Social Networking Making a Positive Change

In earlier days, the computers were hailed as ‘world changing technologies’ and it was hoped Social Networking that email would bring about a revolution in communication.

Some said that the Internet would eradicate any form of national boundary. All these took place and there were some partial changes, but the world did not change overnight, it only became a little bit different.

In hindsight, all these things did bring about a change but it was never that catalyst that would actually transform the face of the world.

However, it seems that social media is actually changing the world. It helps to connect people and brands, empowers consumers and brings about revolutions in countries where it is needed.

Politics Re-invented

Recent studies have found that social networking is actually encouraging young people to get involved in politics.

Twitter had good impacts on the Iran elections and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. More and more people are getting involved in politics and they feel that they can make a difference.

The Huffington Post is one of the most popular blogs on the web and is mainly political in nature. Social media is enjoying a growing influence in politics and the same sentiment was echoed by the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

News Travels Fast

People are no longer interested in passive messages. They now get news through the social network and then this news is passed onto others. By this the others understand – what we are interested in and what is important to us. You may call this gossip but this is news to users on social networking sites like Twitter, Digg and Stumbled Upon.

Marketing Flux

Marketing and advertising have embraced the power of the consumer and makes a serious attempt to engage in conversations.

Earlier these two aspects were part of the mass market channels that the industry relied on. It had a more wider reach but very repetitive. Now marketing and advertising have a smaller reach and engaged in people-centric activities. People say that advertising is dying but we believe that it is only changing form. The consumers today have more power and more choice.

Child Literacy

There is no denying the fact those children who have reading habits are usually better at reading and writing. Believe it or not, they do get motivated to read and write by participating in online blog posts and putting up status updates.

A recent survey has established a correlation between the child’s involvement in social media and his overall literacy. To put it more bluntly, social media has helped our children to become literate.

Influence on World Events

Social Media is associated with many world events. The overthrowing and subsequent removal of the dictatorship in Egypt was only possible due to Facebook groups and large scale online protests.

There have been many instances when important world events had broken out on Twitter even before it has been announced on CNN or reported by respectable papers like The New York Times.

Social Media will continue to be a driving force. As long as it is being used in the proper way, Social Networking will strive to change the way the world functions.

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Future of Social Media for Marketing

The world is going places. The use of social media is becoming a thing we play around with on daily basis. So many individuals are fully into it and social media is now being used for several purposes.

Social Media for MarketingInitially, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others were only set up for communicating with friends and associates. But these days, things are going in very different direction.

We now have people making use of social media sites for entirely different purposes such as online marketing. The last three or four years has seen the emergence of this popular trend and it has been predicted that by 2015, social media marketing will be one of the foremost ways of earning money online. Social media will become the mainstay of online marketing.

The social media marketing possibilities…

Certain facts are making the use of social media possible for marketing purposes. These facts make social media sites to be far above several other means of communications, as discussed below.

An all comer thing: Social media is one of the greatest hubs that bring people together all over the world. This makes it possible to have social media marketing in the groove as time goes on.

There is rarely any one in the world that does not have access to an account on any of the social media sites that we have around us today. Practically everyone is registered.

There are even some individuals who have accounts in each and every one of the social media sites that are available.

Anyone can get registered. You can also post general messages to everyone without having anyone in particular in mind. You can join any group that is based on discussing issues that you have interest in.

Free to register: The free state of the social media sites is also making it a bright idea to bring about social media marketing to replace and overshadow the present marketing methods.

You do not need to pay a dime to get registered on any of them.
You simply fill in your details and you are ready to go. You will also be able to post any message you want to get posted – or to read any message you want without cost.

Easy to set up: One other factor that is working to the benefit of social media for marketing is the fact that you do not need to be a techie to set up an account on any of the social media sites.

In most cases, only very little info is requested from you whenever you want to set up your account. There are times that only your name – telephone number or email address is required for set up. After you have done this, start messaging…

Your identity is secured: No one will ever mandate it for you to reveal any personal info other than your email address or your telephone number.

You can be sure that every other info will never be asked for. You will then be able to use the social media sites for any purpose including marketing purposes without exposing your identity indiscriminately.

This will protect any one making a purchase from any of the social media sites. This will help to protect you from identity theft. The administrators of the social media sites will never even reveal your telephone number or your email address to any one. With this in mind, you can be sure that your desire to try social media marketing will never suffer any setback whatsoever.

Instant message delivery: One other thing that can make it possible for social media to overtake every other means of online marketing is the speed at which the message posted on any of the social media sites are delivered.

In fact, the messages are delivered instantly. This means that you can be sure of a prompt response from the recipient of your messages.

Most people even access their social media sites on their mobile phones. They can therefore access the info you have for them at any point in time; irrespective of wherever they may be on planet earth.

Limitations of Other Online Marketing Means

One of the factors that will work in favor of social media marketing is the fact that other online marketing means have several limitations that have been overcome on the social media sites.

Not for free: Most of the other online marketing means will surely cost you some amount of money. The charges can either be open or hidden.

If you build a website by yourself, you will have to pay for web hosting and possibly for website building. These challenges have been overcome in social media sites and this makes it possible to make more money through social media marketing in comparison with other online marketing methods.

Traffic challenges: If you have to make use of a free website or you have to build your own website by yourself for the publicity of your products and services, you will also have to pay for traffic or work relentlessly to get traffic to your site. You will never have to bother about this on any of the social media sites. The traffic is almost always coming. You don’t need to empty your life savings in search of traffic.


I expect that you too will agree that social media holds the future of online marketing. Any wise person will quickly sign up with any of the sites and establish his or her business future.

Through social media marketing, you have nothing to lose and practically everything to gain. It is surely the long awaited solution to all sorts of challenges that had been faced by several webmasters all over the world.