Can All Kinds of Blogs Make Money?

In the past, there were seafarers and explorers who had their personal diaries and logs of daily events that they diligently maintained. This daily log formed the basis of their stories on far off lands that they may have explored, the variety of the flora and fauna that they may have discovered, the indigenous people they may have met or fought and eventually conquered.

Blogs Make MoneyIn the present context, the blog has taken the place of the log diaries that the adventurers and the sea faring captains or even the pirates would maintain for keepsake.

Blogs have evolved over the years into scratching posts and meeting points since they are seen, commented on and followed by people and also some passersby who found the blog interesting.

Some people create a blog to just make themselves a famous writer, some for fun and some for money. That brings us to the million dollar question ‘Can all kinds of blogs make money?

For us to answer this question, we have to first know the different kinds of blogs that exist in cyberspace.

Few types of blogs to make money with:

  • Personal blogs – This is the most prevalent type of potentially money making blog used on the net. People from all walks of life seem to have a personal blog on the net. They use it to comment on the happenings around them or to tell their friends and loved ones what happened on the street outside their house.
    Many people use their personal blogs to generate income directly or they drive traffic to another website by being an affiliate.
  • Cultural blogs – Cultural blogs discuss music, arts, theater and other popular culture. This particular kind may have limited viewership from a certain niche. But, it can also be a money spinner since there can be a huge following once people get useful information about their favorite shows, bands, timings of shows or forth coming tours and gigs or maybe lessons and books.
  • Topic blogs – These blogs focus on specific topics like some of the search engines that are prevalent on the web. Topic blogs can be a mixed bag for making money since it could be the intensity and the relevance of the topic that can make or mar its potential to rake in the moolah!
  • Business blogs – This kind of a money making blog may talk about the stock markets, the currency exchange rates, rates of bullion and other business related topics. This could be a good blog to make money from since it is a money oriented blog. And since birds of the same feather flock together, the incentive to be at the same place can also be a big factor in the success of this blog attracting money by offering insights and advice on money.
  • Technical blogs – Again a very special and specific kind of potential money making blog that could attract just people who are into the technical field. This type of a blog could have further disadvantages if it tends to focus on just one or maybe two branches of technology.
  • Collaborative blogs – Collaborative blogs are written and/or managed by two or more authors. These could be put up to act as a meeting post for a certain community like college friends or friends from the local football or board game club where they could discuss strategies that were implemented or what could have been done etc.
  • Eclectic blogs – These are blogs which focus on rants, opinions, and commentary on a variety of issues. It focuses on niches that maybe individually or collaboratively put forth.
  • Educational blogs– Educational blogs, also known as edublogs, are used by students to post articles, research papers or their findings and requirements for any particular projects that they may have undertaken.
  • Directory blogs – It focuses on particular news and happenings in the neighborhood, state or country in a larger perspective.
  • Forum blogs – It allows two or more bloggers to post discussions about topics or events that a group of people care about or are highly opinionated about on the net.

With the dynamic nature of our cyber space, everyday, new and innovative types of blogs catches the eyes of eager readers. It doesn’t matter why the blog and which type of blog has been created but it could only become a money spinner if it catches the maximum traffic.

Either the blog should have such a powerful appeal that it should have the power to attract people that are not even connected to the topic or it is somehow connected to a celebrity, chances of which… are zero.

There are many well-known ways to turn a blog into a money magnet, few of them are:

Advertising Programs – Blogs can make more money by participating in advertising programs of different companies, which in turn make it more attractive.

Sponsorship – Corporate entities are sometimes interested in sponsoring blogs that they can align to and earn more profits.

Affiliate Programs – These are programs where the blogs divert the traffic that comes to the blog. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Dreaming of a money making blog which can at least have a high five-figure annual income is not beyond one’s reach. Of course, it won’t happen overnight but yes, with a little hard work and endurance it is promising.

Can You Make Your Living Through Blogging?

Blogging can be said to be one of the most popular events on the Internet available to give you free expression and original writing for the world to view.

make a living bloggingBlogging was never expected to catch on so fast and gain such wide popularity. Blogging is perhaps the best way to express one’s feelings and view point and is an efficient tool to pass on information and a medium to react and respond to what others have blogged. But then there is another useful side of blogging – making money out of it!

That is, when you write and gain satisfaction out of a creation, you are also rewarded with revenue returns through the same effort. Writing blogs and making money, side by side, is now very common and some have taken to it to raise large sums of money almost on regular basis. But is it all that substantial that you could make a living through blogging?


That’s a big question. Blogging has many elements attached where the earning is assured but it needs a genuine effort and patience too.

Quantifying the return goes in proportion with efforts made to ensure the income generation. We should keep in mind that it is a slow process to raise revenue and build the figures until you reach the point of satisfaction.

The discussion starts with understanding the simple fact that – the answer to ‘How much money – a particular blog may raise,’ lies in the insertions you make to work as tools for raising income as the readers visit your blog.

You have to make systematic efforts to create entry points for income. Be watchful on what returns you get, be articulate to keep modifying your interventions, then one day, you slowly start seeing the desired results. So, it is a matter of patience and gradual movement towards your target of earning money to make a living through blogging.

It may not be generalized that each and every blogger would make a sufficient living. The reasons for failure or success of such an effort rest with the following at the minimum:

  • Whether the subject, the writing and the content of the blog itself are attractive.
  • Whether it has been successful in attaining substantial traffic.
  • Are there sufficient advertisements and affiliations attached to the blog to gain enough return?
  • Are the advertisements and affiliations, quality wise and worthwhile to raise good income?

We would have to revisit these important questions in reference to pre-requisites for ensuring returns from Blogging. That would take us close to the idea that substantial revenue can be made after some careful interventions.


For those who are serious about the issue of making a living through blogging, there is always a need to understand and analyze the methods and extent of their effectiveness in raising money.

We will begin with exploring a few points of significance which you need to keep in mind while making a blog page and while attaching such Internet based items and options to it that may genuinely assist in channelizing income for you.

The Topic And The Content: The content of a blog is the first thing that becomes a reason for people to follow you. Naturally, the blog has to be as attractive as possible, it has to be on some such burning subject, that people get tempted to read it, spend time on your blog and also fiddle with the tools and widgets that fetch money for you.

Advertisements: This is the most vital step for raising income through blogging. Giving a place to showcase advertisements, such as Google AdSense for example or any other that has a linked provision of pay back to you on clicks by the readers is the simplest and easiest way to make income through blogging.

The money would keep crediting into your account as the people see the advertisements. Then, there are several other types of Ads – those you could directly get from some agencies/firms; there are Blog Ads, Text Ads etc. which are the other upcoming options.

Your blog may thus help to make a good amount of money and you would move closer to making a living through blogging.

Sponsorships or Affliations: You may also choose to write for specific products and services, and make sure to refer the readers to the related dedicated sites for these items and this is another very useful way to raise income.

So, with the above reference, we are now in a comfortable position to say that if a Blogger follows the above minimum conditions and makes sincere and repeated efforts for improvement, the returns are bound to come for making a living through blogging.


As per statistics displayed on top earning blogs, the Huffington Post owned by Arianna Huffington, with a monthly income figure of $2,339,000 is one of the most successful profiting Blogging examples.

This is based on ideology of pay-per-click. It covers a large variety of subjects and contains frequent and latest updates and blog posts.

The site is a beautiful mix of text, video-blogs as well and of course a set of links and Ads inserted in places. A wonderful effort, exhibits the brilliance of writing and a professional presentation which raises a good amount of money.

Next, Mashable offers blogs with a huge display of banners and advertisements. The Mashable is owned by Pete Cashmore and it touches a monthly income of $560,000. It is again a judicious mix of Ads and Banners along with vast collection of Blogs on latest topics.

The others among top runners are PerezHilton of Mario Lavandeira with monthly income of $450,000; Techcrunch of Michael Arrington with income of $400,000 and Smashing Magazine of Vitaly Friedman with monthly income of $190,000 – all of which earn through Advertising Banners.

So making money through Blogging is definitely possible, the hard work pays. Making a living through blogging is possible but wholly dependent on these efforts.

If these people can do it, so can you…..

Can You Really Use AdSense in Blogging and Earn Money?

Among many ‘firsts’, the first rule of business is to check out who you’re competing against to establish your business. My question – what is your chance, if any, of making money blogging when there are more than 133 million bloggers (February 2010 data) there already, out of which at least 50% of them are earning money online from blogging? Seems scary, right?

How to make money bloggingWhere do you rank? Search any keyword and Google shows thousands of search engine results of meaningful blogs, which have been optimized with money making models but only a handful of them ever succeed.

Often, people fail to make money from blogging because they ignore the primary rule of business – you need to offer something worthwhile for the customer to purchase.

Everything boils down to basic economics – there is demand, you fill the demand and you earn!!! When you want to earn substantially from blogging, it ceases to be a platform where you can go on ranting about your feelings and personal life…however, you do want your readers to know who you are.

This definition of blogging was still relevant, maybe 5 years ago, but not anymore. Like other businesses conducted online, blogging has become yet another way to make money for the long term.

Nevertheless, our question was – can you really make money blogging?
The answer is both Yes and No.

AdSense and Blogging:

Both were like Siamese twins but not anymore! In the early years of blogging, people earned much by activating Google AdSense on their site. It was the latest fad.

If you are aware, the concept of Google Cash Cow was quite popular with new bloggers and some of them claim to have earned thousands, but does it still hold true now? Let’s see.

The problem with AdSense and Blogging these days is three – dimensional: lack of unique niches, flawed search engine optimization and less amount of traffic.

You will agree with me that competition in niches like blogging for earning money has enormously increased in the last few years. Therefore, we have reached a point of stagnancy because bloggers need to give their readers something new and fresh.

Yes, there are people who like to create blogs based on Google’s “high paying keyword” search but that too fails to materialize because the high paying keywords are not constant, they change according to user’s search criteria and interest.

Secondly, even with so much technological advancements around us, bloggers are still clueless about how to monetize their site or how to place advertisements.

A point to note here is that advertisement no longer falls under a preferred alternative for site monetization because visitors show the least amount of interest.

If a thousand visitors come to your site, perhaps 100-150 will click on those ads and there is no guarantee if anyone is actually going to purchase anything from those advertisements; therefore, if you are trying to promote affiliate products through blogging, there is a slim chance of you making actual commissions.

Blogging advertisement has become redundant. It is more redundant because the blogs are not able to provide any actual benefit to the reader.

Ask yourself – would you prefer visiting a site that actually helps you in some way, let’s say, to help you solve problems or would you prefer visiting a site just for 10 minutes of entertainment daily?

Thirdly, due to the first two factors – lack of niche and flawed search engine optimization – a blog will rarely have any visitors. Even if they do, they will hardly translate into any earning if the blog is solely dependent on AdSense. For many, you can make about $200-$250 monthly…

So, what other alternative do you have?

Well, the idea is to use blogging as a “supporting” platform for your main website. This means that you cannot earn from blogging directly but you can get lots of traffic to your main website, which provides products or services to the buyers.

Suppose you are a designer and you want to provide art copyrighter services to global clients; your website is:, which you create like any other business website highlighting your services and pricing.

Now, as a “supportive” platform, you create:, which you will use to blog about your art, your experiences and other things.

Now, in both the cases, you have to do search engine optimization for promotion but essentially, you are not expecting to “earn” from your blogging but using it as a way to capture the traffic and direct them to the main business website.

The purpose of your blog is to give the visitors a reason to return again and again, implying that your blog content should be interactive enough to catch the reader’s interest. And by blog content, one usually means the writing, but one cannot ignore other factors like presentation, format, images, and easy navigation.

If you follow this alternative, you automatically lessen your competition because then your competition will not be measured by the blog itself but by the number of people actively involved in art copyrighting!!!

Hence, your competition reduces, you are able to provide something of value to the consumer by marketing your service to a select market niche geographically and you are able to make your business grow.

A Final Thought:

You need to think twice before creating a blog solely for the purpose of turning into an income source individually. Of course, if you are happy with $200-$250 per month, we don’t have anything to say but what we suggest is to do blogging as a supportive fraction of your main business site.

If you are planning on earning money online, best is to go the professional way. Show your talent to the world or if you have a great product that you know people will be eager to shell out $$$, then its best to create a business website and use blogging as an additional Internet marketing strategy to draw visitors to your site by perfectly optimizing the blog pages and promoting it.