Mobile SEO – How Are Mobile Platforms Changing SEO?

mobile SEO

Mobiles and Smartphones are definitely the trend changers. With the advancement in mobile Internet technology in the last few years, browsing and accessing Internet via mobile has grown exponentially. In fact, websites that are not optimized for the mobile platform are losing their potential traffic. In contrast, websites can be accessed via mobile are now trying their hands on mobile SEO! Getting Started with Mobile SEO Mobile SEO process begins with defining the website on … [Read more...]

Crucial Points For Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

SEO is one of the most important parts for any online business. If you are planning to make any money, then the first thing which I would like to recommend is to optimize your site according to the various search engines. You will be surprised to know that almost 60% of site traffic comes from search engines. This blog will introduce the concept of mobile SEO along with a few handy tips. Mobile SEO – A Basic Requirement We all know that requirements change with the passage … [Read more...]