5 Tweaks in Your Online Marketing Producing the Most Change

Online Marketing Success

By now, everyone has heard the story of how Target uses predictive analytics to better target their customers. So why does Target engage in predictive marketing? Is it worth their time and money? As an outsider, you can only measure their success through company growth. Understanding how much of that growth is attributable to analytical efforts is known only to those inside the company. I have seen small changes in ad copy increase conversions by 50%. The fact is that every … [Read more...]

How Internet Marketing Industry will Fare in 2012?

Internet Marketing 2012

The Internet is a buzz these days with various Internet marketing predictions for 2012. Since we are Internet marketers ourselves, we thought to write about what we think will help to make money online in 2012 for Internet marketers specifically. Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012 1. Traffic through Video Marketing Cisco predicts that in the next 3 years, online video marketing will account for at least 90 percent of all Internet traffic. This means that we will be … [Read more...]