Link Wheel – The Marketing Game Changer

Today, there are thousands of websites present on the Internet, so it is very tough to get a good ranking.

There are many tools used to get your website at the top and search engine optimization (SEO) is very popular among them.

Link WheelThe main feature of this tool is that it helps to increase the traffic of websites that results in a good ranking. There are many services offered by search engine optimization providers and among them the best one is link wheel creation.

A link wheel is a very common tool in the Internet business world and people mostly prefer this method just because it helps them to reach their goals in a very short period of time.

In the website link building industry, link wheel is a buzzword as this is the best way to build links and increase the popularity meter of your website. It is also the most powerful tool to build links in a natural way. In this process, organic link building methods are used and search engines love the natural way of link building.

Link building is the marketing game changer because many people are feeling the benefits and their websites are becoming extremely popular on a regular basis.

The best thing about link wheel is that they do not get links from the unrelated websites or other dubious sources; link wheels bring the relevant links from niches that are on the Internet. They also help to increase the link count by multiplying the links and because of this; it is proven to be one of the best online business strategies.

Link wheel is a group of many websites which are generally made to assemble substantial backlinks for some particular website so that the ranking of that website increases.

Need of Link Wheel – The Marketing Game Changer

The Internet industry is fully based on search engine optimization. Everyone madly tries to get into the prestigious top ten ranking of the search engines and the problem is that there are trillions of functional websites on the Internet. So it is not that easy to take the top slot for a website unless we do not opt for some creative ideas to increase the ranking.

Search engine work is based on link building, thus it has the capability to change the website ranking from 25 to 5. Finally, you have two of the best ways to make any website popular:

  • LinkBuilding
  • Link Wheel Creation

The most important benefit of Link Wheel is that it helps to get more traffic by the use of interlinked blogs through which you can very efficiently transfer the traffic from one website to another.

This result…in gaining a good search engine ranking is a dream of every website owner and it is the best way for the websites to earn money.

As it is clear that all your interlinks are backlinks to each other so a lot of link building takes place within a wheel and all your websites and blogs get several outgoing and incoming backlinks.

If you want to understand Link Wheel, it is simply the best link building package. If you use this method, then you can get uncountable benefits.

How to Build a Link Wheel?

In a link wheel, there are no loose ends; everything points back to the website that you want to promote or the website whose ranking you want to increase.

Creating a link wheel is a very tough job to perform but as we know it is very essential…

The first thing that you need is a page that you want to promote or a website. The second thing that you need are the spikes of the wheel that will be variances of web 2.0 properties like WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo, Live Journal and others in which you give useful matter and links to both the areas – the website or page you are promoting and the other web 2.0 property.

It you have a small link wheel and you want to make it bigger, then there is no problem as it is very easy because you just have to add more tiers in a wheel. You can also make the wheel large by adding spikes to the wheels.

Always keep one thing in mind that link wheels should always be closed off, no matter whether you have big link wheel or small link wheel.

The other thing that is also very important to remember is that whatever content you are putting in a link wheel should be completely original. Do not use copied content from any of the websites off the Internet as it affects the performance of the website a lot.

The effectiveness of the link wheel depends on the ability to sustain the traffic in your website. The articles in the website should be of very good quality and impressive in nature, and should have the capacity to hold the reader. Only a reader will click on the link to get further related information.

Make sure that you are not putting repeated facts as it creates a hindrance in reading the article. Why? Because if a reader views repeated articles then the reader loses interest and that causes trouble in link building.

If you find link wheel creation hectic and time consuming, then there are many people or SEO companies who are there to help you out in making link wheels as part of their SEO package.

Thus, if you want to be different and unique from others in terms of online ranking and popularity, then using the link wheel tool is the most essential thing to do.

Link Domination – Free Link Wheel Creation Guide

Link DominationThe invention of web 2.0 brought a lot of changes in the way that Internet marketing works.

In the past, there were specific methodologies used to gain positioning within the search engines and in many cases, people could actually “game” the engines by using questionable tactics to help their websites rank quickly . . .

One common way of “gaming” the engines was stuffing keywords into websites and sales pages in an attempt to quickly rank for those phrases.

However, it didn’t take long before the major search engines like Google discovered the problem and took swift action to correct it.

One of the best link building strategy to solidifying your place in the search engines and generating unlimited traffic to your website is with what are called, “link wheels.”

Income Insiders guide, “Link Domination” teaches you how to build a link wheel to drive customers back to your money site . . .

Here’s what you can expect from this Free Link Wheel Creation Guide

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If you’re looking to master the link wheel building skills and connecting your links to drive customers to your money site, download your free copy of “Link Domination” now . . . only available to Income Insider Readers.

4 Helpful and Effective Link Building Techniques

Link building in Internet marketing raises the brand value of your business. A website or blog that engages in a lot of link sharing is more likely to rank higher in Google searches.

Like any other Internet marketing strategy, link building is quite a perplexing job; it is not something a marketer can request other bloggers to share.

Effective Link Building TechniquesA marketer has to provide products or services of quality that encourages other bloggers and businesses to interchange links with you.

There are several bogus link building services out there promising hundreds of links but in reality, these links are not worth the dollars you spent purchasing them.

Link building requires knowledge and experience in Internet promotions. Here we have listed some of the relevant link building techniques you can successfully apply to your business.

Listing in Niche Directories: There are thousands of general link building directories out there but only few niche directories.

Niche directories are those with listings related to a particular business. Suppose you own an online jewelry store, you can list your business details and other necessary information to similar jewelry or ornament related directories. Listing your business in niche directories will get you a great deal of link juice to your website. How?

People interested in jewelry will obviously search in the necessary niche website, which will increase your chances of receiving substantial traffic. Needless to say, this strategy will help promote your business and give it lots of mobility. The niche directories are not always free. You may need to purchase monthly or yearly memberships.

Listing in General Directories: The older general directories like DMOZ list quality business websites which offer authentic products or services. If you own a small business, you can list the relevant information here. Internet marketers and potential consumers often visit general directories scouting for new products and services.

The general directory submissions are free of cost. However, just because the general directories are free, it is not necessary for you to submit in hundreds of directory listings. Do an Internet search of the most popular ones in terms of traffic and reputation, and get your business listed.

Social Media Submissions: Few people would disagree that social media pages does not bring any relevant links to listed blogs and websites but the perception is entirely wrong. Yes, you cannot solely depend on social media links to raise your website rankings but their contribution cannot be discounted either.

Creating business pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg, along with using Internet social media advertising strategies helps to yield a large amount of traffic and links. Of course, your business should have some merit to attract their interest.

Social media is one of potent methods of online link building. People or businesses with social media profiles look out for other similar businesses where they can connect and increase their online presence.

Doing this not only helps them but your business also, especially when the Google bots perform traffic and link analysis on your site. Quality links present on your website is a sure shot way to increase website rankings.

Article Submissions: There are times when one comes across online content that one remembers for a really long time. Just imagine if you could create such a timeless article and distribute it online with a link or two in the author’s bio section, you stand a good chance to receive quality traffic and links continuously in the next few years.

Of course, such content pieces needs to be extraordinary. It can be either on a subject that has not been covered before or on a subject that is popular but you write something unique which the world remembers!

For instance, whenever I have to find meaningful IT reviews, I can always rely on TechCrunch than any other because their opinion, style of presentation, authenticity and approach is unique. Getting my point? You have to be different if you want any result from your Internet marketing endeavors.

Apart from these strategies, you can partner with other businesses too and mutually develop link building techniques. Link building is an essential aspect of running an online business. Think of it as generating connections.

Before the advent of the Internet, people used to work towards creating meaningful clientele lists through business meetings, discount offers, channel partnership and others; link building is the same, only the medium has changed.

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