SEO for Local Business – How To Go About It

Current economic trends, both in US and in other countries, show that local businesses pay a high concern to strategies regarding promotion of their products and services.

SEO for Local BusinessFor a lucrative and performing local business, you need to follow the recent trends and the recent trend is SEO for local business.

There was a time when local business owners thought their business could run well with information found in phonebooks and local directories.

In the last decade, the ways people look at local businesses have evolved drastically. Now, if your local business is not found online, you are not considered a competent company and you lose a great deal of business to your competitors.

With Google Place, Business Listings, and the technological ability to geographically analyze business leads, finding the whereabouts of local businesses can be easily obtained by customers using keywords that are used for webpage optimization.

Using Google SEO, local businesses target their local clients. Even the customers benefit as they don’t have to go through the huge directories to order a service or product. They can just put their queries in a search box and a list of web pages will appear having all the information about their query.

There are two major steps which should be taken by local businesses using Google SEO in order to take full advantage of online media.

First of all, get enlisted in the Google local business directory. You must make it a point to give accurate account details, create an accurate business profile and then list it in the Google local business directory.

The best directory for this purpose is Google Maps. It is a user-friendly application and it takes eight weeks to get listed.

You can have multiple listings for various local areas. Essentially you need to have one listing per area. You will automatically find more traffic on your website.

Secondly, you need to have good quality products or services, which will give you quality backlinks. In order to get a good ranking, your local business needs to get quality backlinks from respected domains in the similar industry.

SEO Tips for Local Business

Your local business website should be developed according to these points below.

1. Using your location in your keywords

Google algorithm keeps changing frequently so the search results get affected. Then it will give results on the basis of keywords qualified for that area where the user belongs.

So, provide qualified keywords for your website. Be careful to apply these tactics while using Google local SEO to improve your business dramatically.

2. Use your location details in Meta tags

All your company details, including addresses, are pertinent details and you need to include all these in your business profile page. Also add a short description of your company and attach photos to it. This makes your website appealing and people visit your website more often because it is easy to get information there. Applying these facts to Google local SEO helps you in generating more traffic.

3. Use the location details in the text of the body

Using location details in the keywords helps to get you better placed on the listing. So, make sure location is a part of the keyword and the content.

4. Make use of Yahoo Local and Google Places

These are great places to submit because they list you for a particular location.

5. Use backlinks with your location wherever possible in the text

It may seem very unusual to use backlinks in the content because they are grammatically incorrect and never go with sentences but still… using those helps in bringing more traffic. You can also use it in the name field while commenting. It helps a lot in getting a good rank in SEO.

6. Become a part of local search engine

There are various local search engines which are not very famous globally but are famous in the area. You need to get yourself included in the most popular in your area. It may prove to be a gold mine for your local business.

7. Get your business listed in local directories

You may think there is no use of using such an old fashioned technique but this is the first place where people look to search for local dealers of products. So, never underestimate the directories and get listed in them.

8. Organize local ad campaigns

Locally targeted ad campaigns help a lot to bring expected local traffic to your website. The two best options for these are PPC ads and classifieds ads. These are the best for webmasters.

9. Keep doing checks for your keywords

Sometimes it happens that you think the keywords are perfect but actually the users might be using different keywords for making a search. To avoid this situation, you need to do regular checks of your keywords search volume. If the search volume is low, obviously, you need to change your keywords.

Use Google search tools to know which keywords are most popular and use those keywords instead of the ones you are using. Both time and money are precious in business so be dynamic about your website and the keywords used.

10. Use social websites to promote your business

Social websites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular these days. You can use these websites to promote your business by creating pages of your business information. The best part is they are free and drive a huge amount of traffic to your websites. Local groups are very popular here because the visitors will be of your region.

11. Never forget to publish reviews and testimonials

The reviews and testimonials are very popular because they help to gain popularity and credibility. They act as letters of recommendation. There are many national and regional review sites where you can post these reviews.

12. Create separate pages for different locations

Creating separate pages for different locations helps to gain access to different regional customers. The viewers find the pages friendly and trust you for doing business.

Therefore, SEO has become an important part of local business and no company will flourish without using it.

Any tips about using SEO? Please leave a comment and let us know…