How Do You Perceive Yourself… A Lion Or A Cat?

Has anyone ever said these kinds of words to you?

You’re dumb – stupid – lazy…you’ll never amount to anything – no ambition – you don’t have what it takes or, you’ll never make it.

How Do You Perceive Yourself... A Lion Or a Cat?Many of us have grown up to hear such language at one time or another. I’ve personally have heard it from my parents and teachers, especially when they were mad for something I had done or said…like when I threw a rock at a car passing by at the age of 9…don’t know why I’d do such a thing!

And yea, probably some of it was true such as the “no ambition” part in my teenage years, (being rebellious and didn’t care at that point) but even though I wasn’t on the honor role, I wasn’t dumb or stupid by any means.

I’m sure my parents or anyone else really didn’t mean it or think this was actually true. I heard encouraging words as well.

However, if you think about it, these words are very dangerous. Not only are they degrading if heard over and over, but such words can easily destroy your self-esteem, confidence…your life.

Unfortunately, these types of words can craft your accomplishments…or lack of, following you straight into adulthood. It can have a severe impact on the decisions and choices you make.

Do you really believe that you’re dumb, stupid and won’t amount to anything? What kind of life do you think you’ll ever have believing in such nonsense?

Chances are, not a very satisfying one.

I invite you to watch this short video about someone who knows all too well what it feels like to be told such things, but the outcome is something you have to watch. I love how this ends although this person wasted a good 15 years of his life because of it…

So the next time someone tells you you’ll never make it in business – a relationship or you lack the ambition to accomplish something…remember this video and tell them…

“I Got It!” and find someone else who’ll give you a chance!