selective about the keywords you need to rank well. These are those keywords which have a good global search volume. You may like to rank for all the keywords but it is best to focus on a selected group of high traffic-pulling keywords.

You can search the volume of keyword searchers through AdWords. The results will show you the number of searches made for a chosen keyword globally and locally every month.

You should choose the keywords with less competition ratio. For this, you need to divide the number of search results by the global search volume. The keywords having a higher ratio should be chosen for SEO ranking.

2. Verify the Keywords

Selection of keywords is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of things to be done now. Just imagine what if the selected keywords don’t work for you.

Many times it so happens that you choose a keyword after going through the entire above process but the bounce rate of keywords still proves to be high. Your labor goes in vain and even after using good keywords, your website is never seen in the search results.

Therefore, what you need to do is verify your selected keywords. Search for your selected keyword and find out the position of your website in SEO. If we use Google AdWords for Search Engine Optimization, we can find the bounce rate of used keywords.

If the bounce rate is high, we can change the keywords for better website position/ranking. Thus, using AdWords saves your labor from going in vain.

3. Better Click Thru Rate

Besides keyword research, Google AdWords is used to get better CTR (Click Thru Rate).

Sometimes it may happen that your website ranks well through a few keywords but it falls short of bringing enough business to you. This may be due to a inappropriate description or title of your web content. You need to run an AdWords campaign and find the performance of your website. You can try different combinations of title and content and keep checking the output.

This may take awhile but you will end up having the best combination of traffic and also the business of your website will boom instantly. You need to do this regularly and keep checking till you reach maximum CTR.

4. Geo-targeting

You can use Google Analytics to compare the conversions in different geographic locations. It is obvious that different places will have different discrepancies regarding the conversion of keywords.

Using Google Analytics, you will know in which country these keywords are making maximum conversions. You can target those countries. You can create extra pages especially for those countries and target your business around them.

The misconception that AdWords is mainly for advertisers should be removed from our mind. The use of AdWords is not restricted to advertisers. It is equally important for SEO experts and publishers as well.

Even a small AdWords campaign can bring them good results through the selection of the right keywords for their business so that the conversion rate is high and the used keywords never bounce.

In a certain way, Google AdWords has become an integral part of SEO. It can be used by anybody to boost their SEO and the best part is that it is very user friendly.

Next time, use Google AdWords to boost your SEO and enjoy watching your efforts convert to more business.

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8 SEO Myths and 16 SEO Facts You Should Know

Gaining the top rank in Google is one of the toughest jobs for a website owner. Companies generally hire SEO professionals to do this job for them. But the humor is that the promises made by these professionals are mostly Myths.

SEO MythsSome of the most popular myths are listed below along with the factual truth behind them…

1. Many SEO professionals come up with the promise of making your website rank number one on Google but the truth is that no one except Google itself can guarantee you a number one ranking.

The fact is that these search engines go through a very complicated process, including more than 200 rules before deciding the ranks of the website. So, actually no one can guarantee you a number one rank on Google. You can only make the effort to rank high without a guarantee.

2. The SEO professional will always come up with the myth that the Meta Tags are the key to top ranking but actually the content of your website is what gets you a good or bad ranking.

3. The SEO professional will always suggest to submit the site map to different search engines but actually it doesn’t make a big difference in your ranking because every search engine is connected to Google. So, submitting the site map to Google is enough.

4. The SEO professional suggests using all popular keywords to make your site more popular but the truth is that only relevant keywords work for you and rest are useless. In fact, Google views too many keywords as spam.

5. SEO is not an event where you once perform all the required tasks and you can sit and enjoy the flooding traffic. You need to keep updating every part of your website, including the design, to meet the needs of your customers and gain traffic. The change should always be drastic. Small changes never bring huge amounts of traffic.

6. SEO professionals will tell you that “nofollow links are useless” but actually these links from high authority sites are of great use.

7. The biggest myth of all is about your page rank. The truth is that what matters is the traffic to your website. Today’s visitors are tomorrow’s clients. So, what matters is that people should revisit your website.

8. SEO can’t be performed by anyone. You need to be an expert SEO professional to perform optimization of a website. If you try to handle it yourself, you create a huge loss to your business by taking this risk. This is a huge lie. Of course, the help from professional matters but to say that SEO cannot be done by the average common person is incorrect.

The 16 SEO facts are:

    – SEO is not just for those websites who sell products online. It is necessary for every website. Even if you don’t do online business, your clients may want credible information through your websites. People like to search for and review websites before buying any product either online or offline.

    – SEO does not give results overnight. It is an entire process and takes time to bring you traffic. You need to keep working on it until it brings expected results and should keep updating information on your website to continue enjoying the same traffic.

    – Never copy content from other websites and paste it on yours. Google is very particular about this kind of thing. If you use such antics, your account will be locked.

    – You need to write separate content for your websites. Just collecting articles from the directories is not enough.

    – The website needs to be submitted to different web directories to come in contact with people. If you won’t submit your website to different web directories then you won’t be able generate enough traffic.

    – Update your content for a better response from viewers. If your website is not up to date, viewers won’t show interest in the information provided by your website.

    – You should never use Black Hat SEO techniques because search engines can easily recognize those techniques and will block your account.

    – Always optimize your web design. If the web design is not optimized, people won’t be attracted towards your website and you will never be able to generate traffic.

    – The more important thing is the target market than the search engines. If you are hitting the target market right then it doesn’t matter if you are not on the top ranking page of the search engines because the purpose of ranking is business.

    – You need to keep testing your website for whether it is up to date and is doing well with traffic and on search engines. It is not like once the website is optimized it can stay optimized forever. For continuous traffic, you need to keep working on it…

    – It is not always that the flash is the best way to show your messages. The technique should depend on the demand. You should be concerned about the usability of your website because if your website has discrepancies, people will prefer avoiding it as much as they can.

    – Write quality content for your site. You can’t just write anything as your website content because it is the medium where people get to form the first impression of your company.

    – Use keywords in your content. It is very important for a good ranking in SEO.

    – You shouldn’t add too much of large file images. It doesn’t make your website look nicer or more appealing.

    – You website should be fast to load because people hate to wait. They prefer the ones which save their time.

    – Optimize your websites even after it has been indexed by search engines for better traffic.

Stay away from the above 8 SEO myths and this common SEO mistakes and adapt yourself to the 16 facts on SEO. You must be aware of them either as a webmaster or as a search engine optimizer. Ignorance about it will keep you away from success even after investing all your labor and money.

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SEO for Local Business – How To Go About It

Current economic trends, both in US and in other countries, show that local businesses pay a high concern to strategies regarding promotion of their products and services.

SEO for Local BusinessFor a lucrative and performing local business, you need to follow the recent trends and the recent trend is SEO for local business.

There was a time when local business owners thought their business could run well with information found in phonebooks and local directories.

In the last decade, the ways people look at local businesses have evolved drastically. Now, if your local business is not found online, you are not considered a competent company and you lose a great deal of business to your competitors.

With Google Place, Business Listings, and the technological ability to geographically analyze business leads, finding the whereabouts of local businesses can be easily obtained by customers using keywords that are used for webpage optimization.

Using Google SEO, local businesses target their local clients. Even the customers benefit as they don’t have to go through the huge directories to order a service or product. They can just put their queries in a search box and a list of web pages will appear having all the information about their query.

There are two major steps which should be taken by local businesses using Google SEO in order to take full advantage of online media.

First of all, get enlisted in the Google local business directory. You must make it a point to give accurate account details, create an accurate business profile and then list it in the Google local business directory.

The best directory for this purpose is Google Maps. It is a user-friendly application and it takes eight weeks to get listed.

You can have multiple listings for various local areas. Essentially you need to have one listing per area. You will automatically find more traffic on your website.

Secondly, you need to have good quality products or services, which will give you quality backlinks. In order to get a good ranking, your local business needs to get quality backlinks from respected domains in the similar industry.

SEO Tips for Local Business

Your local business website should be developed according to these points below.

1. Using your location in your keywords

Google algorithm keeps changing frequently so the search results get affected. Then it will give results on the basis of keywords qualified for that area where the user belongs.

So, provide qualified keywords for your website. Be careful to apply these tactics while using Google local SEO to improve your business dramatically.

2. Use your location details in Meta tags

All your company details, including addresses, are pertinent details and you need to include all these in your business profile page. Also add a short description of your company and attach photos to it. This makes your website appealing and people visit your website more often because it is easy to get information there. Applying these facts to Google local SEO helps you in generating more traffic.

3. Use the location details in the text of the body

Using location details in the keywords helps to get you better placed on the listing. So, make sure location is a part of the keyword and the content.

4. Make use of Yahoo Local and Google Places

These are great places to submit because they list you for a particular location.

5. Use backlinks with your location wherever possible in the text

It may seem very unusual to use backlinks in the content because they are grammatically incorrect and never go with sentences but still… using those helps in bringing more traffic. You can also use it in the name field while commenting. It helps a lot in getting a good rank in SEO.

6. Become a part of local search engine

There are various local search engines which are not very famous globally but are famous in the area. You need to get yourself included in the most popular in your area. It may prove to be a gold mine for your local business.

7. Get your business listed in local directories

You may think there is no use of using such an old fashioned technique but this is the first place where people look to search for local dealers of products. So, never underestimate the directories and get listed in them.

8. Organize local ad campaigns

Locally targeted ad campaigns help a lot to bring expected local traffic to your website. The two best options for these are PPC ads and classifieds ads. These are the best for webmasters.

9. Keep doing checks for your keywords

Sometimes it happens that you think the keywords are perfect but actually the users might be using different keywords for making a search. To avoid this situation, you need to do regular checks of your keywords search volume. If the search volume is low, obviously, you need to change your keywords.

Use Google search tools to know which keywords are most popular and use those keywords instead of the ones you are using. Both time and money are precious in business so be dynamic about your website and the keywords used.

10. Use social websites to promote your business

Social websites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular these days. You can use these websites to promote your business by creating pages of your business information. The best part is they are free and drive a huge amount of traffic to your websites. Local groups are very popular here because the visitors will be of your region.

11. Never forget to publish reviews and testimonials

The reviews and testimonials are very popular because they help to gain popularity and credibility. They act as letters of recommendation. There are many national and regional review sites where you can post these reviews.

12. Create separate pages for different locations

Creating separate pages for different locations helps to gain access to different regional customers. The viewers find the pages friendly and trust you for doing business.

Therefore, SEO has become an important part of local business and no company will flourish without using it.

Any tips about using SEO? Please leave a comment and let us know…

10 “Must Knows” Before Hiring a SEO / SEM Professional or Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very basic need for all websites who want to maintain a good online business in spite of all the competition.

hire seoFor a single query on a search engine, a long list of websites show up. If you want that search engine to index your website and be a highly ranked page, you definitely need SEO/SEM.

SEO/SEM can be defined as an assortment of online activities that are necessary to create buzz around your products or services that will help you to rank well in any search engine.

For those of us who really want to build a good profitable business online, SEO/SEM is must. If you do not want to spend your time optimizing your site because you want to concentrate on the production side of the business, you need to choose a proven and affordable SEO/SEM company.

There are two kinds of SEO options available

1) Get an in house SEO service

2) Hire a SEO service

You can also outsource your SEO projects. Outsourcing SEO makes the project more affordable for you.

Every good SEO company owns an expert team for the optimization of your website under a specific time limit. You will be able to see the effects within weeks. The popularity of your website will increase drastically and this will drive huge amounts of traffic to your website.

Outsourcing an SEO job will be a good idea to avoid making seo mistakes and it makes things more cost effective. The other benefits of outsourcing this service is that the company taking the project delivers results in time.

10 necessary points to be considered before YOU hire any SEO/SEM firm

  1. You should do some research on search engines to figure out the best company for optimization in your market. Research properly about the reputation of the company. It should be a reputable one and it should be an honest one. It should tell you about the true possibilities of the expansion of your business.
  2. It should agree with the objectives, timescales and targets of the company. It should give you assurance about the accomplishment of the project.
  3. Selecting a SEO/SEM in your locality helps to get better access to the local market.
  4. They should always be ready with the development reports throughout the operation of the optimization of your website. The company should be accessible and should be able to present reports of project development on a regular basis.
  5. There should be a mediator party which takes responsibility of work on both sides. They also help to negotiate the prices. It keeps the cost down.
  6. Be patient to make better deals when negotiating with an SEO/SEM company. Don’t rush and agree to fixed price deals. They too keep a margin for bargaining. Use your bargaining skills. Moreover, check the services they are providing for a fixed amount of money. If you don’t need any of the services listed, let them know – as that will reduce your overall SEO/SEM service costs as well.
  7. Your SEO Company should take into account the present traffic level of the website. SEO services will cost you more if it has to be started from scratch. Also, if you are changing SEO services from one company to another, make sure to get all the relevant document files from the previous service provider and hand them over to the next SEO service provider…
  8. An SEO service provider should focus on the site’s structure also. They should pay attention to the layout of your site. Sometimes smaller changes can do the magic but sometimes the whole layout of the site has to be changed. Don’t let the structure of your website be the barrier to your success. The SEO provider you choose should analyze whether it is the structure of the website which is hindering the regular traffic flow.
  9. The SEO company should analyze whether the keywords you are using are working for you or not. They need to perform keyword research and guide you whether the presently used keywords are workable or if the website needs a major overhaul. It is not important which one of the above they suggest, what is important is that the changes they suggest is making money for you or not.
  10. SEO/SEM service providers should also guide you with social media optimization of your site. Again, if the website needs to be optimized from scratch, the SEO service provider should set up social optimization accounts as well.

If any SEO/SEM company offers to do all these things for you in your budget then that is the SEO/SEM provider you should select.

If you hire an expert SEO/SEM, you don’t need any internal teams to take care of the website traffic. You are working with the experts so they take care of the complete process. They work according to your goals of business.

When it comes to choose the SEO/SEM firm, just keep in mind that the type of services provided by different SEO/SEM firms are slightly different and you need to choose the one that suits your priorities.

The main purpose of the SEO companies is to make your website very popular so that every potential client comes to know about it. They provide your website maximum possible exposure. You should consider that SEO/SEM firm which meets your maximum needs within the lowest investment.