Landing Page Format: Headlines

When I started out learning all about Internet marketing and creating websites, I really had a lot to learn…

I was in an excellent mentoring program and was told to create a Landing Page for my website. Okay. I can do that…or so I thought.

Landing Page Format: HeadlinesWhat I thought I heard was “create a website.”

After a month of trial and error, mistake after mistake, I finally had created what I thought was a damn good website.

I had pictures and a lot of content and so on…I was so very proud.

When I finally revealed it to my coach, I wasn’t ready for what I was about to hear…

” Joni, I wanted you to create a landing page, not a website.”

What? I was absolutely devastated!

So, after crying a little, feeling defeated and somewhat of a moron, I asked the correct questions about how to create and format a Landing Page…

For right now, we’ll start with the headline…the most important part. But first-here’s how it goes:

A landing page consists of a headline, subheads, opening paragraph,
(optional) bullet points, opt-in box and PS’s.

Your Headline: You want to “grab” your reader’s attention instantly. Basically, this is the “ad” for your page, not necessarily the ad for your product or service.

While you are talking somewhat about your product or service, you are pushing a free offer to get the reader’s email information so you can build your list and sell to them.

You have to give your readers a very strong reason to keep their eyes moving down your page to learn about what you’re offering them.

1. Does it arouse curiosity?
2. Does it make a simple, easily understood, compelling promise?
3. Does it trigger the prospects motivating emotion that you identified in your market research?
4. Does it imply proof of promise of what your product/service can do for

***Promise them great benefits
if they’ll just stop and read your page***

Your headline must have “the look” to grab attention:

1. Make sure it is centered and balanced
2. Use color- most popular is red or dark blue
3. Make it bold
4. Font styles-most popular is San Serif, Serif, Georgia, Verdanda, Tahoma and Times (up for debate…)
5. Font size- Use larger lettering to stand out – 4″ depending on what program you’re using
6. You can use quotation marks
7. Underline important words if necessary
8. Where you break your headline is important

Example: Right Way… Grow Your Income 500% More
Even In the Current Recession!

Wrong Way… Grow Your Income 500% More Even
In the Current Recession!

A great headline uses one of the following:
1. a sense of urgency– Make $1,000 more this month by…
2. uniqueness– Why oriental women have beautiful skin…
3. being ultra specific– What never to eat on a cruise ship…
4. states something useful– An invitation to ski and save…

One way to help you with writing a headline is to look at your product/service and ask yourself: “What’s the Big Who, Where, When, What, Why, How?”

1. Who Can You Trust When It Comes to Home Remedies to Fight the Flu
2. Where Common Cold Germs Migrate and How to Avoid Them
3. When the Flu Virus Strikes, 12 Ways to Cope
4. What Never to Eat When You Have the Flu
5. Why Flu Home Remedies Are a Bad Idea for Most People
6. How This Doctor Treats Coughing, Wheezing, Sneezing People All Day Long and Never Gets Sick

We all have morals, values, beliefs, feelings and desires. Your goal is to motivate the reader to continue on. Use a headline that drives the stake directly in the heart of their most critical need, want or desire.