How to Sell Your Online Business

This post draws inspiration from the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for 1 billion USD (wow!) and the ongoing trend of selling valuable business websites / blogs to high-end buyers.

How to Sell Your Small Online BusinessUnlike the non-Internet age when people considered selling a business only if they were running into losses or becoming bankrupt, the Internet age has unleashed a new age of online business sellers who thrive by selling perfectly running and optimized money making business websites and blogs at a very high amount.

If you know the know-how of this industry, you can even sell a PRL blog with less than $1 AdSense earning daily for thousands of dollars! The following discussion focuses on selling an online business, with a list of useful tips to help a small business find targeted buyers.

  1. Be Creative
    Finding buyers for online business is just like solving a puzzle; it brings value only when you have creativity to join the pieces of the puzzle together. There can be numerous buyers for the online business and the creativity lies in sifting through the buyers to zero in on the best buyer. Moreover, the seller has to use creative online advertisements to draw the buyer’s interest.

    You can make use of the “Business Opportunities” column of newspapers and various online buy-sell portals like Flippa. These will definitely help you in getting a good list of potential buyers.

  2. Hiring a Broker

    Brokers are those people who work for commissions against successful completion of deals.  These people are hired on a short term basis and hiring such people will help you to gain a list of potential buyers and other investors suitable for your business. Moreover, if you want to save money on advertisement, it is sometimes best to hire a broker because they self-advertise the business on sale.

  3. Kind of Buyers

    In case you hire any broker or any acquisition professional to find buyers for your online business, knowing the kind of buyer is important.

    Positional Buyer:

    These people are third-party buyers to whom you are not related but the acquisition expert comes across them to negotiate the deal. These people may be your customers, your suppliers or your industry competitors.

    Financial Buyer:

    These buyers are interested only in the sellers’ business cash flow. They can be both  individual or a group looking to buy a business just for investment purposes. Hence, they will be interested in your business only if it provides a return on their investment.

    Strategic Buyer:

    People who firmly look towards owning businesses which can fit into their long-range business planning, fall under the strategic buyer’s category. This buyer can be a business competitor or belong to the same range of business looking to expand in local areas and hence, acquiring your business seems to be a profitable prospect.

    Out of the three groups of potential buyers, finding financial buyers is good if you want impressive value against your business. Which kind of buyer will you choose?

  4. Plan Out Selling Memorandum

    Planning out selling memorandums is the best practice to promote the saleable business. This memorandum is composed of your business product, services and market value. This is like a report you send to potential buyers so that they have an idea of what the business is all about. The tools needed to prepare business selling memorandums are:

    • Information regarding your company’s structure and operations
    • Asking prices and terms
    • Your business product information
    • Attached physical assets
    • Projected financial statements
    • Reason for selling your business

    These six factors must be there in the business sale memorandum. Practicing data abstraction while preparing the selling memorandum is necessary to protect business information from being leaked. When you are selling a completely online-operated business, make sure to include details about payment gateways, associated online assets, real income proofs and peripheral details like web hosting, domain validity and others.

Once buyers begin to show interest, negotiate with them, and seal the deal with the best offer.

50 Ways to Make Money Online – Part Five

Continued…Part Four


41) Earn Money with Forums

Forums are live discussion boards that attract a lot of footfall because of the kind of information you get to view there.

Ways to Make Money in 2012Either you can join existing forums like Warrior Forum or you can create your own forum. Either way you can use them as an investment strategy to earn money. On your own forum, you can make money by showing advertisements.

Once the forum starts getting a high number of memberships, you can also open a premium registration or upgrade facility and offer premium products and services.

No Internet marketing guru will tell you the real worth of forums but it is there..believe it.


42) Sell links on Blogs

There are marketers who would love to pay you for placing permanent links on your blog content. Of course, there is a certain criteria like:

  • Blog Page Ranking
  • Alexa Rank
  • Traffic

Even if your blog is PR1, you can try this strategy. Or if it is not, you can still try because there are certain people who are willing to look at content quality and not PR or traffic.

What you have to do is place the link on your chosen keyword or the one provided by the client. The cost of such links starts from $1 and well, there is no limit.

It all depends on your negotiation.


43) Become a Virtual Assistant

Are you good at being a secretary or a personal assistant? Can you respond to official mails – or provide live customer care support?

If you can, try being a virtual assistant. There are short term online courses to prepare you for the same. 99 percent of the time, virtual assistants are needed by small business owners to help them make their businesses run more smoothly.

You can work from your home and your earnings will depend on the work you are performing. Experienced virtual assistants can charge $50 per hour so you can start with a basic $10 per hour.

Your earnings will depend on your efforts and abilities.


44) Use Paid Search Engines

While not all search engines are as big as Google or Yahoo, there are other search engines which are ready to pay you using their search tool to find relevant information.

Yes, they offer money in cents but if you search Google and Yahoo daily, you can spend some time on other upcoming search engines.


45) Earn Money with Triond

Triond is one of the oldest article submission sites which will pay you for writing articles for them and they also have an AdSense revenue sharing program for you to integrate your AdSense account with your articles.

However, you are given 50 percent of the revenue only and the rest is kept by Triond.

There is a third money making option too – Triond pays you a certain amount based on the kind of page views received on all articles.

The payments are made every month and they even send you an earning statement.


46) Create Software

If you are a techie person, you can make LOTS of money online by developing and selling software with a license. You can either develop software for others or make your own software and sell them online.

After you have made your software, create an official website to market it, establish an automatic payment gateway and you are done. Use lots of online marketing techniques and if your product has value, there will be sales.


47) Participate in Online Contests

This won’t give you a regular source of income and neither will I suggest you to make it one but sometimes, it is worthwhile to participate in online contests.

99 percent of the time these contests pay cash prizes. There are software development contests, app contents, writing contests…a whole Pandora box is out there.

Just Google the kind of content you would like to participate in, such as “writing contests” and choose whichever you like.


48) Earn Money with M Turk

M Turk is a venture of Amazon where they provide Human Intelligence Tasks to people. M Turk is one of the most legitimate ways to make money online. You can answer questions, do language translations, data entry, make logos and lots of other tasks.

The tasks carry a specific price and has to be done in the allotted time. For registered Amazon users, you can log in with the same account or create a new one.

You don’t have to wait for application approval. You can start working as soon as you login.


49) Earn Money with Advertise Space

Advertise Space is the next best alternative to Buy Sell Ads. It does not have a huge marketplace like Buy Sell Ads but if you are a new publisher, just starting out with your blog, you should experiment with Advertise Space.

They don’t check your PR or the amount of traffic. The blog is approved instantly and you can start bidding for advertising space.

The current payout is $25 and PayPal is the mode of payment.


50) Earning Money with Global Test Market

Global Test Market has been in existence since 1999 and is a legitimate online survey network.

You can join the network if you are more than 14 years old. Every survey gives you about 100 points and once you have accumulated 1000 points, it is converted into $50.

You can get payment through PayPal or shopping vouchers.



I am sure there are more than 50 ways to make money online and if you can cleverly choose even 10 of them, you are set for 2014.

Do share with us your online money making method in the comments section below. 🙂

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31) Earn Money with Flickr

Ways to Make MoneyFlickr does not offer any direct earning money methods as we have seen in the earlier sites but you can still earn money from them.

If you have a good eye for photography, you can use Flickr to post stock images that cannot be downloaded for free. If they are of high quality and resolution, you can put them up for sale at a suitable price.

Further, if you are into affiliate marketing, you can embed the affiliate links with images using the notes function. Therefore, when anyone clicks on those links and buys a product, you get paid.

With Flickr, you can be innovative in your marketing.

32) Earning Money with Meta Cafe

Like we had discussed about YouTube earlier, Meta Cafe is another similar video portal for revenue earnings. They have a program where you need to create your own videos and earn it on Meta Cafe.

To start earning, each of your uploaded videos should have a minimum of 20,000 views and a 3 rating. After this, you get to earn a maximum of $5 for every 1000 views.

Personally, if you know about video creating, then only you should go for this earning money online method because there is no point in outsourcing this task as the rate of return is much less – $5 for 1000 views.

33) Earn Money with Buy Sell Ads

If you are a blogger, you would know how difficult it is to directly contact advertisers and sell ad space on your blog. If you contact 100 people, 95% will turn down the offer.

However, if you want to get rid of the direct contact and getting turned down trend, you should join Buy Sell Ads. It is a direct advertising network where bloggers register their blogs for advertisers to see and buy your blog ad space.

Buy Sell Ads has a huge marketplace so you have a greater chance to get advertisers. Publishers (you) are paid 75% of the total advertisement revenue and the remaining 25% is kept by the administration as their fees.

34) Earn Money with Slice the Pie

If you are a big music junkie, Slice the Pie is where you should try making money online. As far as I am aware, their earning money program is unique because they pay you for commenting or reviewing the uploaded music videos.

The only condition is you have to listen to the music tracks for at least one full minute before you start commenting or reviewing.

If music is your passion, you might as well start earning from it!

35) Earning Money with Yahoo! Answers

One of the largest question-answer sites today, the Yahoo! Answers portal offers a very big platform for the clever affiliate marketer to try and make commissions.

Please note that Yahoo! Answers does not offer a direct or official earning money online option. What you can do is keep niche affiliate links ready, browse through the question sections in the selected niche, offer genuine answers and stick the affiliate link in the end.

If the affiliate product you are offering is really good, in the way that it solves the person’s problem, there is a high chance that the person will buy it too, giving you affiliate commission.

Most importantly, Yahoo does not ban us from leaving affiliate links. However, it does not mean that you will leave the same link in every question, in which case it will be considered as spam.

36) Earning Money making Twitter Backgrounds

If you are good in designing, you can make money from Twitter by designing Twitter backgrounds. Since Twitter is being increasingly used by business personnel’s to market their products and services, there is a demand out there for business-specific brand name building and Twitter background building is also involved in it.

You can create a separate website to show the twitter designs and promote the same using twitter. This is how twitter becomes your marketing channel as the source of earning money too.

Check out this list of best twitter profile designs.

37) Earning Money through Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like and really provides bloggers extensive content exposure and traffic but social bookmarking is a painful task, especially for those bloggers who upload more than one post daily. Logging in to bookmarking sites to bookmark the blog is time consuming.

Therefore, many bloggers outsource this task and this is where you come in as the service provider. You can provide the social bookmarking service for bloggers, combined with other blogger services as well.

38) Earning Money by Making WordPress Themes

More than half of the blogging population uses WordPress themes for blogging because of its easy content management system and navigation. Most of the time, bloggers look for free themes but if they like one theme particularly, they are willing to pay for it too.

And if you are good with CSS, PHP and HTML coding, try creating a WordPress theme which you can sell through professional theme websites. This is important if you want people to take you seriously and buy for you.

Moreover, if earning money is not your criteria then you can give away the themes for free and it will give you a back link since the footer of the theme will contain your details.

39) Earning Money with Hub Pages

In 2011, after the Google and Panda update, many people complained about losing their Hub Page traffic and earnings but if you are starting now, it is good because you have a higher chance of content ranking, traffic and revenue earning.

What you need to do is create hubs, include Amazon, eBay or AdSense links in the hubs and publish it. You get 100% of the earnings generated from your links and 60% from the money generated from your hub content.

Hub Pages is one of my few chosen places to earn money from my writing skill.

Read in detail about making money from Hub Pages.

40) Earning Money with Helium

Helium is another writing portal where you can earn advertising revenues and money from the content page views. Like Hub Pages, you have to create high quality content. Sometimes, if the internal editing department likes your hub very much they will consider buying it upfront or ask you to write on specific topics.

Otherwise, you can earn between 1 USD and 5 USD for every 1000 page views per content piece.

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50 Ways to Make Money Online – Part Three

Continued…Part Two

21) Earn with

Gather is a paid social networking site that pays you money to remain active on the social site. Its similar to Facebook; the only difference being that Gather pays you for being active and Facebook does not. You can earn on Gather by doing the following:

    Ways to Make Money Online in 2012

  • Posting videos
  • Posting pictures
  • Updating status
  • Using their apps
  • Playing games and others

Whatever points you accumulate through these tasks can be redeemed in the form of cash and/or Amazon vouchers and other gift cards.

I think this is a very new and novel way of earning cash through social media. In fact, if you are good in reviewing, you can review products or services you have used on Gather and get paid for the same.

Again, I would say, this kind of earning source will not tide you over every month but it can surely pay your little menacing bills, cover gift costs, buy something extra for yourself and so on.

22) Earn Money with She Told Me

While researching for this list, I came across She Told Me. Apparently, it is the biggest AdSense sharing revenue network these days.

In this, you get to write your own chosen articles and get paid. I don’t know whether they pay upfront for the articles but they surely pay for the AdSense revenues.

Here the AdSense is divided into 3 blocks – one block is for the writer (yours), the second block is for She Told Me and the third block is for the referrer (if any) who recommended the website.

The best thing – if you already have a Chitika advertisement account, you can insert your own Chitika ads and earn 100% revenue from them.

Signing up is free.

23) Earn Money with

Hits4Pay is one of the oldest sponsored email reading networks online since 1998. Here you get a signing bonus of $5 and they pay you 2 cents for every email you read. Sometimes the emails pay you 5 cents but those are rare.

If you refer people and they sign up, you get 2 cents for every email read by the referral.

The payout is $25, credited to your account through PayPal.

24) Earn Money with

Like She Told Me, Xomba is another AdSense revenue sharing portal where you write content for Xomba and enter into a 60-40 partnership ratio. Xomba gives you 60% of the advertisement revenue.

Obviously, the content has to be highly search engine optimized to get any kind of revenue. There is an extensive list of topics for you to choose. You can write on anything as long as it is relevant and you should have an AdSense account.

Signing up is free.

25) Earn Money with Commission Junction

Like ClickBank, Commission Junction (CJ) is another highly popular and credible network for affiliate earnings. There is a huge repository of digital products like web hosting services, domains, software, eBooks and others.

The commission percentage is between 2% and 70%. Like with any other affiliate network, all you have to do is:

  • Create an account
  • Fill in payment details
  • Select a product with good commissions
  • Review it (if you want)
  • Spread the word around with relevant affiliate links

…and earn affiliate commission. Commission is paid out for every valid sale. The minimum payout if 100 USD and the common mode of payment is PayPal.

Please check out their payment details for country specific payment options.

26) Earn Money with Sponsored Tweets

Supposedly the most trusted way to earn money online through Twitter advertising, Sponsored Tweets pays you for posting paid tweets on your Twitter account. It is not an issue if you use multiple Twitter accounts for tweeting.

There are two options – Pay Per Click and Pay Per Tweet – the Pay Per Click can offer about $5 per click and the Pay Per Tweet can sometimes offer $150 per tweet. Of course, the amount per click or per tweet depends on what you are tweeting about.

50 USD is the minimum payout and you’ll need a PayPal account for receiving the money.

Signing up is free.

27) Earn Money with Text Link Ads (TLA)

Text Link Ads (TLA) is yet another advertising network where the advertisers pay for displaying texts and hyperlinks to the publisher. (the blogger) I would suggest that you sign up for TLA only if you have PR 1+. PR 0 blogs rarely get an opportunity to display ads.

The advertisers place their ads for a fixed period of time. The price of the text links are to be set by the publisher. (you) Be careful while setting this price because you get only 50% of the amount because the remaining goes to TLA as their earning. Therefore, it is a 50%-50% revenue account.

You are either paid through PayPal or TLA vouchers and the minimum amount you should have for payment is $25 for those who want to be paid through prepaid Master Card or through global checks.

28) Earn Money with Sponsored Reviews

If you are interesting in reviewing products and services on your blog but you are having a hard time finding paid review sponsors, Sponsored Reviews is one of the best marketplaces to try.

Here you register the membership account, link your blog, set the price and start bidding on paid sponsors.

Please note that you will receive only 50% of the amount you set for reviews as the other 50% is taken by Sponsored Reviews. Moreover, the chances of your blog getting good offers depends on its PR and the number of daily page views and unique visitors. The maximum you can get is $500 per review.

Payments are credited every 2 weeks into PayPal and there is no minimum payout criteria.

29) Earn Money with

Fiverr is one of its kind initiator of the mini-marketplace concept where you can sell anything for a fiver. ($5) The Fiverr company deducts $1 from each seller so you basically get $4 per sale.

What can you sell? Your answer is – anything under the sun. For instance, you can find writing services, voiceover services, tattoo designing, web designing, poetry writing, sand writing…and hundreds of others.

When I visited the site a few days back, one gig caught my eye – there was this gig wherein the girl would write your name or the ad (am not sure!) on her lips, take a picture and send it to the buyer. Very weird! But she is the top-rated seller there. So as I said, you can sell just about anything 🙂

30) Earn Money with eHow

A few months back, eHow partnered with Demand Studios to build a network of quality writers. eHow is famous for its “how-to” articles that gives you step-by-step solutions or tutorials.

You can try to become an eHow writer. Your earning is generated through the number of page views the content receives every month.

Last I checked, Demand Studios were taking writers only from the US and Canada so unless you are in these countries, it is impossible to become an eHow writer.

Nevertheless, the earning potential is wide and you are paid through PayPal.

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50 Ways to Make Money Online – Part Two

Continued…Part One

11. Create Niche Blogs

Unlike regular blogs, niche blogs are keyword centric, which are targeted to rank high on search engines. For instance, there are many people blogging about mobiles, but only a few are talking about Nokia ONLY.

Make Money Online in 2012So if you have a site whose content is only about Nokia, you are creating a niche blog which has higher chances of better keyword rankings. Later you can add contextual ads and earn money.

Or, you can sell the niche blogs at a very high price if it has 1) good content; 2) high traffic; 3) ad revenue potential.

You can read an inspiring post about blogs that sold for millions.

12. Social Network Activity

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are many other social networking sites that have found a new way to make money online and distribute a portion of the revenue to their down line.

These social networking sites ask you to sign up and pay you for using the social network. As more members sign up, it increases the social network owner’s chances of displaying more advertisements and earn revenue.

I don’t know whether this method is legal or not but such social networking sites do exist and people are earning from them regularly.

13. Trading on FOREX

FOREX trading is similar to share trading with the difference that in FOREX you have to buy and sell currencies. The value of currency differs with every country. For instance, USD 1 = 51.30 INR and this value changes everyday.

FOREX trading is very lucrative. You can find various online FOREX trading platforms like To make profits via this strategy, you have to first reserve foreign currencies for a period of time and when the value of the currency increases, you can sell off those currencies and earn your profit.

Of course, don’t expect to earn from Day 1. You have to research currency valuation for the last 6 months at least to see how your chosen currencies have trended in the market and then you should make the plunge.

14. High Yielding Investment Programs

There are various financial institutions online where you can invest your money for a fixed period of time. These are called high yielding investment programs because they give you periodic fixed returns for the whole duration of the investment, until the last day of the fixed deposition.

At the end, you get back the total amount you had invested as the principal sum. For instance, you invest $20,000 for 3 years with a periodic return of $1000 every five – six months. At the end of 3 years, you get back the whole $20,000 in principal.

This is a good source of investment for long-term secondary income.

15. Start your Own Web Store

Are you good in creating knitted sweaters? Or, are you good in making handmade jewelry? Or are you a writer who is interested in creating eBooks?

With the Internet, it has become doubly easy to sell online. What can you sell? Anything that is worthy of every buck spent by the buyer. There are online premium platforms where you can create your online store and make money from those sales.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you can create an E-store of affiliate products, market them and earn commissions.

In other words, you run a full fledged business right from your own home. Just make sure the products are of quality and they are easily shipped all over the world, unless it is an exclusive digital product.

16. Become a Guest Author

It is a misconception that guest authors work for free. Of course, unless you are yourself a blogger and want to guest post on other blogs to increase backlinks, there is no money involved.

However, there are clients out there who are willing to hire only guest posters to research high Page Ranking (PR) blogs, pitch them, write guest posts, publish them and get backlinks to the client websites…and you are paid for all this stuff.

If you have good writing skills, you can easily charge $20 per guest blog of 500 words. You can also create a list of PR 2 blogs to contact freelance clients. A client will always be impressed with a ready made list.

17. Online Teaching

If you don’t want any physical teaching job, you can become an online teacher. Online teachers are in great demand in the US and UK where parents usually prefer Indian teachers because of their vast subject-based knowledge resource.

You can either create an independent website offering online teaching services or you can join online tutorial websites and charge on a per hour basis.

If you are teaching online, be expected to get students from around the world. You need to think about this because there will definitely be time zone differences, sometimes 12-13 hours time difference.

Online teaching is a very lucrative business.

18. Create Search Engine

Google allows you to create a separate search engine for your website. You can do this through AdSense.

First you need a website with good content, then you can custom embed the AdSense codes along with AdSense ads. Therefore, whenever anyone uses your website as a search engine and clicks on the ads displayed, you get to earn money.

It is not easy to make this search engine. You have to read about AdSense in detail to implement this strategy. Not to forget that if your website has good traffic footfall daily, the earning potential increases a lot.

19. Review Products

Before the Internet, there was radio advertisements, TV advertisements, fliers, and other marketing methods that asked consumers to review products and give the company representatives their honest feedback.

Now the companies have left the traditional marketing methodology and have shifted online. They look for people who can review their products, either free or paid, and write about them. This new trend is known as Blogger Marketing.

You only need a website/blog, the skill to write a review and good traffic. Depending on the deal you have with the company, you can even get a small percentage share for sales coming through your website/blog. But don’t confuse this with affiliate marketing, it is entirely different.

You can earn anywhere between $10 – $50+ per product review.

20. Create Tunes

Recall your favorite advertising tunes from your childhood that you used to love very much! These days audio producing companies turn to online tune makers for creating advertising tunes or music for their songs.

Visit and you will be amazed by the variety of such services. You can use Fruity Loops, a tune generator software, to create great tunes and sell them to advertising companies for all they are worth.

Best is to open an E-Store of tunes, hang a price tag and let buyers take their pick.

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50 Ways to Make Money Online – Part One

As I had written almost a year back, the Internet is still the Pandora box waiting for us to make money online in 2014.

Ways to Make Money OnlineIn the last 14 years, we have come across plenty of make money online options. Below is a list of the top and the best 50 ways to earn quite handsomely in the year – 2014.

Note: We will post 10 at a time…

This list consists of only those ways which I think, both theoretically and practically, will be able to give us really good returns.

Earning Potential – Approx. $5 to $5000+ per month


50 Ways to Make Money Online


1. Flipping Domains

You can make really good money if you know how to select premium domains and sell them online, known popularly as flipping domains. How does this work?

…and then you put this up for sale.

People are willing to pay for these kinds of websites because everything is almost done for them.

However, if you do not want to create websites/blogs, add content and ads, just buy premium domain names and sell them after some time. I have seen such kind of domain names being bought for more than $1000 whose original price was not more than $20. The older the domain name is, you get a better price.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Income Insiders has an entire section devoted to affiliate marketing. If you are interested in sales and marketing, try affiliate marketing by all means. Of course, some may tell you that this field is over flowing, that it has become saturated.

But the fact is only about 10% of affiliate marketers are able to make money online while the others fail. So you actually have 90% of the market open for you to explore.

Affiliate networks like eBay and Amazon pay around 75% commission to affiliate. You can join any affiliate network you want, promote the products, get sales and you earn commissions.

The potential of earning money online through affiliate marketing is unlimited. Period.

3. Designing Logos

Logo designers are in great demand. Not everyone is a designer and neither does 100% of the web users know how to use Photoshop to design logos.

Visit mini marketplaces like and you will be amazed to see just how many people are willing to offer logo designing services for just $5, excluding the $1 commission charges.

A Logo gives a company brand image. If you are good at logo designing, make it your niche and start promoting yourself on freelancing websites like,, and others to start your freelance web designer career.

4. Sell eBooks

Digital book or electronic book, call it whatever you may like, selling eBooks will continue to be a lucrative proposition in 2014. In a world of information overload, there is a demand for quality content still, which eBooks are in a position to provide.

Whether you write your own eBooks or you become an affiliate for eBooks written by others, it is a wonderful opportunity to make money online. In fact, if you have written your own eBook, you can maximize earnings by putting it up on the market for affiliates.

Like this you can create your own affiliate market and increase sales, which gives you maximum profit.

5. Facebook Money

I feel Facebook is becoming a monopoly in itself by trying to compete with Google. Hardly a day goes by for those 500 million active Facebook users when they do not login to Facebook. This trend gives you two opportunities:

  • Market your product and services on Facebook and get contacted by clients.
  • There are many apps on Facebook which gives money making opportunities. For instance, there is a Facebook-centric writing network and again, there is a service which pays you to sign up on other websites. The second one may not pay much but no problem, the agenda is to earn money. Even a penny is money.

If you want to target Facebook, I suggest you remain online there as much as you can in any given day and explore the possibilities.

6. Earn Money with GPT Websites

GPT or “Get Paid To” websites are those websites where you have to sign up and do various “odd jobs” online which you normally do sometimes but without receiving any payment in return.

For instance, the GPT websites can ask you to fill out surveys, post tweets, click on ads, surf the net and other such things. It takes barely an hour daily for this kind of work.

People who are using such sites to make a marginal amount of quick money online without implementing any skills other than the skill of browsing the Internet can make use of the GPT websites.

But beware – there are many fraud GPT sites out there too so just Google the GPT website name to read user reviews first.

7. YouTube Channel

A housewife, bored with sitting at home doing nothing, started to share her cooking videos on YouTube regularly. Within two months, her YouTube channel had million views and she started earning from YouTube video advertisements. She earned $1000 one month.

Later, YouTube offered her partnership and now she earns a guaranteed $1500+ every month from those videos.

This is the power of video content marketing. If you have any skills that you think will benefit people, make YouTube your major earning source.

8. Sharing Files

Income Insiders has a detailed blog post on making money by sharing files. You earn when people download the files you upload. What do these files have? Anything!

You can upload information based files, data files, general subject based info and others. These files can be both text-based and image-based. Here the earning depends on the type of file you have uploaded and the number of downloads. Most of the websites pay per 1000 downloads.

Read the above linked blog post. You will see a resource list of many high paying and reputed websites paying money by sharing files.

However, please make sure that these files do not infringe copyright.

9. Google AdSense

You can read about making money with Google AdSense in detail from here.

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the first and foremost choice of people who want to make money online through advertisement revenues. It is a misconception that you need a website or a blog to make money online from AdSense.

In fact, there are lots of AdSense revenue sharing websites that will allow you to integrate Google AdSense advertisements with your content and allow you to earn revenue.

If you are not ready for the first way, I suggest that you play around with AdSense a bit through the content revenue generation system before starting blogs and websites.

10. eBay Selling and Affiliate-ship

eBay, one of the largest online shopping portals, allows you to sell goods online and earn money by becoming a product affiliate too and turn eBay marketplace into a second income source.

If you have a garage full of old sporting goods or a massive library of books or anything else that has value, list them on eBay, select the country you can ship to, set the price or choose auction mode and you are set.

Alternatively, if you have a blog or website, you can become an eBay affiliate to sell products and earn commissions.

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2012 Social Media Predictions

Unless you are living in the Stone Age, you should be aware that 2012 is an important year for 2012 Social Mediainternet marketing and social media evolution. Online and offline businesses are slowly moving away from traditional online marketing techniques and targeting social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter heavily.

2012 Social Media Predictions

Whether you are a seasoned or a newbie online marketer, you need to read about these 2012 social media predictions.

Your Gateway to Internet – Facebook

If you don’t have a Facebook personal or Page account, experts say, you are losing out on a huge repository of business information and potential consumers. Few days back, Facebook came out with a clarification statement explaining how they earn revenues and how the advertisements are optimized. You can read about them here.

Since advertisements form the core revenue model for Facebook, it turns into a big opportunity for online marketers because you get to target buyers according to various relevant specifications like geographical location, age, gender, skills, interests and others.

For instance, if you are a retailer of Football merchandise in Ohio and want to capture the local market, Facebook will display your ads to only those people in Ohio with interest in sports.

This optimization of advertisements is a major benefit of using Facebook and with Facebook introducing its IPO in 2012; its impact is bound to get heavier in the subsequent months.

With 700 million users and counting, it is impossible today to think about the web without Facebook. It has become a bridge for marketers and publishers alike to communicate on a common platform.

However, we also feel that Facebook should not become totally business-like, otherwise it will fail like Zynga and Microsoft once did in the last decade.

Multi-Media Social Network

2012 is the year of multi-media social network. Social media interaction through videos and photos will weed out the common – boring social networking. Uploading multi-media footages more than ever will force the social media user to take a long look at the changing way of communication between a seller and a buyer.

Of course, this depends on the kind of online business you are involved with. For instance, an Internet marketer selling personal development products may not be interested in using videos for promotion as compared to an Internet marketer selling SEO products who will definitely make use of video marketing to get more clients.

As compared to 2011, multi-media will see an extravagant use in 2012. It is predicted by Forbes that multi-media use by small business owners will increase drastically. It will become the new mode of client-consumer communication.

Rise of Global Apps

The Android application has revolutionized the way we used to look at the application technology even 5 years back. With Android, apps are so easy to create and use in the highly creative world of the web. These days, there are no mobile handsets that are workable without apps.

Apps are building international diversity and creating cultural connectivity. Freelancing businesses like or sports apps like PlayUp about football and rugby are increasingly finding its way as apps for mobile users.

If we have to talk about facts, China became the second largest iOS apps downloader in 2011 after the US. With 20% market penetration, Asia has surpassed the US in total Smartphone volume. As the global purchasing power shifts, India and China will quickly catch up and overtake the US as the largest app-economy.

Likewise, if this is the trend which will continue in 2012, it will be interesting to see Internet marketers coming out with their own apps.

Suppose Darren Rowse ( from the top bloggers in the world list has an app for a free download for his subscribers. Through this app, Rowse is able to customize the product choice of the subscribers and is able to cash in because the app subscribers get to know about new products almost instantly as compared to those who are email subscribers. Through this app, subscribers can browse the list of products, select and pay through mobile in a matter of few seconds.

Moreover, the apps can be optimized either locally or internationally, or both. The rise of the global apps will be yet another way for small, medium and large businesses to tap their potential market.


As online marketers ourselves, 2012 is going to be a great year in respect to social media marketing globally. We will have more resources and social media tools at our disposal to reach a wider consumer base.

Top 5 Examples of Potential Business Blogs of 2012

Top Business BlogsBlogs have come a long way since their origins as online shared diaries in the 1990s. Their evolution gained momentum in 1999 with Peter Merholz, breaking the term “Weblog”, coined by Jorn Barger in 1997, into “We blog.”  A significant mutation took place when Evan Williams of Pyra Labs started popularizing the use of the term “blog” both as a noun and verb.

Blogs grew by leaps and bounds over the last decade. As of now, there are roughly over 150 million public blogs.

This article studies 5 promising blogs with a view to evaluating the current state of blogging and predicting its course during the coming year.

These blogs fall into five categories, each numerically symbolic of their market potential in 2012.

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Internet marketing, especially eBooks
  3. Self-Employment Community
  4. Career Coaching
  5. Skill-Based Freelancing

These blogs are already popular in their own way. Bookmark these and follow them over the coming year.

Top Business Blogs of 2012

1. The Proactive Report []:

Year: 2003
Owner: Sally Falkow

This blog is for anybody who uses or runs social media marketing businesses, or is in any way connected with them.

Some of the strong points of this blog are its good use of text and media objects such as graphs and charts, photographs, and illustrations. Besides, this is an interactive blog that requests the visitors to leave comments and contact details such as name, e-mail ID, and Web site URL.

How she makes money?

It offers 9 products that every social media entrepreneur will need at one point or the other. These are:

  1. Social Media Roadmap
  2. Twitter PR
  3. New Media Press Releases
  4. Online Reputation Management
  5. Search: A Modern PR Skill
  6. PR Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  7. Web Sense: Effective Web Marketing Strategies
  8. Media Relations in The Internet Age
  9. The Power of Good Content Writing

All these products are priced at $27, $37, $47, and $79.

This one is full of potential. It can become the hub of social media business generation strategies.

2. Ewen Chia []:

Year: 2000s
Owner: Ewen Chia

Now more and more people are choosing Internet marketing and are earning a huge sum of money through selling online products and services. There are various types of online marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising on websites, and pay per click, email marketing, and Web 2.0.

Ewen Chia’s blog teaches us how to make money fast through online marketing. He has written an eBook with exclusive information about Internet marketing. If you are interested in this product, you can read the review from this blog and get to know more about making money on the Internet.

How he makes money?

Even though he is a relatively new entrant in the online marketing world, he quickly became a bestseller with his eBook – Fast Track Cash. If he can do this one eBook, he definitely has lots of potential to maintain this brand name in 2012.

He enters this list as a person who has learned the trick to make money from eBooks, which a lot of us still wonder about.

He is one of the pioneers of the online marketing world, which is reason enough to follow him in 2012.

3. Freelance Folder []:

Year: 2007
Owner: Mason Hipp

Freelance Folder is an active community of freelancers, small business owners, web workers and entrepreneurs. This blogs gives us high quality and credible information about the freelancing world.

This is one example of a blog that makes money from quality advertisements. You won’t ever see spurious links or blatant affiliate marketing promotions. It has their own forum for writers and users. There is a separate Job Board for freelancers to find work and make money online.

How it makes money?

Apart from paid advertisements, there are three eBooks on sale. These are:

  1. The Unlimited Freelancer – $29
  2. How to Start a Freelance Design Business? – $12
  3. How to Start a Freelance Writing Business? – $12

They are currently running a New Years sale so the prices above are discounted. Please check the site before buying them.

As an information portal in a high active but volatile freelance market, this blog has potential in 2012.

4. Work Happy Now! []:

Year: 2008
Owner: Karl Staib

Know your strengths and superpower to keep you succeeding in your career and professional life. This is what is taught in this blog by its author through his experiences. This blog shows what a person can feel when not happy at his career or job and provides a solution to get out of this situation.

There are some useful article links that one can read and understand how to be successful. You can contact the owner of this blog if you have any questions and need help battling the blues.

How he makes money?

Karl Staib is a Super Biz Coach. He makes money online through 3 products and services. These are:

  1. Superpower Coaching – $395 & $695; 100% refundable for dissatisfaction.
  2. Fear to Fuel – Get over procrastination; $95
  3. Work Happiness 101 – $27

As a coach and mentor person helping people to overcome stumbling blocks that prevent them from being successful in life, this entrepreneurship has lots of potential.

5. Just Creative Design []

Year: 2007
Owner: Jacob Cass

Just Creative Design is an example of the power of specialized service in this online industry. The owner is a self-employed graphics designer and provides amazing resources on print design, web design, logo design, advertising, typography and media branding.

If you count RSS reader subscription as a business analytic tool, his blog has 29,318 readers – an awesome number for a self-employed person. His website is not flashy but it is extremely well developed. I was floored seeing his portfolio, which I think is a major contributing factor towards his success.

For all those freelancers reading this piece, never forget to create a mind blowing portfolio. It is what impresses recruiters most where hiring freelancers are concerned.

How he makes money?

He offers web design, logo design, and print designing services to a large client base. Just don’t forget to check out his portfolio.


An analysis of our sample survey of 5 blogs reveals that blogging is definitely thriving. The blogs currently in vogue can be grouped into several different categories, depending on the differentiators used – types of bloggers (individual and organizational), genre (small business, Internet marketing, and education), and media type (micro-blogs such as those on Twitter – video blogs – link logs – photo blogs and others).

Blogs that are likely to make a mark in 2012 should have the following characteristics: accuracy; judicious use of text, images, and links, interactivity, and continuous update, dynamism and most importantly, they should be highly uniquely service-oriented or product-oriented.

I admit there could be thousands of blogs with potential, so if you come across one, please don’t forget to mention it below.

PS: We don’t want to beat our own drums, so if you think Income Insiders also has the potential to be one of the best blogs in 2012, please feel free to say so in the comment section below.

How and Where to Promote Your Article?

Do you have a couple of interesting articles written by you? Wouldn’t it be great if your articles are read by millions of readers and receives massive positive responses from them? Promote Your ArticleThis is a wish come true for many budding writers. This article will help you in knowing the right place to promote your masterpieces.

How To Promote Articles Online?

Submit your articles on Article Directories

There is quite a long list of good and popular websites that are a great help for the writers to present their informative work to the readers. You can submit your articles on the websites that have many people as their members.

What you need to do is to join their website as their member and you can keep submitting all the articles you are writing to its readers. Ezine Articles is a well-known article marketing website that has several members who submit their articles. If your article is really great, you will be able to attract many readers when posted on this site.

There are more than a hundred Article Directories. You can choose one or more to post your articles. Here are some of the popular websites where you can easily promote your articles very effectively.


You can choose ghostwriting if you want to earn by your writings. It is a type of promotion also. Who would not like to be paid for their work? But if fame is what you’re looking for, ghostwriting is not your cup of tea. Ghostwriting means you write for a client, taking no credit but you do get paid and your skills are appreciated.

Once you sell your article to a client, you will not be able to use your article for your own. In short, you just get paid for your article and the credit goes to the clients.

If you have the passion to write and want to become a ghostwriter, you can take up this job and earn a lot either choosing it as a part-time job to earn extra cash or take it as your career and opt for full time work.

Here are some of the links that will be helpful to you- where you can do ghostwriting and get paid.

Websites or blogs with ‘Community News section’

There are some blogs and websites, especially the web designing sites, which have added news sections called ‘Community News section’ for their readers to post their articles.

If you choose a website that has tons of traffic, you will succeed in having more and more eyes on your article.

Click on the below link to view more websites with ‘Community News sections’ where you can promote your articles and attract many readers.

80 Websites to Submit and Promote Your Articles

Create Squidoo lens

You can create Squidoo lenses (pages) by using their SEO expertise. They will help you in creating a professional page and use it for promoting your articles.

Squidoo lenses are highly ranked with Google and by using these professionally made lenses, you will be able to post your articles to several article directories and social bookmarking sites.

Create a blog of your own

If you don’t have a blog of your own, you can learn how to create a website or get one on You can create an account here by following three simple steps. Once you have created your blog, you can post your articles there.

People will read your articles on your newly created blog. But for that you should let the people know that your blog exists. You will have to promote your blog for the people to know about it. There are many ways in creating huge traffic to your blogs like doing SEO.

Make sure that you use good keywords or phrases that are SEO friendly to give good searching results. Many people use search engines like Google for searching a blog or website. You should optimize your blog for search engines either yourself or by asking help from SEO professionals who will do it for you by charging you.

For better results, use a good title which people are likely to search on the search engines.

Social bookmarking sites

You can also promote your articles by submitting them on one of the popular social bookmarking sites You can register and create an account and start submitting your articles where several readers can be dragged to read your articles if they are really good and you will generate traffic from StumbleUpon. Some of the other top social bookmarking sites are listed here for you.

Social networking sites

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular among several other social networking sites where millions of like-minded people share their views and ideas.

If you have a blog of your own, you can also create a Facebook page and submit your articles. If your articles are very interesting, people will consider sharing your articles with their friends and therefore more and more visitors can be expected to read them.

Twitter provides a micro-blogging service which will help to promote your articles through millions of Twitter followers if your articles are considered helpful for the readers. If your article is written on ‘how to’ people will show more interest to know about such topics.

As there is a restriction on using a maximum of 140 characters, you can provide a TinyURL on the tweet that links to your blog or to the site where your articles are posted. Other top social networking sites are MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster.

So, now you also have the information on how and where you can promote your articles. Stop hesitating and step forward confidently with your well-written interesting articles to share with the online world.

Wishing you luck!

How to Sell PLR Articles…10 Tips

Being a good writer is not enough to make money online. If you have an ability to write unique and informative content, you can sell it on the Internet and can make money from writing.

Sell PLR ArticlesBut before selling your content, you should be familiar with the various categories involving web content. One of the categories that will help to make money online is to sell PLR articles.

PLR means private label rights. When these PLR articles are bought, they can be published on multiple platforms. They can be published together in the form of an eBook or can be published in the form of one large article.

From the Internet marketer’s view, these articles are useful for building website content. These PLR articles are actually pre-written articles on various niche keywords. These articles are sold to numerous clients. Once these PLR articles are bought, the buyers can publish them with their own name on their websites or blogs…

The benefit of selling a PLR article is not about establishing a firm foothold in the online freelancing industry. As a writer, you can enhance your writing ability and you can become an expert writer who can write on any topic.

Since the purchase of PLR articles is so prominent, with small efforts, you can attach a bunch of PLR articles on a single topic. Unfortunately, there is no direct procedure to sell your PLR articles on the Internet; you have to optimize your PLR bunch in such a manner and market it that it finds repeated buyers.

How to Sell PLR Articles

The following tips will help you in optimizing your PLR articles and sell them in the online marketplace:

1. Set up a PLR site:

a. Appropriate site name: PLR site name should be uniquely identifiable according to PLR topics. For instance, you can develop PLR sites for every niche keyword you want to target.

b. Proper Research: Before putting any PLR package for sale, proper research on PLR stores is essential. Research includes how PLR articles are written, what are the general rates of PLR packages and what are the marketing strategies adopted by top PLR marketers.

c. Website Platform: Most of the PLR websites are set up on a WordPress platform. Using some online themes for PLR sites can be a good practice.

d. Setup a download manager: Setting up the download manager on a PLR site can be an expensive option but provides a worthwhile output. This download manager will help in downloading PLR packages easily after clients purchase them. Setting up a direct download option is important for PLR business.

2. Writing PLR articles:

Writing PLR articles is a time consuming process. However, the best part is that a bunch of, let’s say, 10 PLR articles can be purchased by an unlimited number of people. Thus, if you note the cost of writing a bunch of PLR articles, the money accumulated after their sale is much more than the original writing cost. PLR business is hugely profitable. Web based PLR articles should have all these points:

  • Good keyword research
  • Short paragraphs
  • Subheadings throughout the article
  • Bullet points &
  • Informative content      

3. Flexibility in topics:

Having numerous topics in PLR article bunches is good enough to sell them in the market. Buyers are always on the lookout of multiple articles on the same keyword niche. But as a writer, you cannot limit yourself with one particular niche. You have to keep on experimenting with various topics. Thus, flexibility with topics is beneficial while writing PLR articles that sell.

4. Entering into PLR business:

Entering into a PLR business needs so much expertise in writing. PLR articles are generally content for single websites and are needed to be written in bulk. Thus, before selling your first bunch of PLR articles, you should be an expert in handling bulk orders from clients. This will help you in making repeated sales of your PLR articles in your writing business.

5. Setup PLR article pack:

After you set up your PLR site and download manager, now it is time to set up selling your PLR article pack. You should always set up an article pack as a single unit.

This can be done via bundling all article files into a single folder or by creating one pdf file for all articles. Also, the PLR pack should have the correct index of keywords used in the articles.

6. Deciding the terms and conditions:

As a PLR seller, you should decide your terms and conditions before placing your PLR products for sale. For example, you can fix the upper limit of the article package to 150. This means you will provide 150 articles in one package. However, your terms and conditions should not be hard to follow for the clients. It should be professional and should exist under the limit of acceptance.

7. Adopt proper marketing strategies:

Selling PLR articles is only possible if the proper marketing strategies are adopted. Placing free ads on websites, writing classifieds for your PLR services and other digital marketing options can help in the marketing of your PLR packages.

More likely, you can also put your PLR pack on various online auction websites. If you are an expert PLR writer, you can advertise your services as a qualified PLR article writer. Offering your services directly to the Internet marketers on various business websites and forums can increase your profits.

8. Provide uniqueness in PLR articles:

While keeping your PLR articles on the market, you should be aware about duplicate content checker tools on the Internet. Finding duplicate content in your PLR articles will not only cancel your deal, but it will also add a negative impact on the clients. You should always check your articles via some online free duplicate content checker tools like Copyscape. Instead of duplicating content written by others, you should always write unique content in your articles.

9. Make eBooks:

Selling the PLR articles cannot be possible quickly. Instead of waiting a long time to find clients, you can create an eBook of your article package and upload it on various eBook sharing websites.

These websites provide compensation for the eBooks according to their popularity rating, that is, the number of downloads for each uploaded eBook. This is another way of selling your PLR articles on the Internet and making money with eBook.

10. Enhance rewriting ability:

PLR articles are flexible to rewrite, but finally it depends on the writer whether he wants to rewrite his articles or not. In case of a bulk PLR article order, if you do not have enough time to write unique articles, you can rewrite them, but the rewritten content should be unique and should pass duplicate content checking tools. This is the easiest way to generate and sell bulk PLR articles online.

Where to Sell PLR Articles?

Updating yourself about a PLR business is not complete until you update yourself about the places where you can sell your PLR articles. It is vital to place your PLR products on the most used platforms of PLR online deals. Following are some platforms that help in dealing with selling PLR articles online:

Google – Google provides a facility to create your PLR site/s and helps to arrange traffic for it with its affiliate and other marketing resources. For this, you can also hire any SEO agency or can choose to display pay per click ads attached to your PLR site. However, you must have high quality PLR products.

Digital Point Forum – This is another good platform for selling PLR articles online. The best feature of using this website is that it doesn’t charge any cost for posting your items. Digital Point is the best business platform for all PLR beginners.

Warrior Forum – For the writer who wants to sell only one PLR package can use this platform. Warrior forum is very active with PLR users and people can easily find your PLR products even when you do not adopt marketing approaches.

These are some of the best platforms to sell your PLR articles and other packages. I hope this information will help you in finding the best deals for your PLR products.

Generating a huge income from writing is always been the top goal for various writers. Also, when they can directly interact with the clients to offer their services, they don’t have to pay extra money for the consultancy service providers.

Selling the PLR articles online is profitable only when you deal directly with the clients. All above tips and places will help you in getting the kind of deals for your PLR packages. Good luck!

Leave a comment below…