Link Wheel – The Marketing Game Changer

Today, there are thousands of websites present on the Internet, so it is very tough to get a good ranking.

There are many tools used to get your website at the top and search engine optimization (SEO) is very popular among them.

Link WheelThe main feature of this tool is that it helps to increase the traffic of websites that results in a good ranking. There are many services offered by search engine optimization providers and among them the best one is link wheel creation.

A link wheel is a very common tool in the Internet business world and people mostly prefer this method just because it helps them to reach their goals in a very short period of time.

In the website link building industry, link wheel is a buzzword as this is the best way to build links and increase the popularity meter of your website. It is also the most powerful tool to build links in a natural way. In this process, organic link building methods are used and search engines love the natural way of link building.

Link building is the marketing game changer because many people are feeling the benefits and their websites are becoming extremely popular on a regular basis.

The best thing about link wheel is that they do not get links from the unrelated websites or other dubious sources; link wheels bring the relevant links from niches that are on the Internet. They also help to increase the link count by multiplying the links and because of this; it is proven to be one of the best online business strategies.

Link wheel is a group of many websites which are generally made to assemble substantial backlinks for some particular website so that the ranking of that website increases.

Need of Link Wheel – The Marketing Game Changer

The Internet industry is fully based on search engine optimization. Everyone madly tries to get into the prestigious top ten ranking of the search engines and the problem is that there are trillions of functional websites on the Internet. So it is not that easy to take the top slot for a website unless we do not opt for some creative ideas to increase the ranking.

Search engine work is based on link building, thus it has the capability to change the website ranking from 25 to 5. Finally, you have two of the best ways to make any website popular:

  • LinkBuilding
  • Link Wheel Creation

The most important benefit of Link Wheel is that it helps to get more traffic by the use of interlinked blogs through which you can very efficiently transfer the traffic from one website to another.

This result…in gaining a good search engine ranking is a dream of every website owner and it is the best way for the websites to earn money.

As it is clear that all your interlinks are backlinks to each other so a lot of link building takes place within a wheel and all your websites and blogs get several outgoing and incoming backlinks.

If you want to understand Link Wheel, it is simply the best link building package. If you use this method, then you can get uncountable benefits.

How to Build a Link Wheel?

In a link wheel, there are no loose ends; everything points back to the website that you want to promote or the website whose ranking you want to increase.

Creating a link wheel is a very tough job to perform but as we know it is very essential…

The first thing that you need is a page that you want to promote or a website. The second thing that you need are the spikes of the wheel that will be variances of web 2.0 properties like WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo, Live Journal and others in which you give useful matter and links to both the areas – the website or page you are promoting and the other web 2.0 property.

It you have a small link wheel and you want to make it bigger, then there is no problem as it is very easy because you just have to add more tiers in a wheel. You can also make the wheel large by adding spikes to the wheels.

Always keep one thing in mind that link wheels should always be closed off, no matter whether you have big link wheel or small link wheel.

The other thing that is also very important to remember is that whatever content you are putting in a link wheel should be completely original. Do not use copied content from any of the websites off the Internet as it affects the performance of the website a lot.

The effectiveness of the link wheel depends on the ability to sustain the traffic in your website. The articles in the website should be of very good quality and impressive in nature, and should have the capacity to hold the reader. Only a reader will click on the link to get further related information.

Make sure that you are not putting repeated facts as it creates a hindrance in reading the article. Why? Because if a reader views repeated articles then the reader loses interest and that causes trouble in link building.

If you find link wheel creation hectic and time consuming, then there are many people or SEO companies who are there to help you out in making link wheels as part of their SEO package.

Thus, if you want to be different and unique from others in terms of online ranking and popularity, then using the link wheel tool is the most essential thing to do.

10 “Must Knows” Before Hiring a SEO / SEM Professional or Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very basic need for all websites who want to maintain a good online business in spite of all the competition.

hire seoFor a single query on a search engine, a long list of websites show up. If you want that search engine to index your website and be a highly ranked page, you definitely need SEO/SEM.

SEO/SEM can be defined as an assortment of online activities that are necessary to create buzz around your products or services that will help you to rank well in any search engine.

For those of us who really want to build a good profitable business online, SEO/SEM is must. If you do not want to spend your time optimizing your site because you want to concentrate on the production side of the business, you need to choose a proven and affordable SEO/SEM company.

There are two kinds of SEO options available

1) Get an in house SEO service

2) Hire a SEO service

You can also outsource your SEO projects. Outsourcing SEO makes the project more affordable for you.

Every good SEO company owns an expert team for the optimization of your website under a specific time limit. You will be able to see the effects within weeks. The popularity of your website will increase drastically and this will drive huge amounts of traffic to your website.

Outsourcing an SEO job will be a good idea to avoid making seo mistakes and it makes things more cost effective. The other benefits of outsourcing this service is that the company taking the project delivers results in time.

10 necessary points to be considered before YOU hire any SEO/SEM firm

  1. You should do some research on search engines to figure out the best company for optimization in your market. Research properly about the reputation of the company. It should be a reputable one and it should be an honest one. It should tell you about the true possibilities of the expansion of your business.
  2. It should agree with the objectives, timescales and targets of the company. It should give you assurance about the accomplishment of the project.
  3. Selecting a SEO/SEM in your locality helps to get better access to the local market.
  4. They should always be ready with the development reports throughout the operation of the optimization of your website. The company should be accessible and should be able to present reports of project development on a regular basis.
  5. There should be a mediator party which takes responsibility of work on both sides. They also help to negotiate the prices. It keeps the cost down.
  6. Be patient to make better deals when negotiating with an SEO/SEM company. Don’t rush and agree to fixed price deals. They too keep a margin for bargaining. Use your bargaining skills. Moreover, check the services they are providing for a fixed amount of money. If you don’t need any of the services listed, let them know – as that will reduce your overall SEO/SEM service costs as well.
  7. Your SEO Company should take into account the present traffic level of the website. SEO services will cost you more if it has to be started from scratch. Also, if you are changing SEO services from one company to another, make sure to get all the relevant document files from the previous service provider and hand them over to the next SEO service provider…
  8. An SEO service provider should focus on the site’s structure also. They should pay attention to the layout of your site. Sometimes smaller changes can do the magic but sometimes the whole layout of the site has to be changed. Don’t let the structure of your website be the barrier to your success. The SEO provider you choose should analyze whether it is the structure of the website which is hindering the regular traffic flow.
  9. The SEO company should analyze whether the keywords you are using are working for you or not. They need to perform keyword research and guide you whether the presently used keywords are workable or if the website needs a major overhaul. It is not important which one of the above they suggest, what is important is that the changes they suggest is making money for you or not.
  10. SEO/SEM service providers should also guide you with social media optimization of your site. Again, if the website needs to be optimized from scratch, the SEO service provider should set up social optimization accounts as well.

If any SEO/SEM company offers to do all these things for you in your budget then that is the SEO/SEM provider you should select.

If you hire an expert SEO/SEM, you don’t need any internal teams to take care of the website traffic. You are working with the experts so they take care of the complete process. They work according to your goals of business.

When it comes to choose the SEO/SEM firm, just keep in mind that the type of services provided by different SEO/SEM firms are slightly different and you need to choose the one that suits your priorities.

The main purpose of the SEO companies is to make your website very popular so that every potential client comes to know about it. They provide your website maximum possible exposure. You should consider that SEO/SEM firm which meets your maximum needs within the lowest investment.