4 Helpful and Effective Link Building Techniques

Link building in Internet marketing raises the brand value of your business. A website or blog that engages in a lot of link sharing is more likely to rank higher in Google searches.

Like any other Internet marketing strategy, link building is quite a perplexing job; it is not something a marketer can request other bloggers to share.

Effective Link Building TechniquesA marketer has to provide products or services of quality that encourages other bloggers and businesses to interchange links with you.

There are several bogus link building services out there promising hundreds of links but in reality, these links are not worth the dollars you spent purchasing them.

Link building requires knowledge and experience in Internet promotions. Here we have listed some of the relevant link building techniques you can successfully apply to your business.

Listing in Niche Directories: There are thousands of general link building directories out there but only few niche directories.

Niche directories are those with listings related to a particular business. Suppose you own an online jewelry store, you can list your business details and other necessary information to similar jewelry or ornament related directories. Listing your business in niche directories will get you a great deal of link juice to your website. How?

People interested in jewelry will obviously search in the necessary niche website, which will increase your chances of receiving substantial traffic. Needless to say, this strategy will help promote your business and give it lots of mobility. The niche directories are not always free. You may need to purchase monthly or yearly memberships.

Listing in General Directories: The older general directories like DMOZ list quality business websites which offer authentic products or services. If you own a small business, you can list the relevant information here. Internet marketers and potential consumers often visit general directories scouting for new products and services.

The general directory submissions are free of cost. However, just because the general directories are free, it is not necessary for you to submit in hundreds of directory listings. Do an Internet search of the most popular ones in terms of traffic and reputation, and get your business listed.

Social Media Submissions: Few people would disagree that social media pages does not bring any relevant links to listed blogs and websites but the perception is entirely wrong. Yes, you cannot solely depend on social media links to raise your website rankings but their contribution cannot be discounted either.

Creating business pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg, along with using Internet social media advertising strategies helps to yield a large amount of traffic and links. Of course, your business should have some merit to attract their interest.

Social media is one of potent methods of online link building. People or businesses with social media profiles look out for other similar businesses where they can connect and increase their online presence.

Doing this not only helps them but your business also, especially when the Google bots perform traffic and link analysis on your site. Quality links present on your website is a sure shot way to increase website rankings.

Article Submissions: There are times when one comes across online content that one remembers for a really long time. Just imagine if you could create such a timeless article and distribute it online with a link or two in the author’s bio section, you stand a good chance to receive quality traffic and links continuously in the next few years.

Of course, such content pieces needs to be extraordinary. It can be either on a subject that has not been covered before or on a subject that is popular but you write something unique which the world remembers!

For instance, whenever I have to find meaningful IT reviews, I can always rely on TechCrunch than any other because their opinion, style of presentation, authenticity and approach is unique. Getting my point? You have to be different if you want any result from your Internet marketing endeavors.

Apart from these strategies, you can partner with other businesses too and mutually develop link building techniques. Link building is an essential aspect of running an online business. Think of it as generating connections.

Before the advent of the Internet, people used to work towards creating meaningful clientele lists through business meetings, discount offers, channel partnership and others; link building is the same, only the medium has changed.

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Google’s Farmer Update – Is It a Nightmare for Internet Marketers?

Google just dropped a huge bomb on your head with its Farmer Update 2011. Major news organizations like CNN to small news forums are discussing this Farmer’s Update big time.

Google's Farmer Update – Is It a Nightmare for Internet Marketers?According to Google’s new algorithm shift, Google is targeting those websites that have poor or low quality content and shifting them way down in Google’s Page Rankings.

On the other hand, Google is promoting those websites with excellent content (useful content for readers) and raising them up in the rankings.

A typical high ranking content website will have original content and information that is not copied from anywhere and content websites will have high SEO rankings that have depth and thoughtful analysis put in.

Reacting to media comments and intense speculation, the official Google page published this statement:

“We can’t make a major improvement without affecting rankings for many sites. It has to be that some sites will go up and some will go down. Google depends on the high quality content created by wonderful websites around the world and we do have a responsibility to encourage a healthy web ecosystem. Therefore, it is important for high quality sites to be rewards, and that’s exactly what this change does”.

The Farmer’s Update has created problems for Internet marketers mostly because Google has sought to target “Content Farms” and reduced their SEO rankings.

As we all know, Internet marketing depends on content writing and promotions. Article directories like Ezine and eHow are used by Internet marketers to submit articles directing links to their own websites.

Internet experts feel that this kind of promotional activity is in danger if Google continues to update their search system every few months.

Within 48 hours of the Farmer’s Update, the SISTRIX Visibility Index finds that popular article directories and content websites are experiencing the algorithm change in their website ranking. According to SISTRIX, the 15 biggest losers were:

  1. Wisegeek.com: -77%
  2. Ezinearticles.com: – 90%
  3. Suite101.com: – 94%
  4. Hubpages.com: – 87%
  5. Buzzle.com: – 85%
  6. AssociatedContent.com: – 93%
  7. FreeDownloadCenter.com: – 90%
  8. Essortment.com: – 91%
  9. Fixya.com: – 80%
  10. AmericanTowns.com: – 91%
  11. LoveToKnow.com: – 83%
  12. ArticleBase.com: – 94%
  13. HowToDoThings.com: – 84%
  14. Mahalo.com: – 84%
  15. Business.com: – 93%

Most of the websites listed above are content farms.

Is Google particularly targeting content farms? What are content farms by the way?

Google has maintained their silence on defining content farms but the buzz going around the web suggests that content farms are those websites which contain keyword-rich content and they are optimized more than is necessary.

By this off-hand definition, content farms would include the hundreds of article directories that Internet marketers use to promote businesses.

Take Ezinearticles.com for instance. SISTRIX reports 90% drop in traffic flow. Why? Those who are familiar with Ezine directory will agree that not all content published there is of high quality.

While some content is excellent, others are below average. Still, the content is published on Ezine and one look at the number of unique visitors to those below average articles will tell you one important thing – the reason being below average articles also get traffic because of their SEO.

Such articles climb the SEO rankings while other useful articles go down – this is what Google’s Farmer Update hopes to remedy.

Another reason why Google is targeting Ezine and other directories is because they have topics on which information has reached a saturation point – there is nothing “new” to write but still… Internet marketers keep on publishing content on those topics.

The Ezine Blog says that there are 7 topics which have gone beyond saturation point and they have no idea what to do about those topics or content.

Get Your Ex Back, Penis Enlargement, Acai Berry, Reverse Call Phone Lookup, Credit Card Debt Relief, Male Enhancement Pill and TV / PC are the 7 categories.

What can one possibly do?

Either they block these categories for the next few months or do a complete re-edit of published articles to weed out useless or fluff content and then reopen these categories for further submission.

But, can Ezine do this? 90% of Ezine search traffic comes from those categories only!

From here on, there are two possible scenarios for Internet marketers:

  • If you are an Internet marketer who used to purchase and publish cheap content and didn’t devote much time to make your website high in content quality, your business is in danger!
  • If you are an Internet marketer who was committed to publishing high quality content, both on your website and article marketing directories, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Just sit back and let the Google change take place.

If you fall into the first category, you have to definitely rethink your article marketing plans. No more buying cheap or PLR articles because they are posted online at several other forums.

If you want good SEO ranking, you have to invest in getting high quality content – both for your website and for directory marketing.

Moreover, you need to publish promotional articles in good directories. By good directory, we mean a directory with high SEO ranking and a directory that has high quality content.

What’s next?

Its time to make an adjustment to your business promotional strategies! Whether you have been publishing high quality content or not, take a break and assess the situation you are in.

You may have to rethink your budget for online article marketing or you may have to switch accounts to high quality article submission blogs from low quality article submitting directories.

Or, you may have to come up with new ways to promote your website or business better so that your SEO ranking is higher in the upcoming months.

Don’t let Google’s Farmer Update 2011 slow down your business. Just follow the new update clauses and your business will be back with a bang!

List of Internet Marketing Dont’s

If you’ve been dabbling in the world of Internet Marketing, I’m sure you’ve purchased several Internet marketing reports advising you about ‘what you should do’… but, does the same report guide you about the things ‘not to do’? It’s necessary for you to combine both and apply them accordingly to your business. Let’s touch on a few…

Don’t Think It’s Easy

Internet Marketing DontsE-marketing is simply not that easy for the beginner. Never think that by purchasing a few DIY guides, you can replicate the same massive results as the ‘big guys’ with your website and ride the wave of wealth in a matter of days.

The successful marketing strategies and tactics other marketers discuss may be suitable for them, but that doesn’t mean these same techniques will work for you.

If you want to progress, you have to work hard and apply the same amount of devotion as the successful marketers do.  Internet marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme by any stretch of the imagination.

Don’t Buy Products Carelessly

On a start-up level, you may be hard pressed for cash so don’t go about buying every marketing strategy book, programs, guides and products online. On a score of 10, roughly 4 will be of any use to you. Be choosy…

…use your common sense here. Depending on your skill set, level of  online experience and knowledge, only purchase products or services that will allow you to attain the desired result you’re trying to achieve.

To get a feel for what product or service you’re needing, frequently visit marketing and affiliate forums – interact with fellow marketers and ask for recommendations from those you trust.

There is nothing more valuable than an honest review from the average person who has purchased a product or service and has actually used and applied it. Ask questions. They have the inside scoop on whether or not they felt the product was well worth their investment or not.

Prepare a list of DIY guides and products on Internet marketing that you feel would be useful and talk about them with other marketers. Don’t even think about wasting your hard earned cash on ones that are consistently getting bad responses. Purchase the ones that others are raving about.

Don’t Fall Into Paid Links Trap

Several Internet marketers fall into the trap of buying paid links and traffic for their website – this is the cardinal sin of Internet marketing. The Google search engine is not a fool to think that your website is receiving natural traffic in a wave of thousands all of a sudden.

Moreover, getting paid links and traffic proves to be a negative because Google can shut down your website instantly if its search engine finds out what you’re doing.

Another point is that most of the paid links are from useless sites; sites that do nothing to help your search engine rankings. Same case with paid traffic.

What few Internet marketers tend to do is space out their paid links and traffic exchange over a few months. Even then you have to put in a lot of hard work to get natural unique links and traffic to your website.

Don’t Spend Tons of Cash on Advertisement

Even ten or twenty years back, advertisement expenditure formed a major part of a company’s budget but with the Internets’ advanced technology, there are endless options of free advertisement.

No matter what kind of online business you have, you should not spend reckless amounts of cash unless you’re sure of what you are doing and your investment proves to yield a positive return.

Like any other business promotional strategy, you need to test and monitor different marketing methods to see which options work best for you. While some may earn a good deal of money with AdWords, many earn with free advertisement. Choose these options wisely that fit your budget.

Don’t Buy Lists

Purchasing lists of thousands of people’s names, email addresses and other details is expensive and kind of like taking a shot in the dark. There are several unscrupulous websites that collect personal information and sell them online.  These details are supposed to be private and should always stay private. Regardless… is the list truly targeted?  Not on all accounts they’re not.

Instead, put your efforts in major research to begin with, and you’ll find your true market…resulting in only marketing to potential customers searching for exactly what you have to offer.  Short cuts to ‘success’ never last.

Don’t Use Multi-Level Marketing if Unsure

There is quite a debate regarding Multi-level marketing because some critics consider this method to be illegal. Multi-level marketing is a business system where goods and services are sold through a pyramid scheme structure, with distributors on the top supplying others lower down the scale in return for commission.

Making the pyramid scheme work is rather difficult, very time consuming and the competition is stiff. Unless you research all the ins and outs and prefer that business model, you may want to choose an alternative if you’re just starting out.

Don’t Be Greedy

Several Internet marketers fail to find success online because they tend to get too greedy, too soon. These are people who are being fed to the wolves – so blinded by money they talk themselves right into thinking that earning money online is a piece of cake.

If you are one of them, it’s time for a sincere reality check. Nothing worth having ever comes easy in life so don’t disappoint yourself by thinking making money online is any different.

Internet marketing is not your money spinning machine. It’s a skill, one that needs to be mastered. You have to sweat it out, work hard and devote the time to expect decent returns. Patience my dear, lots of patience.

Don’t Make Tall Claims

Phil Greenough of Greenough Communications says that “even if you are not making a big splash, it is more important to be true than to dress a product to be different than it really is.”

In other words, what he’s saying is never make tall claims about a product or service if not true. Remember, those bad reviews catch on faster than you’ll ever know.

Sure in the short-term you may be able to drive 100 sales the first month but buyers are very smart. Once they hear the product is not up to par, you may as well kiss success good-bye. Negative reviews that go viral are simply unstoppable.

Don’t Create Replica Sites

Some people think they are too smart – they create replica sites of their main websites and promote them. It works but for a short while. Search engines can track them and if promotion gets too popular, people can easily identify these sites and may perceive them to be fraudulent. If you have too many products to sell, create different websites with unique content. Keep it simple and honest.

Don’t Use Black Hat Techniques

Have you read the not-so-recent JC Penney problem? Apparently they used black hat techniques and flourished the Internet with their links. They may have made millions for a few months but Google found out and now their search engine ranking is below 100!

Black Hat search optimization are techniques used to get higher search engine rankings in an unethical manner.  These characteristics include breaking the search engine rules and regulations and unproperly presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.

Black Hat techniques to avoid;

Keyword stuffing: Packing long lists of keywords and nothing else onto your site

Invisible text: This is putting lists of keywords in white text on a white background in hopes of attracting more search engine spiders.

Doorway Pages: A doorway page is basically a “fake” page that the user will never see.

Make sure you never follow black hat techniques and risk being banned or blacklisted. While they are tempting…stay away.

Don’t Ever Ignore Consumer Feedback

It is the consumer – not the advertisers that results in revenue. If you make the mistake of ignoring your customer’s feedback, you stand to lose repeat business.

Few years back Intel made the same mistake when buyers commented on a faulted chip. Soon media got wind of it and Intel had to announce product recalls – a loss of both time and money.

Therefore, honor all consumer’s feedback both positive and negative. And… don’t think twice about refunding anyone’s money if they are dissatisfied with your product.

What are some of your Internet marketing Don’ts. Leave a comment and let us know…

Meeting “Demand” and “Supply” as Affiliates

If you are still struggling to increase your income and have not yet reached your desired financial independence, it could be because you still don’t have a good website marketing strategy as an affiliate.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to build a proper strategy. Most importantly, you cannot copy exactly other marketers strategies…some will work while others may not. The trick is understanding your target market and its demand, then figure out what strategies to implement to turn things in your favor.

No matter whether the business is online or off, the only thing that matters in business is “Buying” and “Selling” and “Demand” and “Supply” – the basic economics an internet marketer needs to know – ‘who is the customer?’ and ‘what can you offer’ to the potential customer.

What Does The Consumer Want?

Meeting “Demand” and “Supply” as AffiliatesAs a seller, you need to have a clear idea about what the customer is looking to buy. The way to know this is to put yourself into the shoes of the consumer and find out what ‘clicks’ with them.

Once you catch the pulse of the consumers, it’ll be easier to sell products.

Involve yourself in online consumer surveys and online forums to understand what the consumer is looking for.

As an affiliate, your marketing strategy will not only depend on the selected product but the consumer market you need to target.

What Can You Offer?

Now that you know what the consumer wants, you need to assess your offer. Find out what makes your offer better than your competition. Questions like;

-Why should the consumer buy from you?

-How do I create an irresistible offer?

-Can the customer trust you?

-How are you representing the company’s image whose product you’re offering?

A successful internet marketer needs to specifically answer such questions.

The crux – if there are millions of people buying online everyday, then whose fault is it if they are not buying from you?

The Four Phases of Internet Affiliate Marketing

Phase I – Online Research

Research is the primary factor. Before you begin to draft marketing strategies, you need to research the target market and determine your standing in the market. Online market research will include:

  1. Researching competitors – their marketing strategies, popularity, market demand, weaknesses, product quality, customer feedback and online presence.
  2. Researching your customers – their purchase power, product demand, online visibility, purchase considerations and their geographical location.

Create a graft sheet highlighting your findings. This preliminary in-depth research will contribute hugely to your internet marketing success.

Phase II – Data Analysis

What do you do with the data collected in phase I? You analyze it! It is not without reason that million and billion dollar companies recruit pools of data analysts. With the help of data analysis, you can break up the market and consumer demands into segments. Here are certain analytical tools you can use:

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Brand Mapping
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Logistic Regression Analysis
  • CHAID Analysis
  • Multidimensional Analysis
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Phase III – Development of Marketing Strategies

Strategy development involves a bit of planning too. As a marketer, you need to know about tools and methods to utilize in your marketing strategy.

Depending on the consumer data analysis, you can employ marketing methods like podcasting, blogging, SEO, PPC, video blogging, viral traffic generation, banner exchange, webinars, link building and social media networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

By ‘consumer data analysis’, one means using those web marketing tactics that the consumer also uses. Suppose the market graph of a cluster of consumers show use of video blogging to know about more products and communicating with fellow bloggers.

In this case, you, as the internet marketer, should target video blogging and utilize the medium to create a larger consumer base.

Similarly, if another cluster of consumers spend their time on Facebook pages, talking about products and discussing reviews, you have another ‘potential market’ in the making.

You can create a Facebook page of the product you sell and use promotional and advertising tools to draw in consumers. In fact, Facebook offers a very interesting tool, seldom used by new internet marketers, that is, a tool to target consumers on the basis of their geographical location.

For instance, if you want to target a market in Western Europe, then you prepare your Facebook advertisement on the same lines and the ads will be shown only on select pages of consumers from Western Europe.

Online marketing is definitely time-consuming. You need to invest in both time and money to gain momentum in consumer market.

Phase IV – Strategy Testing & Monitoring

You will never know if your strategies are working until you implement them and monitor them regularly. Of course, don’t expect miraculous results in a few hours. Monitor for weeks to see any progressive change in the consumer inflow. In between this time, your ‘efforts’ should not cease.

The strategy testing and monitoring would involve;

-Evaluating the amount of time consumers spend on your website

-Visibility of the landing page

-Keyword optimization

-Target market oriented keywords

-SEO terms customers are using to land on your website.

What Did We Learn?

There aren’t any ‘fixed’ internet marketing strategies for upcoming affiliates. Each business devises their own strategy after careful analysis of the target market and their own place in the ever expanding consumer market.

The internet is a vast universe. To make your mark in the world of internet marketing, you need to devise your own business strategy that will be different and specifically relates to your own targeted niche.

Understand the pulse of the consumer – What attracts them and what doesn’t? On what products are they willing to spend money? What are they looking for in a particular product? How can you satisfy the consumer needs?

Once you understand these questions, you can come up with your own answers, and that will be your stepping stone into affiliate internet marketing strategy development.

The DO’s of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or digital marketing has evolved in the last decade as one of the primary methods for gaining visibility online. It’s not wrong to say that internet marketing is the backbone of today’s business.

Not only small businesses but established multinationals and corporate also turn to internet marketing…the biggest human traffic resource of the 21st century.

With the development of digital marketing,  certain rules or strategies have evolved which can be used as a pathway. These Do’s of internet marketing are briefly explained below:

Believe in Hype Creation

Internet MarketingWhen you have a fantastic product or service to sell and you know people are bound to purchase them once they know its uses and benefits, it is not wrong to create hype around the product. There are thousands of people who use internet marketing as their sole income source and of course, not all of them are fraudsters. Believe people when they say internet marketing is truly effective when channelized properly, and hype creation is one of them.

Join a Forum

Forums like MoreNiche or Affiliate4U are some of the best places to join and learn a few tips and tricks from expert internet marketers. Novice marketers can join these and other forums free of cost, create their profile and start interacting with fellow marketers.

Talk to people about their experiences and ask for references to other established internet marketers. If you already have a site then use these forums to spread the word about the product or service you are selling.

Believe in Research

You can buy hundreds of proven marketing reports and strategies online but nothing matches self research and self learning. Every internet marketer has their own “proven” marketing strategy and you need to create your own.

Spend a few days researching online about various concepts and marketing models used by established marketers. Think not about copying their blueprint but modeling them… creating your own original plan.

An example of copying others ideas would be the site Fiverr.com and other cloned sites. Fiverr.com was a new concept of an online marketplace that sold several gigs for $5. Fiverr.com became popular overnight.

In a bid to copy its success, several cloned sites like GigBucks.com, TenBux.com, UpHype.com, Gigme5.com and many more started. All of them had the exact layout, script, payment method and way of working. While Fiverr.com continues to prosper, others are no where near the competition. Therefore, research and develop your own- unique marketing idea and do not copy others.

Build Links and Exchange

If your website contains useful information or resources, by all means share it with other websites and internet marketers. Connecting your website to others and sharing will help you to gain higher Google rankings. To build links, visit other websites and link your website to theirs. Your link building strategy should begin as soon as your website shows an increase in traffic.

Target Quality Traffic

There is a difference between general site visitors and those visitors who visit your site with the purpose of buying something.

The second category of visitors is unique visitors. In other words, you need to research about a particular market to sell your goods and services. For instance, if you deal with wedding gift items, you will target women internet users of a certain age group and not promote your products in say casino websites. Does that make sense to you? When you market specifically to a specific section of internet traffic, you gain better response.

Build an E-Mail List

Every site has a sidebar for email subscribers to sign up for a newsletter and recent updates. Use this sidebar to create your special members list – this is known as ‘list building’.

In the beginning, you can give away free e-book or weekly newsletter to attract subscribers. When you build a big list, you can use the subscriber list to sell products and services.

Create a PayPal Account

PayPal is by far the safest method to receive payment online for goods and services sales. PayPal is accepted globally. All you need is an account, link your credit card or bank account and you are done! As an internet marketer, having a PayPal account is beneficial because you need a platform to receive and make payments on a daily basis.

Easy To Remember Domain Name

People find it easier to remember short and simple domain names versus the long ones. Short and memorable domain names need to be specific about what it is your selling and should be able to stand alone.

To gain prominence, publish your web address on all marketing platforms like social media pages, advertisements, business cards, stationary items, emails, forum signatures and any place else where you can mention your website address.

Keep Website Simple

internet marketing tipsResearches have shown websites that take a long time to upload tend to lose traffic. Website visitors do not have the patience to wait for web pages to become visible.

Therefore, resist creating websites that take too much of bandwidth in graphics. It should be appealing enough to encourage visitors to pay repeat visits. You can make websites appealing by keeping the design simple, easy browsing features and publishing excellent content. Moreover, make your website interactive. Put up an online feedback form, publish informal polls and provide free online tools.

Blogging Equals Promotion

Create a separate blog to promote your website. Blogging these days has moved beyond being a platform of expressing your personal feelings and stories. The blogging of today is a leading strategy and offers multiple advantages of static websites.

Through blogging, you can develop content about your main websites, publish and market them. Blogging is a proactive method of internet promotion and undoubtedly, the results are worth your time and efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are an internet marketing beginner, you should consider starting your online business by becoming an affiliate before you go out there with a product of your own…just to get your feet wet and build confidence.

By becoming an affiliate, you are entrusted to promote other brands, generate sales and receive a commission bonus. Stick to affiliate marketing and learn the ropes of online marketing and then when you are comfortable, switch over to your own personal products and services.

As affiliates, you receive immense exposure, develop contacts with other marketers and can easily create a list of potential buyers that can be utilized later on.

Engage in Social Media Promotion

Recent surveys reveal that people are more willing to buy ‘recommended’ products more so than those products they receive information about from other sources.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is the haven for internet marketers if they utilize it effectively. Almost all brands today apply Facebook pages to promote and generate sales which allows you to interact and connect with professional – like minded people.

Find a Mentor

If you have a mentor for guidance, your journey on your e-marketing efforts is much more focused and much easier. Mentors are professional-experienced people who have been in the business for a very long time and can guide you over the hurdles you face. Find someone who can realistically help you and not encourage false expectations.

If a mentor says you can make $10,000 within 15 days, you should be wise enough to stay away from his mentoring. There are no ‘get rich quick’ programs on internet.

You must work hard, just as you would in an offline business. Find a mentor who can be honest with you, aligns with your morals and values and sincerely encourages you to succeed.

Content is King!

Definitely! If you do not have interesting and engaging content on your website or blogs, you cannot entertain or spark your visitor’s interest. Of course, internet marketers may not be great writers but there are hundreds of experienced writers out there who are willing to write for you.

Follow these fourteen must-do internet marketing ways and you’re on the path towards a successful online business. As you move along, you will learn many new things. Be receptive to changes and you will do well!