When You’re At a Low Point…

Hi guys…hope all is well with you today.

Listen, this post will probably end up being a little dose of reality and more personal than usual…

Why? Because today, I’m feeling that I’m at one of my lowest points.

When You're At a Low PointWay too much has been happening around here, nothing major like the loss of a loved one or anything, but when a person is pulled in so many different directions, their time being completely controlled, manipulated and demanded of, it starts to take a toll. I feel lethargic – more of a drain than a fountain and just beside myself.

Now I might feel this a little more stronger than most; I have a few physical ailments that lends a hand in all of this.

But, no matter how strong of a person you are or how weak…it doesn’t matter. The results are the same. You feel misunderstood – taken advantage of – totally alone and boom…before you know it you’re overwhelmed with depression, panic and anxiety, second guessing yourself.

Well that’s me today guys. I’m broken. And I guess it’s times such as these that the people around you who you think you can talk to about it just don’t understand, making it that much harder.

Have you ever tried to explain to your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or a family member exactly what you’re going through and how you feel? And for some reason they look at you like you have a third eye, you’re talking a foreign language or they tell you that you’re feeling this way not that way?

I just don’t get it…Are we so self absorbed with our own lives and what we’re doing that the awareness of it all is hindered? We can’t even stop and just listen without being opinionated or judgmental?

So I’m starring at this computer screen wanting to post something motivational for all of you but I’m blank at this moment. In between getting terribly angry – although a bit subdued and bawling my eyes out because frustration has literally taken over.

Ya know, we all try to do good…at least I do. But it never seems like it’s ever enough. How much is enough? Why do some people place such high expectations on another person when they can’t meet those same expectations themselves?

Have you ever felt those insurmountable expectations? It sucks…You’re trying to meet them but you just can’t.

Now, I’m not wanting some kind of pity party… believe me. That’s not my style. However, what I do want is for you guys to know that when you’re at one of your lowest moments they do and will subside no matter what the circumstances are.

Here are the exact steps I’m going to take to get me out of this funk because I truly hate feeling this way. It makes you sick – unproductive and no good to anyone especially yourself…

1. Write down your feelings and vent (just like I just did)

2. You can get angry but just don’t hurt anyone or yourself

3. Cry and cry hard…it’s a stress reliever

4. Be nice to yourself…go do something fun or buy something if it makes you feel better

5. Spend time with your kids or pet…that love is always unconditional

6. Reach out to a stranger…they’re more apt to help

7. Do some soul searching…figure out where you might have gone wrong or didn’t give clarity or conviction to a certain situation

8. Talk to God, or whoever that is for you

9. Take time for yourself in a quiet place and remember all the good things you offer others

10. Get physical. Clean the house, get rid of clothes you don’t wear or get out into nature and cut the grass or something

After all of that, re-focus. Try and figure out what it is that YOU want out of life. Not by anyone elses standards, but your own.

I don’t know if you want to call this motivational, but it’s the best I can give you right now. I’m sure by tomorrow, things will be looking up. I’ve been through this kind of thing, as you, too many times. But the older you get the more gets thrown your way to bump you off track.

Thanks for reading this dysfunctional kind of post although I’m sure you all can relate.

Let me know what steps you take to overcome the low points in your life . . . it will surely help me and others.

Make it a great day . . .