6 Ways to Make Money Without Substantial Investment

Opening a business without any investment is practically impossible. Of course a lot depends on the kind of business you want to open. For instance, developing a small handicraft business requires more capital than perhaps creating an online business but the initial investment is still there.

Ways to Make MoneyIf you search the Internet, you will get various ideas of making money online without an investment but such information portals often leave out mentioning that you have to make up for the lack of financial capital with your time.

Therefore, ignoring the unpractical idea of listing out top ways to make money online without any investment, I will tell you about those businesses which need very little financial investment.

6 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

1. Online Photography

If you are good with lenses and have a knack of capturing myriad images, you can start an online photography business. Here what you do is sell the photographs to buyers. Moreover, there are various online galleries you can approach to display your creations.

Unlike a physical business which is restricted by geographical barriers, you can approach these art galleries established anywhere in the world. Showcasing your works will increase your credibility and art connoisseurs are more likely to buy from you. Also you can receive commissions or assignments to capture events like wildlife excursions, weddings, and others.

What you need:

  • computer connection
  • high speed internet
  • good camera
  • good photo editing software

Cost – $500 to $1000.

You can either hire online marketers or self-market your services online. Give this business 8-9 months to show any progress.

2. Online Writing

One of the most popular forms of earning money online. Small, medium and large scale industries regularly outsource writing tasks of various capacities to individual freelancers or content writing companies.

If you have good writing skills, ability to communicate clearly with readers and a grasp of various writing styles, you can easily become a writer online. To give you an idea, online content writers are needed for business promotion material, magazines, news writing, blogging, article marketing, e-book writing and host of other niches.

Of course, you have to find the right resource to work as well.

What you need:

  • computer connection
  • high speed internet
  • printer / fax

Cost – maximum $50 per month

Read our reviews on various online marketplaces to get a good idea. Market or self-promote yourself religiously for 45 days constantly and you will definitely get a response. Clients often look for samples so prepare some and publish them on Ezine or Associated Content, then forward these links as samples.

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3. Promoting Products

If you are a marketing professional or have a fair idea about what marketing is all about, you can become an affiliate marketer online. As the Internet industry grows, the demand for marketers continues to increase.

As an online promoter, you have to promote the products of other companies and bring them in leads or sales, depending on the contract you have.

Or, if you want to be a self starter, head to Amazon or ClickBank, select products of your choice, and start promoting them. For every sale through your account, you earn a percentage.

What you need:

  • computer connection
  • high speed internet
  • printer / fax

Cost – Maximum $100 per month. This includes web hosting, promotion charges and net usage.

Be aware of choosing highly competitive products because they already have well established marketers promoting them. The trick is to choose moderately competitive products with high potential.

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4. A Mystery Shopper / Foodie

If you love to shop and/or are a great foodie, you can become a mystery shopper. A mystery shopper is a mysterious surveyor who visits shopping arcades, malls, restaurants, hotels and others to try their services and then return feedback to the employer.

These are basically contractual positions. You can work as a mystery shopper not more than 3x’s a week. There are online mystery shoppers as well who are paid to try out new products and services.

What you need:

  • computer connection
  • high speed internet

CostNOTHING, Travel and other expenses are paid by the company or agent.

Opportunities of mystery shopper / foodie is not advertised openly by various companies. Such companies hire agents to do the work for them. Google the term ‘online mystery shopper’ online and you will come across various gigs.

Apply to those you think are trustworthy. Read the feedback section. And never pay any kind of money for membership fees.

5. Entering Contests

Truthfully, this is not a long term way to earn money online but still it’s worth a try. These days, with the arrival of mini marketplaces, there is a demand of more professionals.

You will come across forums, discussion boards, and websites that occasionally host contests to encourage new talents. For instance, a few months back, freelancer.com hosted a contest for developers to create API modules. The first prize winner was given $10,000. Again, Glimmer Train encourages writers to submit their fiction every month.

Cost – Nothing substantial.

Search for such running contests online which falls under your interests and keep on submitting.

6. Online Teaching

In our truly globalized world, teaching is no more a limited profession. With the Internet, you can now teach students residing in any part of the world. Websites like classteacher.com allow you to interact with students and teach them online. There are various similar websites as well.

No matter which subject you are proficient in, there is always a demand for online tutors. Fees are decided based on your experience and time given. Moreover, there are no fixed timings, you teach on your own time.

What you need:

  • computer connection
  • high speed internet
  • printer / fax
  • webcam

Cost – maximum $100. This includes membership costs and Internet usage charges.

It is best to take membership packages in this earning line as it increases your chances of getting students. Moreover, before signing up for online teaching sites, contact them personally if possible to judge their credibility.

Are there any other online earning ways that you know of which requires a minimal investment? Share with us below…