Blogging and Landing Pages – The Connection

Nowadays, online marketing through blogging has turned more complex, especially because of two factors: competition and technology.

Blogging and Landing PagesCompetitors try to supersede others in the marketplace and better technology is spilling more trouble for laymen, ironically, as they find it hard to understand and apply them on their blogs.

Nevertheless, blogging is still the preferred way to reach a targeted audience. Blogging ensures that the small business entrepreneur’s products or service finds adequate leverage among prospective consumers. For this reason solely, many bloggers have now resorted to using blogs as a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

In simple words, a landing page is any page on a website or a blog where traffic is diverted in order to execute an action.

Here are some examples where landing pages are used:

  • In order to get high traffic on multiple keywords, one can design keyword specific landing pages and run PPC campaigns with the expectation of receiving highly targeted traffic on the landing pages.
  • Traffic can be sent from a banner ad to a landing page, keeping the target audience in mind.
  • Landing pages can be implemented through email marketing where the target audience follows link/s directly from the email to the landing page.
  • In case of affiliate marketing, one can add a landing page link in the blog posts or can insert the links into the sidebars.

There are many reasons as to why a landing page is important. Not all blogs have landing pages and those blogs that do have landing pages shows a definite goal on the part of the blogger / small business owner.

Characteristics of Landing Page:

Benefits affiliate marketing – Seasoned affiliate marketers always use landing pages to increase product sales. Typically, the product is promoted on a blog, which contains an embedded link to the main sales product page.

The visitor lands on the sales page by clicking on the embedded link and if the product is usable, depending on the expectations set by the consumer, the lead is converted into a sale and commission for the affiliate marketer.

Design cool landing pages – Designing multiple landing pages is faster and easier than designing whole websites.

Using landing pages reduces time. Also, the landing pages give the marketer lots of writing space to present detailed information about the intended product.

This feature is somewhat restricted on blogs or websites. A landing page talks about the product ONLY and a designer has all the creative freedom to make the landing page as attractive as possible.

Navigating towards the landing page – A landing page can be more constricted or regulated to particular aspects of the intended product or service. This is most of the time not possible in websites as the readers attention is diverted to other things. This is one of the reason why landing pages fare well in lead conversion into sales.

Diverting the visitor – Landing pages serve as two way traffic –blogs can be used to divert traffic to the landing page and the same landing page can be used to divert traffic to the desired website or blog.

Now, let’s see the reasons for creating a landing page:

(1) You need a landing page to get subscribers for your newsletter. This way you can build a mailing list in a few months and use the mailing list for selling your products. However, you don’t have to be too elaborate in creating this landing page. A simple opt-in form made visible to visitors at the onset will be enough.

(2) You can use a landing page for trial runs of your product. For instance, if you have a software product that you think will be useful for many and you want to see how the software runs when people really use it, you can create a landing page allowing users to download a, let’s say, 30 – day trial version. After the trial period ends, the user can buy the software from you.

(3) Finally and most importantly, landing pages are ideal for selling products. These pages are the primary choice of affiliate marketers to earn commissions.

To end our discussion here, you may need technical help to create your landing page. Of course, if you are web developer yourself, there won’t be much trouble but if you are a newbie and struggling with setting up a blog, you definitely need help.

Here, the cost cannot be written as a certainty as landing page developers charge differently. Nevertheless, let cost not be a deterrent. Landing pages are essential if you want to make money online.

Joni and I have a recommended product we’d love to share with all of our readers…this product is awesome if you are just starting out, but is also used by a number of seasoned marketers, not wanting to be bogged down on some of the design work.

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Landing Page Format: Headlines

When I started out learning all about Internet marketing and creating websites, I really had a lot to learn…

I was in an excellent mentoring program and was told to create a Landing Page for my website. Okay. I can do that…or so I thought.

Landing Page Format: HeadlinesWhat I thought I heard was “create a website.”

After a month of trial and error, mistake after mistake, I finally had created what I thought was a damn good website.

I had pictures and a lot of content and so on…I was so very proud.

When I finally revealed it to my coach, I wasn’t ready for what I was about to hear…

” Joni, I wanted you to create a landing page, not a website.”

What? I was absolutely devastated!

So, after crying a little, feeling defeated and somewhat of a moron, I asked the correct questions about how to create and format a Landing Page…

For right now, we’ll start with the headline…the most important part. But first-here’s how it goes:

A landing page consists of a headline, subheads, opening paragraph,
(optional) bullet points, opt-in box and PS’s.

Your Headline: You want to “grab” your reader’s attention instantly. Basically, this is the “ad” for your page, not necessarily the ad for your product or service.

While you are talking somewhat about your product or service, you are pushing a free offer to get the reader’s email information so you can build your list and sell to them.

You have to give your readers a very strong reason to keep their eyes moving down your page to learn about what you’re offering them.

1. Does it arouse curiosity?
2. Does it make a simple, easily understood, compelling promise?
3. Does it trigger the prospects motivating emotion that you identified in your market research?
4. Does it imply proof of promise of what your product/service can do for

***Promise them great benefits
if they’ll just stop and read your page***

Your headline must have “the look” to grab attention:

1. Make sure it is centered and balanced
2. Use color- most popular is red or dark blue
3. Make it bold
4. Font styles-most popular is San Serif, Serif, Georgia, Verdanda, Tahoma and Times (up for debate…)
5. Font size- Use larger lettering to stand out – 4″ depending on what program you’re using
6. You can use quotation marks
7. Underline important words if necessary
8. Where you break your headline is important

Example: Right Way… Grow Your Income 500% More
Even In the Current Recession!

Wrong Way… Grow Your Income 500% More Even
In the Current Recession!

A great headline uses one of the following:
1. a sense of urgency– Make $1,000 more this month by…
2. uniqueness– Why oriental women have beautiful skin…
3. being ultra specific– What never to eat on a cruise ship…
4. states something useful– An invitation to ski and save…

One way to help you with writing a headline is to look at your product/service and ask yourself: “What’s the Big Who, Where, When, What, Why, How?”

1. Who Can You Trust When It Comes to Home Remedies to Fight the Flu
2. Where Common Cold Germs Migrate and How to Avoid Them
3. When the Flu Virus Strikes, 12 Ways to Cope
4. What Never to Eat When You Have the Flu
5. Why Flu Home Remedies Are a Bad Idea for Most People
6. How This Doctor Treats Coughing, Wheezing, Sneezing People All Day Long and Never Gets Sick

We all have morals, values, beliefs, feelings and desires. Your goal is to motivate the reader to continue on. Use a headline that drives the stake directly in the heart of their most critical need, want or desire.