80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Six

Productivity Marketing Tools

Continued…Part Five 51. Name: Link Valet [Link: No Download Necessary] Description: The online Link Valet service checks the incoming and outgoing links of a blog or website and gives you a link analysis report. You can specify the date from which the link analysis should start and opt for either the summary report or the full report. The report will highlight errors; server redirected links, updated links and validates the link page then and there. You can also choose … [Read more...]

80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Five

Marketing and Productivity Tools

Continued...Part Four 41. Name: SEM Rush [Register: No Download Necessary] Description: Forbes, Wells Fargo, Philips, PayPal and Hyatt are some of the well known clients of SEM Rush. It is not just another keyword research and analysis tool. It has quickly become THE best research site for analyzing site keywords, analyzing competitor keywords, knowing what kind of Ad buyers to approach, getting estimated SE and AdWords traffic, finding hidden keywords, and many more … [Read more...]

80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Four

Marketing Tools

Continued...Part Three   31. Name: Open Source Web Design [Link: No Download Necessary] Description: At the time of writing this, the OSWD platform has 2080 free web designs templates that you can use either by downloading them online or by logging into your account. If you are bored with WordPress and Blogger templates, its time to check OSWD; you can find templates for both personal and commercial use. Also, there are premium templates too for purchase. Use: If … [Read more...]

80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Three

Productivity Tools

Continued...Part Two 21. Name: Giveaway of the Day [Link: Selective Download Required] Description: For over 5 years, the people behind Giveaway of the Day have been providing free license software for which we would have to shell out money otherwise. The link above points to the site; check out their free giveaway everyday and download them. As I went through the site, there is a huge reservoir of products that cannot be defined by any specific category. There is … [Read more...]

80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part Two

Marketing and Productivity Tools

Continued...part one 11. Name: Harmony Hollow Cool Timer [Download] Description: The Cool Timers works as a countdown timer, reminder, alarm clock, normal clock, and a stopwatch. This free software can be set for around 100 hours in countdown mode. It has a colorful and customizable interface. It shows a customized text message when the alarm goes off. Use: This is ideal for your online business. You can schedule meetings, wake up alarms, and business launch countdown … [Read more...]

80 Productivity and Marketing Tools – Part One


We Internet marketers tend to spend a lot of time surfing the web for productivity and marketing tools. One cannot define a fixed list of tools that marketers need; therefore, when marketers really need such handy tools, they don’t find any! With this thought in mind, we have created a list of 80 productivity and marketing tools that you need no matter what product or service you are marketing. Unless specifically mentioned, all these tools are for FREE. Since the list is very … [Read more...]